Electric Vehicles Impact on Jamaica | TVJ News 1

Electric Vehicles Impact on Jamaica | TVJ News


As Jamaica continues to make preparations for rolling out electric vehicles more questions about the future of oil supplies and refineries like PETROJAM. The issue was discussed at the United States Foreign press center's climate change virtual tour which our reporter Krista Campbell attended.

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  1. Little america here we go we trying to be who we can’t it take electricity to charge if gas price so high how much for a charge worst it take hours to charge 5000 per hour

  2. Jamaica mi land mi love; it’s funny how Jamaica won’t fix its lack of wata and electric issues, can’t fix illiteracy and poverty but working on imports of electric vehicles . This is the very definition of the Islamic provers about “poor, barefooted bedouins competing in building tall buildings” . May the Creator above the Throne guide Jamaica and Jamaicans, amin

    1. Wow !! What a thing ? Jamaica needs beds in
      hospitals. roads , foods, waters , burn unit, emergency post for everything , worry about electric cars . shameful

    2. @Rohan Welsh exactly Rohan, but a so life go. Wanty, wanty caan get it, and getty, getty nuh want it

  3. The truth be told if you do not have enough charging stations and can afford the cost to charge at home many drivers will be left with lots of headaches. Yes…yes.. I know it will be a luxury car for the elites initially for errands in the city….a long drive to the country use another vehicle for now until charging stations fully set up islandwide

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