Education for Street Boys | Squeegee Academy International | TVJ Smile Jamaica 1

Education for Street Boys | Squeegee Academy International | TVJ Smile Jamaica


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  1. Nothing good can come from elitism and “otherism”. They don’t want to fix the problem, they want to feel better about themselves and the problem. Once you hear “mindset change” you know this is ain’t good.

    1. @Mikhael Mckroskey They think the youths are the problem. They think there’s something wrong inside the youths them that lead them to be hustling on the streets. If they blame the youths for their predicament, they can act like the societal issues that lead the youths to the streets don’t exist. She fully plans to praise herself for trying and blaming the youths when this inevitably fails. I attended Heart Trust NTA and at the end of the work experience tenure, I was back to my old normal.

    2. @Marie D  Ask parents what they need to create better family environments and give it to them. Parents make better, more thought out decisions and there’s more chance of trickle down success. Parents have a way of grounding their kids for life. Them educating these kids and leaving their family in the mess. Young men will only return educate people back to the mess. If we resettle a lot of these families out of the garrison the chances of betterment grows exponentially.

  2. This is a good venture for the unfortunate youths…. some of these youths will take this opportunity very serious’ if it comes …

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