Elie Mystal: Government Can Require People To Be Healthy, But Cannot Require People To Get Sick

President Biden initiating federal COVID-19 vaccination mandates and other policies to fight the pandemic surge is praised by experts in conversation with Joy Reid.
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    1. Really John? The last time I looked you cant get Alcohol poisoning cirrhosis of the live mental impairment or lung cancer etc. by just walking past someone in a crowded shop but you can catch Covid. Emojis ? how old are you?

  1. Government can require people to be healthy? Since when? Does that include making people stop smoking, drinking, eating sugar and fat foods?

    1. @Steve I was thinking that when I wrote my comment.
      We’re both being sarcastic, but it’s still not a work place injury.
      They’re using that to push their agenda

    2. @Old_Newbie I am African American and I disagree with the liberal agenda but I do not get called a Tom. If you are being called a Tom it is because you are pushing a left or right agenda. You don’t get called a Tom for disagreeing, speaking well, or any of those thing you get attention from White people for saying. I advocate exclusively for African Americans so that makes the Left wing and Right Wing Toms upset.

    3. @Aztecs Have Been Taking L’s Since 1519

      Good question.

      The left claims blacks are democrats. 40% blacks have been vaccinated.

      If all democrats are vaccinated…….

  2. “It’s not about freedom or personal choice” There’s no way these women would be supporting this if this was Trump saying this.

  3. How dare him say “god protect our troops, Get vaccinated”. The nerve of these people is staggering. Makes me sick:

    1. @aarqa 1st amendment can also be freedom to express their rights, like for example today they can refuse to take the vaccine. If I’m correct…

    2. @Justin Johnson no thanks don’t want a post from some random you found on FB . The fact that you are on FB says a lot .

    1. @William Steed maybe not nukes on our own soil but China’s nukes on our soil, maybe, or maybe, say, a man made virus more deadly than one we already got? Can the resistance afford gain of function research on a disease that only effects the ruling class? 🤔

    2. @KING77 SOLOMON “concentration camps” < - Is that what you called detention when you were in school? If you were in school. "1000-bed accommodation site for returning travelers" Why? So morons like you who don't care about anyone else won't bring back disease. Not camps and not until 2022 if needed. But thanks for your spoiled brat hysteria and tantrum, Karen. You have what is takes to star in a Karen video.

    3. @William Steed “good close up.” If you were able to complete a coherent sentence I may reply.
      But there’s’ not much I can do with a moron’s psycho babble. enjoy your hissy fits, I’m sure those will help.

    4. @Eric Smith “communist” < - A word a Tard uses for anyone they disagree with. "a registered nurse"? If true our standards are too low. Your knowledge of epidemiology and immunology is zero. "The people won’t have it" That's what spoiled brats are saying. One problem, you're a tiny minority. Good luck on your revolt. And shouldn't be anywhere near a patient.

    5. @joe crachemontange “your(sic) a commie” Sorry, it’s hard to take an illiterate spoiled brat serious.
      But thanks for your example of one.

    1. @KING77 SOLOMON Father God is the Almighty one, I’m just trying to warn the church of the deception. Are you a believer? We should be cautious of how we speak to others, he that says he loves the Father but not his brothers and sisters is a liar and the live for the Father is not in him.

    2. @KING77 SOLOMON you are confirming a point I made though. A dog barks when his master is attacked. And I exposed the founding fathers as freemasonic luciferians. Americans worship america. Christians worship the Creator.

  4. I can understand if they ask unvaccinated to masks but this I can’t understand. I can’t understand the way he says it. It seemed a little evil

  5. This is only the start. He’s going to start mandating everything. This is what Cubans been living with. If you were a landlord he already temporarily took your property.

    1. No no CC – it is merely to crush the virus and stop people dying. It is in the president’s oath of office to take care of the welfare of the people. This is not Cuba or socialism. The GOP has you hoodwinked.

    2. @Heather C you have no clue. The entire northern Europe is out of this cause they believe in freedom.
      Abolished restrictions cause they are against human rights. Norway Denmark Finland Iceland Germany Spain Romani and even Russia and the list is growing by the day. Your evil masters will have to face their trials. That will be the best day for USA abd the world

    3. Gosh, I can’t wait until he mandates that stupid people, like yourself, aren’t allowed to post on social media. Yay Biden!

    4. @TheMrsB 11181311 FASCISTS like you don’t belong to the free world , move with old great grandpa and the satanic mob to ccp china there you fit perfectly

    1. @Kevin_James_fan97 this virus mutating means it may be with us for years. Until the whole world and the southern states are vaccinated we are not coming out of this anytime soon.

    2. @Heather C

      And if you can’t get vaccinated? What if you have natural immunity?

      Second- if vaccination saves a person-why fear the unvaccinated?

      Third- delta variant-if vaccines don’t work, why get it.

      Fourth- sick immigrants are refusing the vaccination. Biden wants to punish Americans, how will he punish them? Why send them, sick, around the countries?

      Fifth- Federal employee vaccine mandate, except postal workers, the people most exposed to the pubic?

      If it’s republicans that refuse mask wearing, why were none of Obama’s birthday guests wearing masks? If they’re all vaccinated, how did over 70 Martha Vineyard’s residents get covid ? Not the variant, but covid19?

      If Senator Warnock was egged by a white republican wearing a gorilla mask, would that be a racial hate crime?

    3. @Heather C

      Southern states-high black population. According to the racist left, blacks are democrat. 40% blacks vaccinated, according to cdc.

  6. If it’s about requiring people to be healthy, I still don’t know why instead of Biden removing lowering drug prices, why he doesn’t give insulin free, chemo or gym membership?

    1. Exactly, makes you wonder what Dems consider healthy? Maybe a socially distracted, depressed and obese population that won’t resist them.


    1. Didn’t they tell you to take the mumps, measles, rubella, and Polio vaccines?

      Ever been to the emergency room? Did they give you any medicine? Did you ask to see the clinical study data?

      You are willing to risk the safety of yourself and those around you in this case to makers political point because ticket Carlson and Sean Hamitic said so…

    1. That fine but what about the constitution without which it would be ok to disappear people that hallucinate during pickle juice.

    2. @banana joe by taking the vaccination, I am putting my life in danger and therefore I am willing to defend my life through the second amendment if ANYONE attempts to force me to get some vaccination

    3. @Banana Joe How is it putting others in danger the people that don’t want it is their choice to be in danger. If you want the vaccine then you aren’t in danger according you. You can still get sick even if you have the vaccine. so stupid

  8. “If its going to be War, then its going to be War against the vaccine and any Governors that stand in his way” LOL This guy just single handily lost a 20 year War last week. He should stay away from Wars for a bit…

    1. @Ben DWho knows…maybe the Taliban are pro vaccine and that’s why he gave them Afghanistan… along with billions of dollars worth of US Military Equipment.

    2. Do you know UK move their flagship aircraft carrier, and French, Canada navy all on the move. US first ever equipped F35s on aircraft carrier enter the South China sea. That’s the third carrier strike groups. The most since 2017 when North Korea tension.

    3. @lsman38 I have no problem being enlighten to new points of view but I don’t think making your point clear here…what is your point?

    1. @Parodies for Charities If Trump tried to mandate this you think wed be cheering about it? No! The left is primarily the ones that cant see beyond their political ideology to call a bad idea what it is. You wont explain because you cant. You literally dont have a valid answer to that question so you deflect.

    1. @Jt Carter Not sure I agree with you on that because I don’t know the data, but I’d rather take the vaccine than risk infecting and possibly killing someone’s child.

    2. HOLY CRAP! yet another person that doesn’t understand that the vaccine was never an ABSOLUTE FIX: NO MEDICINE IS
      what it does is seduce the chances of you getting Covid … but if you do your chances of being ICU /lifesupport or
      DEATH is greatly reduced As is your chances to get LONG COVID, which means long running debilitating symptom for weeks, months years or even permanently.
      What it also does is REDUCE THE SPREAD OF THE VIRUS in others ( it is this the constitutional authority……. protecting the POPULATION’S health).
      it also stops the virus from mutating into something worse . To mutate it needs a pool of people that aren’t not FULLY vaccinated.

    3. @ELIZ Z and people that got the vaccine can still test positive and spread it.. it’s American home of the free land of the brave right?? I respect your choice In not wanting it as you should respect my choice right??

  9. What happened to Joe Biden and Democrats saying “my body, my choice”. I guess that saying only matters when it’s how they want it done. The new saying is “your body, my choice”.

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