Elderly Woman Murdered in Waterhouse Jamaica | TVJ News - July 28 2021 1

Elderly Woman Murdered in Waterhouse Jamaica | TVJ News – July 28 2021


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    1. not Jamaica..it is those persons whos hearts are just full with pure evil dont have any regard for their fellow human life.not the young not the elderly.

    2. @Jay W That’s true. Besides everyone is assuming with no evidence. Just imagine if it wasn’t the youth arrested and he took the blame? You guys don’t watch twins of twins? You can’t take everything gospel.

  1. Oh My 82Sigh am speechless Rn How On earth she could have been their great-grandmother come Jamaicans ….We need some serious prayer for these youngsters

    1. He’s 14,she could bein his great great great grandmother, if a him do it him nuh fi guh nuh jail deh bwoy deh nuh fi sick him fi dead

  2. SMH my condolences to the family may her soul rest in peace. This is a heinous act and should not go unnoticed. The crime in Jamaica has reached tremendous heights something needs to be done. So very sad that our country has come to this

  3. this cause by the government when parent cannot rise they children how then today children will respect others ….sicknesd

  4. You guys are not taking crime seriously, because the government is playing with them that’s the reason why they’re doing things and getting away with them

  5. Seriously, they arrest a person a person for that crime??that person should have gotten the same treatment that him ,and his careless friend gave to the woman!!

  6. 82 years old…Wearing only a blouse soaked in blood…might have been sexually assaulted…youth taken into custody !!!
    God we need you now more than ever, look down on us father God

  7. My God what happen to people these days 82years.why another human would want to take this lady life this is so sad

  8. This is so so sad, however, TVJ needs to cover more good news along with the bad. All i keep seeing is sadness.

  9. That is the next problem our citizens have is that them have tight lips but in the same breath them help and changes in them communities, ( them have a saying just because you didn’t commit the crime but you know bout it makes you a suspect)

  10. Because of iniquity the love of many will wax cold. Jesus has to come soon, this kind of crime cannot go on much longer. Get ready. God loves, Jesus Saves.

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