Education Secretary Expects Schools To Be Open For In-Person Learning In September | MSNBC

Education Secretary Expects Schools To Be Open For In-Person Learning In September | MSNBC 1


  1. As if the public schools were so wonderful to begin with. πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„

  2. Online is here to stay! The bullies have been a problem for too long and finally parents see an alternative and it’s great

    1. @Ebaneezer Scourge – I’m in Texas and we’ve had our public schools open since maybe last September. Every 6 weeks, parents have had a choice to send their kids to face to face or keep them online. If your kid was failing online, then the parents MUST send them back. Other than that, parents could choose to keep them online or choose face to face. It’s worked out so far.

    2. @R Torres the kids end up failing anyway the No Kid left behind act and education is a joke in this country if kids can tweet like and tiktok they can do online schooling it’s just bad parenting if your kid is failing Virtual learning

  3. It is what YOU make it… Choices do have consequences. Good or bad but be responsible for the choice YOU make… That’s a lost art.

  4. Dude… Come to Maine… πŸ€¦β€β™€οΈπŸ€¦β€β™€οΈπŸ€¦β€β™€οΈπŸ€¦β€β™€οΈπŸ€¦β€β™€οΈ

  5. Time to revamp our failing education system in America. Communication skills and critical thinking skills should be first priority.

    1. Critical thinking is definitely in short supply on both the left and right. More emotion and feelings, than real logic. And no one is truly listening anyway. They just want their echo chamber.

    2. The first notion that needs to be eliminated is that liberals and conservatives are sworn enemies.

    3. @Friend UNEQUIVOCALLY, the kids deserve better and should always come 1st! There are way too many underperforming schools.

  6. Before online classes: “give me your lunch money nerd”
    During online classes: “paypal me your lunch money nerd”

  7. It’s so easy for people without kids to tell us to send them back. I don’t want my medically fragile son to go back until he is vaccinated. He’s 14, so we’re waiting for the Pfizer to get approved for his age range.

    1. You’re intelligent. We need to vaccinate the children, for parents to feel secure about letting their offspring back into that sea of germs. There are studies for children your son’s age, can you get him into one of them?

    2. That’s completely understandable. I hope all kids – those who are learning in person and those still learning remotely- get all the support they need

    3. You need to be sure all adults who work at his school, plus any visitors to it including other parents and delivery drivers, are also safe to be in the vicinity of your son. You are his first and most important line of defence.

    4. I noticed mostly parents with school aged kids were using their political will and holdings to extract concession from our governor (CA). They said, “Open the schools or we will vote you out.” In so many words. The stylists, restauranteurs, the lane waxers at the bowling alley, those at home 24/7 with children that need the family executive officer to shift on a dime and become Domestic Engineers (I aced the Definition Paper in Honors Eng Lit w/
      House wife: makes his coffee, when he leaves her soap operas come on and eventually the rug gets Roomba’d)
      Domestic Engineer:
      Plans short and middle range goals, culinary service at mealtimes, to go lunches, transportation professional in a rotating fashion.
      Et Cetera
      Not to mention, a teacher (you’d better be smarter than a 5th Grader, lol.
      Patience is at a premium, folks feel stuck in the mud w/o recourse.

      How the heck does ANY of that matter if this virus is still creating variants throughout the world. Indian had something like 400,000+ new cases this (wk/day/?) It will swing around a tree and comeback through like Tarzan, if we fail to be vigilant! It is a novel virus, which means we’ve never seen it before, we only know what we have learned since it came about in late November, 2019. It was known to China’s leaders (some) as early as December and it was out of control by Christmas. Trump, Fauci and the gang knew Jan 5, 2020.
      On August 3rd, Fauci states at news conference, “It may have a slight airborne aspect”
      He knew it was an
      AIRBORNE PATHOGEN in January. That’s the one they portray in Stephen King’s, The Stand.
      That was a 99% killer, 1% natural immunity.
      Ours only kills roughly 3-5% ( of 325 million Americans).
      People need to pretend to take it seriously because leaders are PR spinning how close we are to … Lie through our teeth about it being over.

    5. @Martin Whalley Amen to that. We must all stay on guard and take special care around all children like Wendy’s son who is especially vulnerable, along with many adults with varying health issues. When the drug companies began trials of these vaccines, they all stated that people with autoimmune illnesses would not be included because it was too risky for them. So there’s no information about possible harm to that group from the vaccine itself. It can be a difficult decision for those people to make and they are alone in it. Let’s give them a break by wearing masks in potentially risky situations. It won’t hurt us and it will help them feel more confident when out in public.

  8. Bullies should be made to stay at home and study online. They don’t belong around other pupils

    1. But bullies are the very kids who fail online. Why do you think they are bullies? It’s not the good students who are causing problems.

  9. Sergeant Robert Justin alford green at nellis AFB Deborah freedman and Renato Santiago nelson where is my daughter Jahmela and her 4 children and what have you done to them.

  10. Discrimination, Racism, This is Democracy?, This is Humanity?, God Bless AMERICA βš–οΈ πŸ—½ πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ on Twitter @jamalch11

  11. *ALL the Catholic schools in our city from elementary to high school have been open 5 days a week since last September with NO Covid issues!!!*

  12. Please say you are engaged in self-deprecation when you said, “All my classes”, after you joined the “All Confession Team.”
    Does your HR file at MSNBC speak to your educational challenges.
    Please say you turned it all around in college and not that you faked it, til you maked it.

  13. UNEQUIVOCALLY, the kids deserve better and should always come 1st! There are way too many underperforming schools.

    1. Actually underperforming since the 80’s, not just during the pandemic. But yes, I agree with you. =)

  14. Agreed, children and High Schoolers need to be back in school, but must prove they have been vaccinated 1st and foremost. So everybody will be protected from that virus.

  15. Reset, but do not ignore the huge social implication(s) this pandemic has created. The key point he brings up in the entire interview is the students inability or reluctance to reconnect socially. One thing is for sure, it will never be the same.

  16. I am curious will anything be done to for the kids who have actually THRIVED doing remote learning. Anything to be done to allow these kids to stay home and keep learning in a manner that benefits them

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