Eldest sister cares for 6 siblings after parents die of Covid-19 1

Eldest sister cares for 6 siblings after parents die of Covid-19


India's brutal second wave has impacted children across the country. According to India's Child Rights Commission over 1700 children have been orphaned since the beginning of the pandemic. 577 lost their parents between April 1 and May 25 this year. CNN's Vedika Sud speaks to the eldest sister– now the primary caretaker of a family of seven siblings who lost their mother and then their father to the brutal second wave.

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  1. Look, please give us some information so we may help this family, directly. I’m not interested in sending money to an organization – I want to donate directly to This family. Please?

  2. This beautiful young lady reminds me of my own daughter. I was lucky to recover and relinquish her of my single mom duties. My daughter cried her heart out to me when I returned from the hospital. I know this beautiful young woman wants tk do the same, but can’t. She is sacrificing her own feelings and emotions for her siblings. I wish I can bring her and her siblings here to live with me. Raising children takes a village. Please post how we can help. We do not know.

  3. Grappling with the loss of her parents and taking on the role of a parent of 6.. at 23 years old. She’s amazing. I hope they, and others like them, receive help and live a good life.

    1. @A R I’m so glad I’m not a cynic like you. “The CYNIC is one who never sees a good quality in a human, and never fails to see a bad one. He is the human owl, vigilant in darkness and blind to light, mousing for vermin, and never seeing noble game.” “Cynic One: who not only reads bitter lessons from the past, but who is prematurely disappointed with the future.”

  4. It’s very a sad story. I wish the Covid situations in India would be better very soon

  5. I too lost both my parents it’s heart renching there is a void both left I sometime feel lifeless

    1. I’m so sorry that you’re going through that. My heart goes out to you. Please know that God loves you, cares for you, and sees you where you are. You are not alone. You have a Father in Heaven who loves you and is reaching out to you. Give Him a chance. Try praying sometime. When I lost my dad God communicated to me that I still had a Father, our Heavenly Father. Ever since then He’s took such good care of me. Helping me all through my life. God does answer prayer, He listens always. And He’s never left you. He’s there right now. Even if you are skeptical, it doesn’t matter. Even the smallest amount of faith will reach Him. You can be honest with God. Jesus loves you so, so much. John 3:16

  6. It is a hard life when you lose people that you care about him love but no matter how hard her Road in life will be she will make it she just has to fight a little harder

  7. Praying everyday that this evil pandemic, which has taken so many lives–whether a father, mother, sibling, or close friend–will soon end.

    1. Yes waste your time with praying .and not helping if it makes you feel better . religious fool .

    2. @Buttbanging Trannyliberal I’ve seen some of your comments on this video. Sorry, I don’t deal with trolls like you who don’t take this pandemic seriously.

    3. @Mutton Chops Prayers are very powerful. Some use religion to brainwash people, but I see it as our only hope in a broken world we have right now. Truth be told, this pandemic would’ve ended months ago if we would’ve united as human beings instead of using politics and racism to divide society. Look around you. The pandemic is here, yes, but have racism, hate and violence stopped? Funny how there so many anti-vaxx hypocrites who make the world an even worse place by spreading conspiracies that “Big Pharma” is evil, or how Bill Gates and other rich people in society are trying to microchip us all through these vaccines. Listening to these idiots will just create rising cases and more infections, and the never-ending cycle of the pandemic continues.

  8. The emotion and gravity in her, the reporter’s, voice, totally gripped me. I lift up prayers and send all my love to India. God bless you all.

  9. This happens everyday, pandemic or not, all around the world. Sometimes illness is the cause, other times it is the result of reckless individuals failing to value life.

  10. The parents had 7 kids. And that’s a “small” family. The more kids they have, the more grief when they die. And that’s the smallest of the problems that overpopulation creates. ¬_¬

  11. Such a strong woman. Wishing her and her siblings all the best. May they be blessed abundantly so that the weight would be quite easier for her to carry.

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