Electronic Warrants for Millions of Outstanding Traffic Tickets | TVJ News – July 20 2022

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  1. Drivers will still able to renew their drivers licence because when it comes to Jamaica money is power but they are not arresting persons who are collecting money backdoor deal Jamaica turn a blind eye to everything I have know roads that needed to be repaired for 10 Years are more and still haven’t in my community we have water problems since I was a boy going to school am now 51 we still have water problems the problems with Jamaica most Jamaicans have no discipline Jamaicans is on unruly nation

  2. WHO you think have money in these hard times to pay these tickets and some of these tickets are Ridiculous it’s like you paying rent at the end of the day if people gonna choose to pay a ticket or put food on the table for their kids best believe kids got to eat.

  3. So, let me get this straight, there was a shoot-out between two armed drivers, and the justice minister’s response is to talk about the payment of outstanding traffic tickets……maybe I’m not as learned as the dear minister but I fail to see the correlation.

  4. All motorists not wearing a helmet should be charged in addition to speeding. This should indeed help hold them accountable.

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