Elaine Thompson-Herah Ranking | TVJ Sports Commentary - August 3 2021 1

Elaine Thompson-Herah Ranking | TVJ Sports Commentary – August 3 2021


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    1. @Fivestargen Love I don’t know about Jessie Owens but remember running 10.52 the same day she ran 10.49 lol 😂 I truly believe that time was wind aided

    2. @Brother Jesse that’s between shelly and Elaine, Merlene ottey is the most decorated female sprinter but Felix is tied with her but maybe pass if she medal at this Olympic

  1. I hate that term GOAT 🐐, today we love ❤️ them tomorrow we make fun of them when they’re at their lowest point, look at how some of us deal Blake and we wonder why bolt walk away from the sport ?!

    1. Bolt walk away becaz he had accomplished everything he wanted to do and didn’t have anymore drive and wanted to retire on top and he also said he was tired

    2. @Yannick Edwards I heard all that but bolt also knew the Jamaican peoples would turn against him and start laughing at him like they’re doing with Blake if he started loosing, they’ll never remember what he did for Jamaica 🇯🇲!

  2. Sound the big things them. All Unno waggonist can jump on now. You were all backing another athlete now Unno jump on board the Elaine train. Big ups to all Jamaican athletes Win Lose or Draw

  3. Maverick yu 123 wouldn’t have happened, even if Shericka Jackson had qualified for 200 m😂😂 big up still yu get the 100m right 😁 Shelly by a nose for me, but if Elaine get a world or another Olympic hardware she gone way ahead

  4. Shelly gets the nod at the moment based on longevity. But the reason this is even a discussion is because Elaine has the better quality individual medals with 4 Olympic golds. She also has done something no other woman and only 1 man has accomplished, defended the double at the Olympics.

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