Eddie Glaude Says Mary Trump’s Insights Confirm ‘A Deep Sadness About The State Of The Country’


  1. So? it IS a soap opera. Are we going to pretend it isn’t? I, for one, am tired of pretending

  2. I saw the photos of President Trump and his daughter with the cans of beans. I think he’s going for a new move.
    He’s going to say weaponize this and ask a reporter to pull his finger.

  3. Today was a perfect example. Trump ended his speech to a lot of applause. Instead of moving on, he started again. He cannot deny his ego.

    1. Dictators don’t lower your taxes and let you keep your guns moron.
      You idiots are screaming right now that trump won’t declare martial law.

    1. Actually, any real crisis (as opposed to a hoax) will bring out the best and worst in all people.

    2. @Richard Thomas: “Trump has all but DESTROYED America in less than 4 years !”
      Exactly what Putin had in mind when he blackmailed Trump/the Rethuglikkkan party by threatening to reveal what his Wikileaks hackers found when they hacked the Rethuglikkkan Party email.

       PLUS< I've little doubt that Trump also owes Putin/Russian banks money (Trump's Deutsche Bank loans underwritten by Russian state-owned VTB Bank) and has been laundering their dirty money (getting "piece of the action", no doubt~) which is why the Cheeto ConTweeto doesn't dare reveal his tax returns, the corruption there would just be "as good as it gets". Trump, Russia's Trojan Horse (can you say "traitor"!) (Trump's Deutsche Bank loans: https://forensicnews.net/2020/01/03/trump-deutsche-bank-loans-underwritten-by-russian-state-owned-bank-whistleblower-told-fbi)

  4. And we are have to watch while he hurts “We The People” and there is no way to fight back unless we VOTE HIM OUT OF THE OVAL OFFICE

    1. @EMAN67 (Movies,politics,commentary) we can vote him out by absentee ballot.Neither Putin or the GOP can change those very much. Is it true that Putin’s pubic hair is turning orange.

    2. @cj p The culture war ended years ago and the right lost big-time. The 1950s are gone forever and good riddance to them.

    3. @Manly_Man all your media is failing loser. I see more redpilled by the day.
      Remember when you idiots said net neutrality repeal would destroy the internet? Or trump took russian loans. How about your trade war? You have to be really stupid to continue to eat fake narrative after fake narrative.
      If you had any memory you would remember all the garbage that never came true.

    4. @cj p Trade war = October 30, 2019 – Farm Bankruptcies Rise Again
      Chapter 12 Filings Increase 24% Compared to Year-Ago Levels. – Farm Bureau News
      Trade war = July 14, 2020. Data released in March 2020 shows that farm bankruptcies in a 12 month period increased 23% compared to the 12 months prior. – Farm Bureau News.
      Trump is failure in every way.

  5. I’ll add one more thing. When you think the world is laughing at you, well, we really are laughing at you. America could be a better country, but you keep making the choices you do. I believe America can be redeemed, but it’s up to you to change. If you don’t change for the more civil and humane you will fail. Today is the day to choose.

    1. super hard to do when an eviction notice is on the door and you are facing homelessness. I will always associate this country for abandoning the American people during their time of need during this horrific time.

    2. I’m seeing more people awake to lying media than ever before. It’s amazing. Only emotional losers who are easily manipulated still buy into it.

    3. @MercSet1, true–and they’ve been carefully trained to believe those lies without question, and to reject any conflicting information as “lying mainstream media fake news.”
      Charles Sykes wrote on this, and on his dismay at realizing that he and other conservative media personalities had produced a generation of voters for whom objective reality meant nothing.

    4. Please don’t moralize to Americans. You mean well, but that is a naive & unsophisticated view of how Trump has become president. The political, economic & social forces that intersected to bring this to fruition are far more complex and have far less to do with the moral compass of 330 million diverse people than you are attempting to claim. Your own country has *all* the same problems to deal with except on a smaller scale. We are transparent about our problems because we are not afraid to deal with them. That is but one of the scores of reasons why the entire world is always focused upon us. You know about our issues from *our* media, which you are clearly watching now, and on an American platform that we give the world. Please don’t presume to preach to us about what decisions we should make as you, nor anyone from any other country, is situated to do so. To think otherwise is foolish, presumptuous, ignorant and unkind.

    5. Kimberly Valentino I cried when I read that places are using an Arena for kicking people out of their places.

  6. I want one of these white house reporters to put their f-in jobs on the line next time chetto takes questions.

    1. Yes!!! The media asked M. Trump for verification….. when have they asked Plump… the pathological liar…. for verification? Or ask: Is that an opinion or fact?

    1. No, you need to call it out when they say things that aren’t right. You can call/write your representatives. Leave messages for the White House. Vote. Volunteer to help campaigns. You want the benefits of a constitutional republic with none of the responsibilities. The press just informs the public. The public is responsible for taking the next steps.

  7. The psychopath in the White House has access to all the US nuclear weapons.
    Think about that for awhile.

  8. I never liked him , He represents the ugliness of ego . Portrays a tough guy who has always been a Mamma’s boy .

    1. @VP A-Team, you married someone that had 5 divorces under her belt?!?!? Sorry, but you can’t possibly be that stable yourself if you took a shot on being husband number 6.

    2. Why do we keep having to chose between terrible and horrible every 4 yeats? Will the average American ever get sick of the games being played with us as the pieces by the wealthy powerful and media elites?

    3. Dude you have the frame of a 12 year old even in a jacket with shoulder pads… Clearly you are a beta.

    “The fog” Ohh here’s a good one


    1. I watched 35 minutes of his so-called press conference in the rose garden, and I was actually waiting for the journalists to stand up and leave. That would’ve been a clear and strong statement.

    2. @Dawn Johnson Or start throwing rotten fruit at him anytime he goes anywhere. Chant stupid, orange baby at him.

    1. Being terrified doesn’t solve the problem. Actions do. If you’re an American, vote. Get like minded people to vote. Volunteer to help opposition campaigns.

      Being afraid has never solved a problem. Actions do.

    2. @Matthew Gaines Voting for Biden is the only way. Protesr and third party and write in and Kanye votes are wasted and get Trump elected. So does non voting.

    3. catalinacurio Absolutely. We Canadians are right beside a train wreck in progress. This con man is a threat to everyone on the planet.

  10. ICU bed capacity is exhausted in Miami. Like in Italy, the Dr’s will have to make the choices who gets to live or die.

    1. Quit blaming the media. The American public is responsible for moderating the President, not the media. Everybody knew decades ago what kind of $#!+ show Donald Trump was, is, and would become. It doesn’t take a psychological profile from his niece to tell you what a trainwreck he was. We are responsible. You didn’t write/call your congressmen and senators to keep him in check with legislation. You didn’t protest and heckle this clown when he made public appearances. Many of you didn’t vote in 2016 or 2018. Most don’t donate and volunteer to help campaigns. You want the press to do your job as citizens. They’ve already told you what kind of goofball Trump is. What else do you need? In a constitutional republic, you are the hiring manager. Fire him!

      Quit blaming the media. All was known about Trump when he came down that escalator in 2015. What else did you need to know?

      As the smokey the bear commercial stated, “only you can prevent forest fires”. Many people ignored the signs and did nothing.

    2. @Matthew Gaines Agreed. Even after, there was constant coverage. Republicans chose to ignore impeachment with fingers in their ears. It’s like finding more bodies from a serial killer. One murder isn’t enough?

    1. Shirl Zitting no matter, at this point, how bad Biden is he is still preferable to trump and his enablers. In what way could Biden be worse?

    2. @Caroline Maybe
      Well, let’s see… Socialism, final destruction of our Constitution, mass murder of little babies… Just look over the party platform and his voting and policy records. Then again, if Joe Biden wins, praise God. He is in it all that happens, and then Joe Biden would be biden his time on the jo(b).

    3. @Shirl Zitting, anyone who thinks Joe Biden is a socialist has never bothered to listen to anything other than the Republican narrative, and has swallowed that narrative unquestioningly. (Said narrative, naturally, declares ANY Democrat a socialist.)

  11. The rose garden. He was having a meltdown. I’ve been so horrified by anyone’s speech at any time in my life. Then I started laughing so hard I had tears.

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