1. @A R You gonna be the main one to lash out and try to kill somebody when your boy Trump loses? I can’t wait to see it.

    2. @Davon Reeves It won’t matter to you like I said I didn’t take the jab 2 years away? pretty far outlook for someone that took that booster too πŸ™„πŸ˜·

    1. @Faith & Freedom If God controlled American elections Donald Trump would be attacking him. I can hear it now; *”You know, God is overrated, and everybody knows it. I’m beating God in the polls, God at 8-10%, Trump at 85-90%. If you spell his name backwards, I beat him like a doG!”*

  1. Trump raised America’s budget deficit 36 to 39% upon leaving office depending on the report: He’s not going to lower consumer prices or oil prices

    1. @JD 23 none. He won’t run he will lose, AGAIN. And the RNC will stop paying his legal fees. The more you know πŸ’«

    2. @JD 23 Hard to admit? Guy you’re attaching Obamas economy on that guy who built his business by ripping of NY/NJ contractors. It’s not as though we all can’t look up the numbers ourselves.

  2. “Election official reacts to Trump and Giuliani casting early doubts about midterm” so let’s otherwise “Convince It Forward” and Laus DEO

  3. The wisest thing every individual should think off, is creating multiple streams of income rather depending on the government to create job opportunities expecially now the country is going through economical crisis

    1. His active with this οΌ‹πŸπŸ”πŸŽπŸπŸ•πŸ–πŸŽπŸ•πŸ’πŸπŸ• currentlyπŸ‘†

    2. His active with this οΌ‹πŸπŸ”πŸŽπŸπŸ•πŸ–πŸŽπŸ•πŸ’πŸπŸ• currently.

  4. Rudi Giuliani with his eight hours comment is already salting the earth in anticipation of not winning. You’d think he and Donald Tantrump would be more gracious losers with all the practice they’ve had. 😁

  5. Guilliani: “they counted France in eight hours if we can’t count in eight hours start wondering….” Disbarrred Guilliani up to his old tricks. The US has 5-6 times more people than France.

    1. In France all voting is done in person only, and on the day of the election. Most of the counting of votes is done by hand. However, there are some aspects of voting in France you’d never see here in the U.S. Such as, prisoners are allowed to vote, local government officials can arrange rides for the elderly, and “proxy voting” is allowed (someone can vote in person for you) if you’re elderly, ill, or have a viable reason that you can’t get to the polling place.

    2. @joe blo bullshit, bullshit, πŸ‚,πŸ’©,, It’s the Republicans who are standing up and calling that the elections were Fair and unhindered. Your Republicans from the DOJ to the high ranking computer tech guys even your private tech guys like in Arizona. You just phuckin lost bro

  6. Of course he mentions Vermont and voting not mattering but I still voted anyways it’s the responsibility of all Americans to vote

  7. I can think of a couple reasons why that number is still fresh in your head…….it’s not every day a president asks you to lie for him

  8. Gabe Sterling is what we all need to be like, honest, forthright, integral!, the way he handled T-rump and what those jackasses were trying to do was perfect.

  9. Young people and women… hopefully we get it… for democracy and liberties. No more lies pls

  10. Please, why do people not learn: all of this is straight from the Lee Atwater/Karl Rove playbook I.e. demean and accuse your opponent of your own misdeeds first, loudly and often. It is always harder to reverse peoples first impressions than create them.

  11. How comes repubs dont say why they think military folks dont deserve to vote if they not in the country since they want same day paper ballot voting?

  12. Democracy stood up in 2020 because of people like Gabe Sterling upholding their oaths to the Constitution and protected the Will of the People’s vote.

  13. When you hear, for example, G. Sterling precise knowledge of the early voting data here, you understand the obvious bad faith of the people who denied the last election results.

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