Elizabeth May draws the line in regards to climate change in meeting with Trudeau

Elizabeth May draws the line in regards to climate change in meeting with Trudeau 1


Elizabeth May said she will not give the Liberals a vote of confidence unless Trudeau commits to lowering emissions.

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26 Comments on "Elizabeth May draws the line in regards to climate change in meeting with Trudeau"

  1. Fact: 17 countries out of 195 are on pace to meet the targets for The Paris Climate Agreement. Let’s discuss…

  2. garrett knecht | November 15, 2019 at 7:35 PM | Reply

    Tutor looks like he’s disappointed at a speed dating event

  3. Bob Barkers Wrinkled Nut Sac | November 15, 2019 at 10:20 PM | Reply

    He’d attend COP 25 if he could, but he’s flying to Vancouver Island to go surfing that weekend.

  4. Meanwhile her province shipped 38 million tons of coal to China. And her city of Victoria continues to dump billion of liters of raw sewage and pharmaceuticals into OUR OCEAN.

    • Theres a new diamond mine in canada that nobody really talks about.. Chinese owned and the only highway built leading from Nunavut to the rest of Canada. Off limits to the public. 60% fly in workers. Wonder how badly we are being ripped off for our diamonds. It sucks that the highway is for a company and not for public access, prices of things up there is insanely high cost because of how hard it is to import by boat and plane

    • @5318oo8 True. But what does that have to do with this thread?

  5. Who’s the girl sitting with Elizabeth?

  6. Ok. One last time, mental dwarfs. Get China to do it for five years then we will. Period. Cowards.

  7. WHY DOES TRUDEAU SIT LIKE THAT?! Every time I see him sit like that, another inch of me wants this country to implode.

  8. Oh my, Eastern Canada’s PM is in trouble? Who cares?


  10. fire jess allen

  11. spring election Scheer 2020 ctvnews we out west are hoping the bloc holds trudeau in power. ont. might consider separating too, Ford has been losing tons of jobs to mexico and usa. trash canada and fed gov. canada can be a north america union.

  12. Fire Jess Allen for her racist comments.

  13. His body language is very closed and turned away from her in the conversation.

  14. Justin has higher Estrogen levels than May.

  15. Naughtyponygirl LX Foxbody Notch | November 17, 2019 at 12:54 AM | Reply


  16. Wow thos is definitely canadian joirnalism at its best craig is a genius what a brainiac

  17. Elizabeth and her extremist green party is irrelevant as demonstrated in the last election.

  18. Canada one of the CLEANEST countries in the world. Thinks they are going to change the world. Start with China / India. Any Country using our oceans as a dumping ground.

  19. Liz is a drunk and a hypocrite. Clean up your own backyard like dirty coal in BC.

  20. Screw climate emergency. It’s not Canada’s problem. We can’t fix it!

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