Education Ministry to Determine Fate of Ruel Reid | TVJ News – Oct 29 2021

Education Ministry to Determine Fate of Ruel Reid | TVJ News - Oct 29 2021 1


    1. Attempting!!!? He’s being paid his full salary while home with his accomplices (wife and daughters) extracting legally and shameful a pay he is somehow legally entitled to after misuse and alleged theft of the education ministry coffers. Now the permanent secretary (McClean) of the same education ministry is accused of mishandling and theft of over 100 million dollars and the news is constantly pointing out the disadvantage to kids lacking access to online and education resources. Just a shame that he opens his bank account and see these sums struggling Jamaica is in need of.

  1. Why is he being treated special if he wasvthe average work no question would be ask. This society is so oppressive and discriminative. The persons leading should sit down and but laws and policy in place to benefit all decision making and stop being bias in decision making. The school broad should be able to make such decision but they are so afraid of the reprisals from the government and their repretation.

  2. Animal Farm : “All men are equal but some are more equal than others” and the refrain Jamaica is not a real place. Where else in the world could this be tolerated. Reid just sitting home collecting tax payers funds without lifting a pen

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