Election Officials: Trump’s ‘Attacking The Umpires’ Of Elections 1

Election Officials: Trump’s ‘Attacking The Umpires’ Of Elections


Former Vice Chair of the DeKalb County Elections Board Baoky Vu and Michigan Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson remark on the threats election workers face because of Trump’s false claims of election fraud.
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  1. Trump passes tax bill that enriches the 1% and screws everyone else – America talks.
    Trump is impeached – America talks.
    Trump is impeached again – America talks.
    Trump ignores Global pandemic, US citizens drop like flies – America talks.
    Trump incites Jan 6 Riots with obvious glee – America talks.
    When is America going to act?

    1. @Lefty Loser mr loser…Can you please explain your ridiculous statement with facts to someone simple minded like myself with a “poor attitude”. Thank you


    1. I love the frontliners saving people, even the unvaccinated hard headed people, they save them, take care of them, making sure they live the next day, love them with all my heart

  3. I am sorry, today’s time is different from when the ELectorial College was formed. I person, 1 vote, greatest number wins. Shut down the Republican steal of future elections. And yes, I am a registered Republican, just not a today’s Republican, whom all seem to be mentally ill.

    1. Yes trumps so called republicans are killing there own constituents, and after the last five years I say great don’t get a vaccine, run around without a mask, go to your f- upped rallies, spread COVID and then we might go back to a little bit of normalcy back, granted it will take longer, but smart will overcome the stupid in the long run

    2. @SmarTarDanU – U appear to be a confused Russian troll. Let me help educate u and the ignorance u hold. “Fascism is a form of far-right, authoritarian ultranationalism characterized by dictatorial power, forcible suppression of opposition, and strong regimentation of society and of the economy. Opposed to anarchism, democracy, liberalism, and Marxism, fascism is placed on the far right-wing within the traditional left–right spectrum.” There is no such thing as a fascist Democratic Party. No one in the US is forced to get the Covid vaccine, nor is anyone forced to wear masks. When the government mandates masks or when an employer, school, venue decides they will only allow vaccinated ppl and/or masked ppl into their facility, the person who doesn’t want to get vaccinated or wear a mask doesn’t have to but if that’s their choice, then they won’t be welcome in that facility or in public indoor spaces. The unvaccinated, unmasked person is not the only person or group which has rights. If u don’t like the rules in public indoor spaces, in in-person school, in particular businesses, or government buildings, then stay home or find someplace to go who doesn’t require vaccination or masks. Anyone living in the US is very familiar with vaccines necessary for enrolling in school, in some professions, in the military, etc to control infectious diseases. Being a member in society comes with some responsibility and willingness to abide by the laws and rules to prevent problems and control infectious diseases. If a person doesn’t want to get vaccinated or wear a mask at times when the government, schools, businesses, or venues tell us we need to, then that person can go elsewhere or stay home. No one has the right to enter property that they don’t own if they don’t want to follow the rules, nor does anyone unvaccinated, unmasked person have the right to infect others w/a deadly virus. Perhaps u should learn what u speak of before u leave comments showing u haven’t a clue of what u speak of!

  4. All this because the self confessed chosen one couldn’t accept he’d been unchosen. In other news Trump will not be reinstated August 13.

    1. @neb another Trumpconomist. The majority of our oil comes from Canada. It does not come from OPEC, but they do have major influence on GLOBAL OIL PRICES. Trump said we were energy independent and selling gas to other countries. The pipeline running our oil to Gulf is not for USA. It is sold on the GLOBAL MARKET. GOP oil company contributors have a win irrespective of who is in White House.

    2. @neb Yes grateful to be vaccinated. Also for the memorial for the 600 000 dead from Covid…I had just lost both parents. Also that he made the battle against Covid a main focus realizing that until we got that under control we could not have a restored economy or schools open and a normal life again. He was honest and kind. Trump lied and bullied. 500 children still had no parents from the Trump policy of taking very babies and toddlers from their parents at the border and putting them into cages. The hate speech, white male chauvinism and corruption of every department every part of our democracy under Trump was sickening. He appointed the fox to the henhouse, the wolves to the sheep. Shameful friends like Bannon, Miller, Nunes, Acosta, DeJoy, Devos, Gaetz, Graham, Bobert, Gosar, Felons like Stone, Floyd, Manafort, Jordan…

    3. Absolutely right Kar , trump would hold up a baby if someone pointed a pistol at him . If he had any courage he would have led his mob into the Capital instead he hid behind the rose garden in a canopy surrounded by secret security.

  5. In Baseball if you challenge the umpire on called strikes and balls you get ejected from the game. It’s time to eject this NTAC from the game.

    1. @Mumford Munsley independent from OPEC!
      Remeber them? Biden is begging them for mercy to lower prices. Sad. The world is laughing at us.

    1. The orange criminal psychosis clown doesn’t deserve to be classified as such – its more correct to refer to it as traitor45.

    2. He’s the biggest threat to freedom – period. Why the Reputs can’t see this is beyond me. I’m beginning to believe that Trump has them brain washed with patriotism. Except Trump’s patriotism is false patriotism. It’s a tool he uses to manipulate his cult…

  6. I respect so much these officials who served honorably in the trenches: former Vice-chair of DeKalb CountyElections board, (WOW) and Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson. I appreciate them so much and their comments.

    1. Biden is an embarrassment. Last year with the people’s president we were energy indep. Now Biden is begging OPEC for mercy. Elections have consequences

    2. @neb I’m embarrassed we had a lying white supremacists insurrectionist running the country for 4 yrs. I like my tax not in the personal pockets of politicians to buy prostitutes

    1. News flash! resident rump lost & is no longer in power – our democracy is damaged but NOT destroyed

    2. @OldAstronomer …from a long term ally … it appears your country is on the brink of implosion. You live in the USA and this unlikely to have an objective view of the damage done to your nation’s reputation and status. You may have might and power, but your status as leader of the free world is seriously in doubt. Leadership isn’t about power.

  7. So only Canada is now “North American” – seems the US has become very “South American”. Sorry…just realized that is pretty unfair to many South American states. And what a major triumph this has been for Trump….the GOP simply got on its knees and invited Trump to do whatever he wanted with it! No way back for the GOP.

    1. And some of his cronies spend their time putting down these real news people telling the truth on their chosen one trump.)*

    2. Trump is way too stupid for what he tried to do, but failed. His true National Security Advisor was Putin. Always remember how many times Trump made the call to “Dominate”.

  8. Best way to explain the GOPee – — Martin Luther King Jr. -Nothing in all the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity.

    1. @Tara J. Fitzgerald the party of MLK and Malcom X is awful right? Democrats are still the racist party along with Pedophile Joe as their president

    2. @Ray Stanczak you would have considered Lincoln a dictator. Please do some research. The parties never switched, democrats just say that to deny who the really are and what they have done.

    3. @chadnuts While I don’t consider Lincoln to be a dictator, I do consider you to be a dimwit.
      Try the real version if history, not Tucker’s version.

  9. Having a hard time with death threats.. try living in poverty and the threat of death all around you if you make one misstep.. One misstep t can throw you into homelessness or not eating not being able to even go to the doctor.
    try living in poverty with a government that allowed the millionaires to hog everything and ruining our world.
    try living with that death threat while being in poverty like most Americans.

  10. Trump has dug himself a hole so deep and full of lies that he’s dragging the entire USA down with him. INDICT NOW.

    1. @D O Those that realize Donald J Trump is a psychopath and threat to our very existence as a Democracy ned to speak up! Exile Trump!

    2. @Ronald Barrett ..not sure who would take him at this time… he’s a liability for anyone who would potentially take him in…

    1. @Zoya M I don’t have any tattoos. Is that what you mean by tat people?

      It’s sad that you judge a strangers worth by a few YouTube comments. I hope only the best for you. That is the difference between my kind and yours. You focus on hatred too much. The only reason Biden had a chance was because of all the hatred from never Trumpers. I forgive you though

    2. @UC4JN5RUH9NhfC_I_E9QwdYg Listen up ..a never trumper is someone with integrity. It is a badge of honor to be recognized as a never trumper.

  11. Just a thought but isn’t this akin to jury tampering ? If a mob boss was threatening people like this would the criminal courts condone it? I admit that I’m a UK citizen so I don’t understand the US political system completely but I’m pretty sure BS like this would not go down well with voters here.

    1. This is just my opinion and no matter how much I’d enjoy justice there are 2 factors in play. 1. Any case brought forward has to be so air tight that no wiggle room for a technicality is possible. 2. Once convicted, because of social standing among a certain segment of the population, you just created a martyr.

    2. The GOP controlled Senate and Judiciary already ruled in Trumps impeachment that he can’t be charged for anything at all because he was “doing what he thought was best for America as president.” So he’ll never be indicted for anything that happened during his presidency and knows it

  12. The whole country is begging you, with tears in their eyes, to do something about the grasp of the cult traitors

  13. when are we going to start referring to the conspirators who are members of congress as coup conspirators… why are we pretending these are respectable people?

  14. From an education point of view, this makes explaining how the Nazis could rise to power a century ago a lot easier. The similarities are astonishing and alarming.

    1. Save your fingers – education and Trump supporters don’t go together. I think the term for them is oxymorons.

    2. My Grandfather fought Nazi’s and freed Jews from Concentration Camps……F the GQP. Vote Blue no matter who.

    3. I ‘ve been screaming that very sentiment for 5 years,lost friends and family over it. I will continue.

  15. When you can’t win fairly, change the rules, when you can’t change the rules, attack the rule keepers

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