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  1. Hmm, . . . ‘if more people are voting that means voting is being suppressed’ ; …seems flimsy.

    1. You said you fixed someone’s statement, but really you just made it unfactual and agenda driven. If that is how you fix things, then I hope you don’t try fixing the country.

    2. Crispin Fornoff It was factual. There are literally Republicans on the record admitting that they need to suppress the vote. Do some goddamn research.

  2. When I vote in Bolivia (Im a dual citizen) everyone has to show a form of ID that has two finger prints plus we have to get our finger prints scanned to confirm we are who we say we are and if you dont vote the government makes your life a living hell.. this is in a 3rd world country so I fail to understand how a first world country like the US seems to think it’s voter suppression to ask someone to identify themselves before they vote considering the ones who claim that Russians hacked the elections are the same people who claim it’s bad to ask for ID…. someone please explain?

    1. Garrett Howard That’s true! The dems also give illegals a sack lunch while on the bus! Hell I would fall for that too if I was dirt poor! The dems keep using illegals and welfare recipients! That needs to stop!

    2. dat boi I agree! Lando is full of it. I started having severe stomach cramps & a headache. He keeps taking up for the Dems! No proof

    3. Marc Aruguete That’s for absentee voting, not just mass mailing ballots and if voter rolls weren’t a hot mess in most states then it would be more reasonable. In Virginia we haven’t been doing machine voting in a number of years, it’s been paper ballots fed into a machine that counts the vote but isn’t connected to the internet. It’s pretty smooth, clean, clear and an ID is required. There is plenty of proof out on mail in voter fraud, unfortunately our media is so ridiculously bias they just simply refuse to be honest about it.

    1. I think it’s saying that a lot of people don’t have the ability to wait in long lines, especially hourly employees or those who can’t afford to have their children babysat while they go to vote. That being said, literally no idea why voter ID is considered “voter suppression”.

    2. @Hannah Johnson So they can’t afford a babysitter for an hour max, but they can for an entire day when they go to work? What logic is that

  3. If you’re not careful, the newspapers will have you hating the people who are being oppressed, and loving the people who are doing the oppressing.” Malcolm X

    1. @Charles Schroeder black people work twice as hard in this country. Just to buy a house we have to go through hoops. Even if our credit is perfect. Even if we’ve been on a job for 20 years. So please save it with us being lazy and want everything for free. Please that’s a real demonstration of your ignorance and bigotry. We just want everything Fair and to have equal rights. African Americans just want a end to this police brutality. Tell me how BLM peaceful protest can turn into a war zone. When the other side pre judges and has harmful intent and hate in their heart as well as power. And I just want to be able to vote without bulshit

    2. @the kingnumberone I know he’s a black racist , and can’t hold a candle to Martin Luther king.
      He’s no better than Al Sharpton. Or Jessi Jackson because thats where they learned how to exploit their own people out of their money , from Malcolm X.

    3. @aj lacoste “I’m for truth, no matter who tells it. I’m for justice, no matter who it is for or against. I’m a human being, first and foremost, and as such I’m for whoever and whatever benefits humanity as a whole.” Malcolm X
      That quote means that you know nothing. And you’re speaking from a place of hate not knowledge

  4. Soo this video telling us that waiting in a line or long lines is voting suppression and wants everyone to vote by mails… with that logic ever time I’m in a line or god forbid a long line my rights are being suppress.

    1. They’re just trying to legitimize mail in voting so they can control every election from here to the end of time

    2. @Skankhunt36 Wrong side dude, oh wait you’re a leftist. Nevermind your intentionally misleading comment makes sense now

    3. @Skankhunt36 Walmart is suppressing shoppers by only having 1 checkout open. Help help I’m being oppressed!!

    1. @1Vintage_ try not living next to millions of others, it tends to do many positive things for your health. granted, dont move next to me either 🙂

    2. @Noah Whipkey no actually humans tend to do better in bigger groups its scientifically proven. Also sorry bout the delusional joke.

    3. @Star Trek Theory Jefferson County, Kentucky (which includes Lousiville) had ONE polling location for THE ENTIRE COUNTY, this last June.
      Because it’s not happening to you personally, doesn’t mean it’s not happening.

  5. Mail in voting fraud has lead to the disqualification of tens of thousands of votes throughout the primaries, but sure, long wait times are what’s really suppressing voters.

    1. Since 2012 28 million votes have ended up found after the elections. Many if not most are conservative

  6. You need ID for a pack of cigarettes or a six pack of beer, its the law. Here in NY they scan your ID doesn’t matter the age. Sounds like fair play to me.

  7. Trump literally doesn’t have to do anything… The media is literally giving it to him 😂😂😂

    1. Diane Byers for someone who touts fake news you seem to listen to every conspiracy theory as a fact. The deep state, globalism, communism. Stop fear mongering I’m wasting my time even giving you attention

    2. I know right? There’s no way he should have won in 2016 or this year, but he won last time and will again this time. That’s how confoundingly AWFUL the Democrats are at their jobs.

  8. Voter suppression is media B.S.
    Anyone who actually want to vote should find out what the requirement for registering are , go register and then vote.

  9. You heard it folks having a valid ID is voter suppression. Mexico’s voting rules put ours to shame.

    1. Unless the voter ID is gurantueed to be delivered for free to each American, voter ID laws remain unconstitutional.

    2. @Cory S Then, showing your id to buy a car, or get a license, get married, buy or rent a house, open a bank account, or get a loan. All of those must be unconstitutional! Don’t be stupid.

    3. @fiddlefaddle maybe you don’t understand the concept of “the constitutional right to a free and fair election”.

  10. If you don’t have an I.D. then you shouldn’t be able to vote…it’s ridiculous to argue otherwise.

    1. @Hugh Jass My wife didn’t drive when we first got married and yet she got an id at the BMV. What’s the problem?

    2. @Jim You can get a damn ID at the DMV! My wife didn’t drive when we first got married over 43 years ago and she still got an ID at the DMV! This BS about people having trouble getting an ID is made up by the Democrats, who commit voter fraud since voting began!

    3. Cory S you have to be a citizen of the United States to vote! Did I miss something? You’re just another crooked democrat who is willing to sell the USA out for power. Maybe you should leave!

  11. Funny how people ignore that California has active laws in thier state suppressing conservative votes. It’s pathetic. Yet we non liberals are called insane for pointing out actual evidence. Yuri bezemov was right. That’s sad

    1. Hmm, how is it backfiring? To imply backfiring you are implying this is all bullshit, your opinion doesnt count trumper.

  12. Here we go! Funny when it’s a democrat we don’t have voting suppression! But these same ppl will stand in lines for days for a I phone?

  13. The media is a enemy of the American people.
    Their goal is to spread negativity by lying and causing race wars.

    The liberals like to use the Black community and the Latino community as a tool against the conservatives.

    They pose as our ‘friends’ but failed us.
    The liberals are more deceitful and are a true enemy to the American people.

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