Economist: Workers, Business Owners Benefit From Biden Economic Plan 1

Economist: Workers, Business Owners Benefit From Biden Economic Plan


Economists William Spriggs and Austan Goolsbee join Ali Velshi to discuss the latest jobs numbers that show President Biden’s economic plan is working – and not just for the wealthy. Goolsbee says the economy grows the fastest when the government helps ordinary, working people, and Spriggs says paying higher wages results in “more output, bigger sales [and] better profits” for business owners.
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  1. If people are making enough to pay bills and buy food, etc. The economy WILL grow it has too.. It is a WIN- WIN situation…It is hard to believe it took this long and a pandemic for these people to figure this out.. SMFH..

  2. Ali, SeaTac, Washington has had a $15.00 an hour minimum wage for several years with little or no effects, the unemployment figures have not grown, but the quality of workers now getting a low income paycheck has improved, and our folks can actually pay rent, eat, care for their families with very tight budget. Before the raise it was impossible. Don’t buy into the Wallmart thinking of their workers needing foodstamps and section 8 housing assistance. I made $8.00 an hour cleaning windows in 1973. Actual cost of living adjustments simply have not kept up with inflation, except for CEOs, shamefully treatment for our Truley essential workers.

    1. 15$ for Seattle is ridiculous, considering cost of living. If prices have quadrupled but your wage increases by couple of bucks it’s not going to make a huge difference. The way you measure quality of life is by how many people can afford a roof over their heads, such as one bedroom apartment. Majority of low income people couch surfing or sleeping in the van.

    1. @Filly Fish Dems are INCREDIBLE LIARS!
      Even their claim that “Republicans are for the rich” is BS because Wallstreet donates far more money to Democrats

    2. @Rick Pontificates yeah they always have been the masters of deception they make it look like they are the good guys but behind the curtains they are the devil.

    3. Exactly they don’t care about helping people they just want their votes. That’s why they do stuff like kneel while wearing a African scarf like a bunch of a holes.

    4. @Filly Fish not if you make less than 400K they wont. Go check out his website and see his plan. The 1% and big business will be paying the chunk of it.

    1. Lockdowns a coming,I can feel it in
      Me bones.
      Trumper perverts driving around in their rusty pickups 🇺🇲✝️🇺🇲🙏🇺🇲 USA USA USA 🇺🇲😭

  3. Biden DOES tell the truth sometimes…
    “We choose truth over facts.” -Biden
    “We have put together the most inclusive voter fraud organization ever.” -Biden

    1. Regan supported an idiotic idea of “trickle down” economics. He fleeced us! The American public has been conned by the Republican party over and over.

    1. @Peter Well Americans should blame Biden, but not for the reason you might think. Biden’s attack on U.S. energy producers, starting with his freeze on federal oil and gas leases, will assuredly take a toll on output down the road and cause prices at the pump to rise.

  4. My raise pays enough for the higher prices. Glad I can afford $4 gallon of milk in Cleveland (not the watered down milk from Walmart).

    1. @John Carpenter – milk from walmart is not the same as the local dairy milk like Smith’s milk. Walmart milk is gross.

  5. Unfortunately most employers have the mindset “for every one of you, there are 10 more ready to take your place. Now shut up and get back to work.” Highet wages? How about more respect? Maybe that’s part of the reason why workers are quitting in droves. We’re tired of being stepped on (putting it nicely).

  6. now democratic party with some rino with big tech is big rich because they have Budget 1200 billion USD and now they put on pocket .

  7. W Bush, tax cuts for the rich scraps for the middle class. First term Obama, healthcare for Americans in need. First term Trump,tax breaks for the rich. No infrastructure. First term Biden tax breaks for the middle class and now infrastructure. See the pattern!

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