Elizabeth May's silence was 'deafening' says Annamie Paul's top assistant 1

Elizabeth May’s silence was ‘deafening’ says Annamie Paul’s top assistant


Annamie Paul's executive assistant Victoria Galea discusses the turmoil in the Green Party and the conflicts with the party's national council.

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  1. The Green Party never had a chance to win Toronto Center. Seriously Toronto Center? What made them think they could win that riding, that has been a strong Liberal riding for quite some time.

    1. @ChyloeReece Meat unaffordable in Toronto??? You must be kidding. Toronto is over-loaded with squirrels and racoons (can’t grow a proper vegetable garden in your back yard) so if you can’t beat them, eat them. That’s your meat source!

    2. @Matthew Thiesen Except Alberta doesn’t decide the vote for the entire country. Alberta also brings a lot of money in, so they can stay.

    3. @John Morelli Okay, go for it! I’m just saying Liberal Toronto is a social service drain and they’re not the reason I’m not putting garbage in my body.

  2. As a disinterested third party, the whole thing looked like an utter gong show from every direction. And this interview looks like more of half the party throwing the other party under the bus. No one comes out looking clean.

  3. I would sure like to see a complete: Who, what, when and why on just what really happened right from the start. All I get is bits and pieces

    1. @ET Himself a lot of abuse indeed. In a word: apartheid. In many words: Land theft, military violence, denial of water, denial of building permits, restrictions on their movements, inability to travel outside the country, mass surveillance, imprisonment without charges. And the list goes on…

    2. @Stewart D Just looked the link up. And she or the Green Party is not anti Semitic whatsoever. Israel and groups of fanatics are illegibly abusing them is very seriously ways. Totally illegal behaviors and actions of which the Various governments in the Free World are very much against including Canada, the EU, the USA etc etc.
      You could check out what is really happening there if you like

  4. The real issue is that May never quit being the face of the party. She knew it was going nowhere with her as leader but she didn’t want to stop being the main person – wasn’t uncommon over the past year to see them talking to her about stuff and I don’t ever recall her saying to talk to Paul. Because of that, Paul was never really seen as the leader.

    1. Definitely true, not many realize but she drives a Dodge Viper Gas Guzzler. Greenies like to talk the talk but they stead fast refuse to walk the walk.

    1. Greens used to be about policy to get there. They have turned itinto a broad idea with no real ideas or policy to get there.

    1. @DootDoot yeah I know, but at this point I just find it interesting that there’s all these madness within the party (and as they call it, possibly racism) whereas these parties are normally pushed as the Savior of the world

  5. Evan Solomon asking why is so pathetic that he doesn’t know. The Israel-Palestine issue broke whatever cracks were there beforehand. And regardless of where you stand on that issue, it’s utterly stupid that an issue halfway across the world is breaking apart a Canadian political party that in no way is even capable of influencing governmental policy toward the issue.

  6. The radical greens should disappear from politics . We do not need another Marxist party we have three of them already .

  7. This is so unfortunate we really need a strong Green Party to innovate and propose solutions to the climate crisis. The executive board of the party are apparently living in another era. I cannot really believe that such an articulate and qualified leader received NO support from the executive. We need new leaders like her and new voices in this country.

  8. Only a self centered 6-year-old child would rather break a toy than let someone else play with it… And there you have the Green party of Canada in 2021

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