Elaine Thompson-Herah | TVJ Sports Commentary - August 25 2021 1

Elaine Thompson-Herah | TVJ Sports Commentary – August 25 2021


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  1. At the end of the Olympics I had shelly as the GREATEST but after that last run elaine is closer. If she breaks the record, imo she’ll go ahead of shelly

    1. Believe it!! The announcer is so into himself with the ridiculous yelling and idiocy. Some of these Jamaican men- the station couldn’t care less

    2. Mushymoshy…he puts on a show . Its his little spin on sports highlights. He is not the official sport commentator for the station. Lighten up nuh!!

    3. Well this is my opinion & this heavy breather has no respect for our female Olympians.
      Please go on being little Mr. Sunshine – all the best

    4. @mushymoshy How does he have no respect?Please.And that is his personalirty which he uses to add his little take on the commentary

  2. Elaine is here to stay… continue on your path to greatness girlfriend!!
    Oral big up yuh self!!!

  3. Who is here, after Shelly Ann Fraser Pryce ran 10.60 seconds defeating Elaine Thompson 10.64 seconds today.lol

    1. @king kong exactly, Elaine is the better sprinter by far ppl only hang on pon shelly because she’s been around for a longer time but is nothing compared to Elaine’s achievements

  4. TVJ No no no! This foolishness & only belittles our female Olympians. Why does a self aggrandizing man yelling, screaming with a goat bleating think he is a commentator. Why denigrate our female Olympians this way??

    Is there an a news director??? Editing & a little decency please

    There is nothing funny here this as the man looks like he is about to have a stroke or heart attack- this is ridiculous foolishness .

  5. Elaine Thompson definitely is one of the greatest. Flo Jo retired as soon as random drug testing was introduced. However she was still a great athlete

  6. Flo Jo record, I’m among those that questioned its legitimacy. There were a lot of questions surrounded her among other Americans using drugs and then the truth came out but she suddenly retired. I’m dying for anyone to break Flo Jo record would be happier if it’s a Jamaican.

  7. The level of excellence that great athletes in any sport achieve is relative to the quality of the competition around them.These two ladies continue to push each other and the rest of the field.I believe we are witnessing the greatest rivalry in the sport in years.

  8. As a small nation, we are truely bless to have 2 ladies who are way up there considering to be the g o a t of women’s sprinting in the entire world.

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