Educator On Learning Loss During Pandemic: 'An Educated Society Makes A Democratic Society' 1

Educator On Learning Loss During Pandemic: ‘An Educated Society Makes A Democratic Society’


Indio High School Assistant Principal Rich Pimentel has been going door to door tracking down hundreds of missing students through the last year of the pandemic as they drop out of the education system. He tells Stephanie Ruhle everyone should care about keeping kids engaged because "an educated society makes a democratic society." Aired on 04/01/2021.
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    1. @CShield How can I support this propaganda network when I don’t watch the ads on their propaganda video. I use ad blocker.

      Have you been checking out want ads lately? MSNBC is probably going to let you go due to lack of revenue.

    2. Suspect statistics. There are surely only a handful of buffoons who watch this channel for information, right?

  1. Let’s start really educating our society and teach them how to critically think for themselves instead of just following a narrative.

    1. Indeed, and being outside the education system seems like a great place to start. At least they are far less likely to have their soft heads filled with mumbo-jumbo socialist politics.

  2. How do you figure? Education has only been curtailed for a year now. Democracy has been seriously ill for decades. Now as an aspiration I’m down. But when our schools are cultural propaganda machines we will be operating under lies which is a recipe for disaster

  3. Yeah, these people are brainwashed into believing this false, mistaken notion that there’s some sort of political game narrative going on. It’s not. Donald Trump and his administration has erased transparency in government as a whole. Everything is looked by a millions of people with skepticism and as double bluff. They’re so paranoid, they look at everything as propaganda no matter what.

  4. Relax, “education is what you have left,after you have forgotten everything you have learned in school ” Einstein.

  5. This is a great quote.
    Also why the Trumpets want an autocracy/dictatorship with their lordgodführer who could not care less about his subjects if he tried.

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