Elizabeth Esteban, Daughter Of Farmworkers, Defies Odds With Full Scholarship To Harvard 1

Elizabeth Esteban, Daughter Of Farmworkers, Defies Odds With Full Scholarship To Harvard


Growing up in California’s Coachella Valley, the daughter of immigrant farmworkers, Elizabeth Esteban dreamed of going to Harvard. Her dream is coming true, with a full scholarship. Her message for others: “Don’t live a life regretting and questioning what if I did try.” Aired on 04/22/2021.
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Elizabeth Esteban, Daughter Of Farmworkers, Defies Odds With Full Scholarship To Harvard


  1. I have visited Harvard campus when I was in America and was amazed by its rich history and knowledge potential that can be achieved. I am really happy for this kid and hope she can achieve all her dreams.

    1. @Zilla P Do you have any idea how woke Harvard has become? When they try to systematically brainwash all incoming freshmen with leftist ideology, of course many students will rebel and become life-long Republicans. Use your brain.

  2. Wow. You go for it Ms. Esteban. Bravo you. I love your reporting Mr. O’Donnell, i never miss your show.

  3. congratulations elizabeth!!! this is brilliant! and thank you lawrence o’donnell for featuring this important and wonderful story. also thank you for linking her up with a harvard mentor/recent graduate. such a caring and smart thinking thing to do. this story gives me hope. and hope is always a needed commodity.

    1. Do you realize that, for every student like this, a deserving Asian student is left out? Harvard has a quota system, and it is not ashamed to let the world know it discriminates against whites and Asians.

  4. Congratulations ! Seeing this lovely young woman on O’Donnell was just a beautiful gift , thank you !

  5. Señor Laurencio:

    Más histórias como esta por favor.

    Viva México Cabrones!

    Elizabeth Dale con todo mija

  6. Great news! I hope you return to your country with all the valuable knowledge and help your fellow Mexicans succed!!

  7. This is awesome, I hope she is able to reach her goals.
    We need more opportunities and informing for folks who aren’t born into well off families to know that education like this can be available.

  8. Wonderful story!! Here in the U.S anyone that works so hard deserves a chance to make any dream a reality. ANYONE!! Congrats Elizabeth

  9. I recall that phrase, as Elizabeth takes a massive step towards her future: It doesn’t matter where you came from, only where you are headed in the future. So many prayers from people around the world (me included!) will accompany Elizabeth, and all good wishes for every success!

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