Elements Of Trump's Big Lie Sound Alarms For Students Of History 1

Elements Of Trump’s Big Lie Sound Alarms For Students Of History


Timothy Snyder, professor of history at Yale University and author of "On Tyranny," talks about why chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Mark Milley, was concerned about a potential Donald Trump "Reichstag moment," and what it will take for American democracy to survive the next few years. 
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    1. get yo head in the right place, media can make up a lot of fake news, it should take u a lot more proof then a video to just make a huge accusation like that. I hope you’re not one of the ppl that thinks Biden’s an angel on Earth ://

  1. Absolute truth finally coming to light. 👍. Ty. Either we learn from history or it will repeat itself… Time to wake up!

    1. @Time Stamp Agreed. Hence, the fight against CRT going on in red states. The goal is to re-write or erase what they don’t like in the history books, while emphasizing the fact that CRT should be taught ASAP. The irony is striking.

  2. Sometimes we ignore the unbelievable until it’s too late. German’s under Nazi-ism weren’t idiots, were educated, and fell for it.

    1. @Kitti whieldon Good point. Regarding Ryan, he can’t filter himself because he’s told by Fox/OANN every night that he’s the informed one and they go on weaving legends about the mythical Antifa.

    2. @Charles Casados We may not be Ivy League, but a degree isn’t solid protection against emotional manipulation you have here. Being aware and empathetic like you is far more effective.

    3. @Dorothy Gears The scales are tipped heavily toward violence from the right, but ‘never’ isn’t accurate (Reinoehl), sadly.

    4. @Ian T I’m sorry to have to say this but you are wrong. Nice try troll. No one is interested in your gibberish.

  3. Shock and awe – take advantage of crisis to implement authoritarian removal of rights to “protect” the citizens, exactly what Naomi Klein’s book told us way before we even had Trump.

    1. Looks like the current administration is doing just that. The FB “misinformation” ban along with the sms text “misinformation” bans will be a nice start to taking away free speech or anything the DNC doesn’t like.

    2. The Democrats actually encourage free speech as long as it doesn’t put innocent people or the country at risk of being harmed.

    3. @James Smith Actually, they don’t. If it goes against their narrative, they are against it. Free speech is just that. It should not follow party lines.

  4. The fact that Trump didn’t want to call off the insurrection and refused to call in the guard tells you everything you need to know

    1. @LyingDogFace PonySoldier mate, there are 357 comments and YouTube doesn’t make it easy to know what you’re talking about without me pressing “Show more replies” a lot.

    2. @Julian Rivera well Jose ! I’m a “LEGAL” citizen of the USA, born and bred !
      Funny how folks who lack education and who’ve never travelled the world are focused on Russia Russia Russia !
      Guess what ? Tell me where 90% of those shiny trinkets on the shelves of your favorite Walmart or target àre manufactured ?
      If you’ve ever been anywhere in the world most notably 3rd world countries that are rich in natural resources you would know who’s there raping and pillaging ?
      Hint : it isn’t Russia Russia Russia now is it ? But you keep that Lazer like focus on Russia Russia Russia !

      Liberal socialist clowns getting dumber by the day

  5. I knew when you know who started calling the press as fake news this was a Hitler reenactment! But this reporting is so true!

    1. @Ian T
      @omi god is a stupid troll.
      He’s one of those who says something dumb and then gets his lunch ate.
      Then trolls for the next 20 posts.

    2. @omi god – What? Do you find it hard to believe that two people think you’re not playing with a full deck?

    3. @Myles H Patterson – I’ll bet you are struggling with the fact that the Trump Administration is responsible for bringing the vaccine to the people in such a short amount of time. That’s what an outsider does!
      Look, you’re going to have to be honest with yourself sooner or later.

  6. Any sane and informed American knows what Trump has said reflects many of Hitler’s words and actions!

    1. Yes, supporting this country, standing and fighting for the rights of its citizens and doing EVERYTHING to improve the economic, living and financial conditions of AMERICANS is truly communism…..you’re brainwashed beyond hope. Please get several vaccines.

    2. HAHAHA HAHAHA HAHAHA. Any sane American would see right through the misinformation and propaganda pushed by the Swamp. So they can finish their Communist take over of America. Everyone i know and talk to can. Even people from other controes can!

    3. @James Smith  Not yet but give them time. The difference from Hitler is that they don’t have a single figurehead but other than that they are following the Hitler play book.
      Hitler quickly set about removing the democratic structures of government when he was elected. Wind forward to today and that is exactly what the Democrats are trying to do:
      – packing the Supreme court
      – removing the super majority in the Senate,
      – adding two more states,
      – taking federal control of elections.
      These are a similar power grab and would effectively give them total control and make the democracy impotent.
      There are so many parallels with the Hitler regime it is very worrying.

    4. @Mike Ribble
      Hi troll how does if feel to be totally ignorant hateful and disgusting? I’d really like to know…NOT!

    1. @D J Allen
      Ya mean the
      HATE, LIES, RHETORIC & MISINFORMATION that the current administration spins with the
      MSM propaganda on the networks today.
      While the communists censorship social media platforms took away OUR real presidents 1st Amendment rights while in office.
      But that was okay, right ???

    2. If they don’t want to get rid of the Electoral College, it should be reformed by getting rid of the winner takes all policy, which most States use. Simply use Congressional voting districts. If a state has five districts the winner of each would send electors to the college. regardless of party or state in electing a President.

    3. @I AM the ONE Man REVOLUTION [ ccw ]
      Has trump told the truth about anything? Example -January 6th according to trump was a peaceful march 🙄? police and trump TERRORIST taking 🤳 trump fails to mention police were brutalized and killed.

    4. Also the non-compulsory voting. Democracy = rule by the people. If the people forego their civic duty by not voting then they are passive to allowing others to determine theirs and their children’s future.

    1. @Ian T Hitler used the power of the state to shut down unsympathetic media. That was not the same thing as non-state organizations putting pressure on corporations to reject publication of disinformation about important issues. Those corporations are still free to publish that material, if they don’t mind losing advertising revenue.

    2. @Ian T
      How about improving your reading skills?
      @Theaxel65 explained the issue perfectly multiple times.
      And it’s really hilarious watching ppl commenting on issues they haven’t got a clue and thus embarrassing themselves.

    3. @TheAxel65  you’re trying hard but I’m afraid you’re pushing water up hill. It wasn’t only the welfare state that made them socialists it was also the regulation and tight control of the economy just like today’s Democrats. You presumably know that the Nazi’s even implemented a policy that provided funding to employers to encourage them to take on employees when unemployment was at its highest and gave unemployment credit to workers. Once again a socialist style policy.

    4. @Carneades2012  the Democrats are actively working with big tech to suppress news that is unhelpful to them now they are in power They have just admitted as much in the daily press interviews.
      Emails were released a few weeks ago showing the DNC were influencing FB to remove conservative voices in the run up to the election and of course big tech shut down the Hunter lap top story. This is similar to the way that Hitler worked with the big German employers and sought out and burnt opposition literature and detained journalists.

    1. One thing we can agree on. The only President who wanted to rewrite the history books was Obama. That speaks for itself!

    1. I studied Nazi Germany while I was an Officer Cadet in the mid to late 80s. I remember back in the fall semester of high school of 1981, an after school tv series called The Wave was on. A history teacher was giving a class on Nazi Germany, and he didn’t know how to answer the question, “Why and how the Germans didn’t stop the nazis from taking over, stopping the holocaust ?” He started a social experiment, following Hitler’s play book on swaying the masses. That’s how the history teacher answered that question. By ending the social experiment by showing the ultimate leader of the wave. A news clip video of Adolph Hitler, ranting and raving. We need to dig up The Wave of 1981, and see it all over again.

    2. The only fascist tactics that I’ve witnessed since 2015 have been practiced exclusively on the left – or perhaps we should just cut to the quick and call it The Establishment.

    3. The Diamond: don’t bump the beehive *dashians 👀lish’s gaga’s jlo’s pinks OLLI’s Swifties suburban wives and the rest. There’s the 80million votes. They have more now, and they’re not black girls/women. Some are.

  7. Anyone else would have been arrested for sedition. He’s being protected by the GOP so he can try again.

    1. Yep. The ones who turn the blind eye will do anything to keep the perks their position brings . It’s true for many of them.. they cater to “ them the people”(wealthy business interests etc) & could care less about “ we the people “

    1. Yes, Trump’s use of the stab-in-the-back myth is one of the most obvious Hitlerian parallels. His use of fear, hate, and racism to motivate the mass of ordinary people.

    1. @Danny Ball Germans are mostly well informed about their horrible past. You are obviously too blind to see the horrible future if US or you are complicit. Both is not excusable.

  8. The comparisons of Trump and Hitler are not, and have not been surprising to me and most everyone I know.

    1. Mark Milley is learning Mao, Lenin and Marx. Welcome to the next Joseph Stalin. “We are the guys with the GUNS. What constitution?”-Milley

    2. @The White Rabbit Your information is being presented in a misleading way, only the ones who committed crimes are being charged…..with the crimes they committed. That’s why there has only been 579 people charged (there were more than 579 attending tRump’s rally that day). Those who only entered a prohibited building were charged with simple trespassing, while those who committed other crimes were charged with those. Additionally, all but a few were released on their own recognizance to fight the charges from home, while those who had demonstrated additional risks were kept in jail. Most of the January 6th insurrectionists are home, not incarcerated. Finally, this demonstrates the drastic difference in enforcement procedures between the rioters using BLM as cover and the rioters using tRump as cover. In the BLM instances, they were met with additional force and refused release on their own recognizance. However, with the tRump rioters, they were not met with that amount of force or there would have been a much higher body count, and they were released on their own recognizance. Imagine what your side would be saying if they had used deadly force and tanks on the January 6th insurrectionists like they routinely do on the BLM rioters. Definition of fascism: FORCEFUL repression of opposition.

    3. @Scott Myers The democrats have gained control of the mainstream media and entertainment. Nobody is stupid enough to deny that, on either side. That’s what the fascists, the nazis, and the stalinists did. The Republicans advocate free speech.

      The democrats are pushing censorship in every area that is most accessible to the public. The fascists, the nazis, and the stalinists did the same. Trump and the Republican party are against censorship, again supporting the US Constitution’s guaranty of Free Speech.

      The democrats have demonized anyone who voices an opinion against them through their control of the media, entertainment, and censorship. The fascists, nazis, and stalinists did the same. Trump and the Republicans demonized no one.

      The democrats are driving a move to socialism. The fascist, the nazis, and the stalinists all established socialism in their totalitarian governments. Trump and the Republican party advocate Capitalism, the system that allows every citizen the opportunity to improve their lives.

      The democrats are using every page of the fascist playbook, in exactly the same way Mussolini, Hitler, and Stalin did. And they are pushing for more right now.

      The list goes on, and on and on. But, if you have divorced yourself from truth and logic, its not my job to sort you out. Go get some professional help.

    4. @eduardo wollants well if you believe MAINSTREAM MEDIA then you are the foolish one. Nothing you repeated is factual. All lies .

  9. It’s not that big of a surprise. His first wife, Ivana, said he kept a well worn copy of , Hitler’s Speeches on his bedside table.

    1. @L Ta you’re right and well said. I was just being cheeky because it’s hard to imagine him reading anything. I vote and will be voting against him and his followers

    2. @L D
      What gets to me is that Trump went to a military college, and scammed his way out of serving in the Vietnam War. Cadet bone spur – well done 👏.

    1. @N 827 Trump told his followers not to get the vaccine but made sure he got it for himself, THAT’S how little he cares about your life.

    1. Do you see any action being taken against Dump? I don’t! The DOJ appears to be impotent against Dump.

    2. @Gerry “Castleman” Warde I hope they do something and soon. It was bad enough that our checks and balances failed. Plus we have to deal with the fact it the election was closer than it should have been. Knowing some people are OK with a sitting president dictate what news is real is very disturbing. Now after 5 years of Trump supporters screaming fake news they think what is real is fake and what is fake is real.

  10. America needs to put on Trial for Treasonous acts. Now. DoJ needs to go head with this Justice.

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