Eddie Glaude: There Is A ‘Direct Line’ Between January 6th And New Voter Suppression Laws | MSNBC 1

Eddie Glaude: There Is A ‘Direct Line’ Between January 6th And New Voter Suppression Laws | MSNBC


Princeton University Professor Eddie Glaude and former Florida Congressman David Jolly react to the GOP’s wave of new bills that would restrict access to the ballot box, including the one just recently passed in the Florida state legislature that would make it much harder to vote by mail

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  1. Making seniors angry over voting will not be kindly to the GOP. They’ve been around longer and some have deep purse strings! Double edge sword messing with them.

  2. GQP sold their souls for power. Their worshipers are either none the wiser and/or complicit.

  3. Do people forget there are 170-180 traitors still walking the halls of Congress. These people should’ve been arrested and tried the day after the insurrection.

    1. @Danny Bolman Or at the very least been arrested by the house and senate Sargents at arms and put in the congressional jail.

  4. Most GOP elected folks are driven only by self interest first, the party being a vehicle. Thus the “eating” of each other.

  5. I enjoy listening to Eddie Glaude and John Meacham when they are on. Eloquent and oddly calming.

    1. They are. But I still have a hard time with Eddie since he wouldn’t vote for Hillary in ‘16. It’s hard to take advice from anyone who didn’t see what a danger Trump would be. I can forgive (if he asked) but it’s hard to completely trust his judgment.

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