Eddie Glaude Thinks Trump ‘Is Not Very Bright’ | MSNBC 1

Eddie Glaude Thinks Trump ‘Is Not Very Bright’ | MSNBC


Princeton University professor Eddie Glaude, New York Times Washington correspondent Annie Karni and The Grio politics editor Christina Greer are “baffled” that people still blindly follow the former president and that “spineless Republicans” continually refuse to stand up to Trump
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    1. @President William Howard Taft Luck, success and intelligence are not words generally associated with your Fuhrer. You’ve been conned fool!

    2. @Not Here Ironically along with every other casual lib who somehow thinks someone far far better off then them is not smart lol. Hey if luck, intelligence, and success are not associated with Trump, that begs the question of why you, a clear intellectual, are probably not a multi millionaire and ex president of the US lmao.

    3. @President William Howard Taft you just need to be a corrupt sociopathic narcissist grifter with a crooked accountant and a total disdain for the truth.

    4. @Popeyed 1 Even if he was all of those things (some are blatantly not true) I am talking about his intelligence alone lmao. I don’t know when you decided to change the subject and argue me on Trumps personality. Aka the only argument you can realistically win.

    5. @President William Howard Taft tell which ones are blatantly untrue and prove his “intelligence”

    1. @John Doe you do realize that Dorito Trumpolini tried to do just that and found he had no power to do so…wait….are you saying Biden is more powerful than Trump?

    2. You help to find Immigrants homes to live in US? Biden say Americans to open they house for immigrants to live, same rights Americans, no matter what country, everyone to be equal in US. Americans had enough good things born US, now to give to us money and home. God bless.

    3. Well if you remember the other wonder DonKr said then we’re getting all the money they from Putin.

    1. ​@Ex Deus IQ is a pseudoscience with little correlation to intelligence outside of someone’s aptitude to take tests and has a history of justifying eugenics and institutional racism. As such, it’s pretty troubling that you’ve used it to question the intelligence of two black people, one of whom was not mentioned in the video and had nothing to do with the subject.

  1. The problem with the world is that the intelligent people are full of doubts, while the stupid ones are full of confidence. –Charles Bukowski

    1. Or as Yeats wrote shortly before Bukowski was born: “The best lack all conviction, while the worst/
      Are full of passionate intensity.”

    2. Sure. You could probably add the too many wise folks stay silent, while the idiots are making all the noise.

  2. My Thoughts on what FORMER would say : ” I don’t need college degrees, to be a genius”. ” Oh by the way if you try to look at my college grades, i will sue you”.

    1. Bro educated people are some of the dumbest more uncommon sense full people I know. I’m an engineer btw. You seem just educated enough to not know anything about reality except what liberal college professors teach about their own opinions. A lot of education is opinion btw, not much is boiled down natural fact… you see in human history we prove ourselves to be wrong about almost everything all the time.

    2. “Bro educated people are some of the dumbest more uncommon sense full people I know. I’m an engineer btw.”

      Wow!! You’re an engineer? You must be really dumb!

    3. @Taylor Jensen You may be an engineer, but your English is deplorable. When you say “more uncommon sense full people” you not only are mangling the English language, but you are saying the opposite of what you intended. “Uncommon sense” usually would mean intelligent.

    4. @Kermit T. Frog Folks that are fans of Fox’s Alt-Right Taint aka F.A.R.T. think is really just common scents. So uncommon scents may be what he was referring to as he is full of it.

  3. I wish the media would not even discuss this man. We all know something is wrong with him. I get tired of listening about him. After Jan 6th when everyone saw what happened.

    1. That what I said. Take him to jail. But they are not calling Biden president. When the media does this some of this would cease. President Biden is getting his agenda out there. President Biden is doing this or that. Stop talking about trump 🙄

    2. They can’t survive without Trump its all about ratings. They lie about Trump all the time cause they think the viewers are morons. If you don’t think they are lying to you just do some fact checking. Trump conspiracy theories every day for the past 5 years and they havnt got him on anything. Why is that?

    1. “I’m Joe Biden and my grandma’s tell me I should approve this message. In fact you’re not black if you disagree. Cause I’m joe. C’mon man…” lol

    2. Yeah we need to be brave like our liberal ancestor from new york, massachussetts and the ivy league area who died to free slavery

  4. Ya think? The guy who thought drinking disinfectant was a good idea? His sister is recorded saying he paid someone else to take his SAT and she did his homework. DOH!

    1. @Mitchell Campbell he’s bringing out the worst in his supporters…anger, violence, white supremacy, belief in non existent voter fraud, xenophobia

    2. @Judy Jeanson The strange, unreal, imagined, beliefs of some, such as yourself, are alarming!! Wake up to reality of the current administration who is destroying the foundations of our country!!

  5. No sedition charges for the people in power who encited and supported Jan 6 means it’s guaranteed to happen again.

  6. He’s trying to compare 2 years of madness to one day of crazys you can’t hes trying to divert the attention but had to mention it lol

    1. “Couldn’t pour water out of a boot if the instructions were written on the sole.”
      – Can’t remember where I first heard that one.

    2. @Darrell Rees That’s close to the way I’ve always heard it. It’s just usually a different liquid someone can’t pour out of a boot with the directions on the heel.

    1. @Russell M ??? With his own mony 🤣🤣🤣 his name is Donald…. not donata!
      Dona = giving
      Donaldus = taking and= robbing. His nom de plume was .. Baron.. as in robbers.

    2. Firing squad isn’t that what he said about death row inmates. I say feed him to death row inmates for 10 minutes.

  7. I love it: “The former guy”, says it all. The source of T****s “power” is herd stupidity.

    1. You also believed some vague comments about a new medical technology called Healight somehow actually meant ‘inject bleach’😂
      That is the level of your intellect and gullibility.

    2. Don’t worry about all that little feller…
      Didn’t you hear?
      Biden is going give lap rides this weekend…
      And kids get to ride free.
      Just have your mom drop you off

    1. @Askya Lumumba And I’ll never forget that glorious moment when he owned himself. Whatever voters he thought he would win before that were definitely turned off by his admission of idiocy.

    2. @Federalist Papers .Your idiocy knows no bounds. Your tax cheating crook was handed one of the greatest economic expansion in U.S history, unfortunately just like everything else in his life he runs it to the ground. His incompetence in dealing with the pandemic destroyed the economy, leaving millions unemployed, many small businesses closed forever, children unable to go to school etc… American were left on their own to decide whether to shut down and take shelter, U.S responded to the pandemic like a developing nation with shoddy infrastructure and dysfunctional government.

    3. @Jerseythedog . After Joe Biden mentioned the words “smart”, Trump quickly became emotionally and mentally desperate for the audience to see him as a smart person who knows a lot. He thinks the quality of smartness can just be put on like a jacket instead of something that needs to come from within.

  8. The “source” of his power Eddie, is that he and his 30% base are kindred spirits…..racists.

    1. @a buddha I spelt Bidens position correctly.
      As after having two cocaine induced brain aneurysms and a steel plate…
      I’d would say he is very dence…

    2. @a buddha most of the peaceful protesters charges will amount to no more than trespassing…

      Where’s justice for Ashley Babbitt?

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