Elizabeth Neumann: ‘Any Naïve Hope I Had That Trump Would Rise To The Occasion… Proved To Be Wrong’ 1

Elizabeth Neumann: ‘Any Naïve Hope I Had That Trump Would Rise To The Occasion… Proved To Be Wrong’


Former DHS official Elizabeth Neumann discusses how she voted for Donald Trump out of fear, but how her faith is now leading her to vote for Joe Biden. Aired on 10/29/2020.
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Elizabeth Neumann: ‘Any Naïve Hope I Had That Trump Would Rise To The Occasion… Proved To Be Wrong’


    1. @Heather Record shows that Biden is a far bigger liar and he has millions of abortions on his bloody hands and you want to lecture Trump the one president that hasn’t had his own war, Bye Felicia!

  1. Donald Trump went bankrupt six times. He wouldn’t go bankrupt more than once if he could actually learn or rise to the occasion.

    1. The Nation’s total debt under Trump Republicans:
      2020 $27 trillion
      2019 $23 trillion
      2018 $21 trillion
      2017 $20 trillion
      2016 $19 trillion

      – The nation’s total debt has topped $27 trillion for the first time in U.S. history.
      For the first time since World War II, the U.S. government’s debt will roughly equal the size of the entire American economy by the end of this year, the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office said Wednesday. By Jeff Stein – September 2, 2020 at 2:15 p.m. PDT —

    2. If I could only name one thing to describe Trump’s major malfunction, it’s that he refuses to learn. He thinks he already knows everything, and considers anyone trying to teach him something as a threat.

    3. Mad Wisdom Not sure why all of Americans are grasping this or don’t understand what this means to America’s economy. Brings back memories of Bush 1. He wasn’t elected after one term.

  2. A lot of us have hopes for Our Presidents…..even if we did not vote for them. Mr. Trump really let us down. We need a President to lead….be kind……have faith…..and care about all. Well….we missed the boat with Trump. Vote this time !!!!

  3. How were any of those fear points would have been even close to real under a HRC administration? The journey and realizations I hope are taken up by others with an irrational bent.

    1. She saw a chance for more conservative SCOTUS justices who could cement in structural advantages (gerrimandering, voter suppression, corporate contributions) by which an (R) minority could stay in power, and she took it. Overturning Roe -v- Wade would follow. She had to know Trump would fail in any real emergency, but pretended everything would work out. Religion made her stupid – it predisposed her to belief thru faith.

    1. From my point of view yall are the ones deceived and you act like you dont know it so whoever did it to ya must be pretty good… As far as Trump he isnt good at lies, but he has lived up to what I’d call a decent president one that doesn’t call for expanded federal power.

    2. What a great deceiver Trump is…he didn’t even win the popular vote. Biden is the true Great Deceiver because you guys have no idea how dangerous he actually is.

  4. “…. lost their moral compass…” – Team Trump and the GOP NEVER had a moral compass. They just oppose democrats and serve their donors.

    1. The GOP only cares about their:
      1) tax cuts for the rich and insider trading
      2) SCOTUS appointments which will favor rulings supporting big corporations (ie: no accountability)

      Anything which appears to be their belief in honoring a higher power is a charade.

  5. Trump apologists claim we’d be facing the same outcome with the coronavirus under any other POTUS (i.e. Biden). Wrong.
    Biden would’ve utilized the expertise available in the pandemic response office set up by Obama to proactively deal with this very situation (an office that was disbanded under trump).
    With a response team already in place, the federal government would’ve responded in early January, perhaps even earlier, in an effort to minimize the problem AHEAD OF TIME, BEFORE it grew into a bigger crisis.

    In a Biden administration, there’d be no interference or shadow policy run by unqualified family members and their college buddies.
    Instead, public health and medical experts would be in charge. Their authority and expertise, which Biden would defer to, could’ve fast tracked mass testing and contact tracing capabilities, plus PPE and medical supply production; all of which would’ve enabled an earlier and more robust public health defense against the coronavirus. This more proactive approach would’ve also limited the damage to the economy.

    Instead, we have a POTUS who held rallies, played golf, and did his “best” to hide and downplay warnings about covid-19 in an idiotic, selfish attempt to keep numbers artificially low, prop up the stock market, and protect his re-election chances.

    As long as the trump administration keeps taking this reactive, ad-hoc approach to national problems like covid-19, those problems will only get worse.
    Things didn’t have to get this bad, but they did. That’s on Trump.

  6. Its anazing how ones faith completely blinds and cripples you from seeing the truth. Stand too close and all you see is the wall.

    These people who say that votjng for a Democrat will destroy our social fabric need to look around and ask why they believe Republicans leadership has been a salvation of anything.

    What, exactly, do you fear?

    You say that your ability to practice YOUR faith will be removed, yet you have no issue with EVERYONE eles’s choice being removed?

    1. @Heather can any Republican actually explain how Joe Biden will end the Earth, but Trump saves it? From what I am seeing, its not aligned with truth.

    1. @Eric Wadsworth *FACTS*
      _”After the 8th week, your BABY is called a fetus instead of an embryo. By the end of the second month, your BABY is about 1 inch long and weighs about 1/30 of an ounce. Your BABY’S arms, hands, fingers, feet and toes are fully formed.”_

      Strange… Fetuses=BABIES

  7. How the heck could an intelligent woman like that believe all the lies and fearmongering back in 2016? It’s astonishing

    1. The lack of emotional intelligence is all too common in this country unfortunately, When does operating from a place of fear ever end well? Time to tap into a new paradigm. I am glad she has adopted a holistic perspective.

    2. Religious indoctrination. If you can believe in an imaginary friend in the sky. You can believe anything.

    3. She’s intelligent!? She supports Israel because she thinks that with America Support Israel won’t be afraid to provoke a World War III. Then she thinks that God, who only promised victory to the Jews will let America in on the Glory because of Jesus, who never once in his life took a step out of his way to promise the least little crumb to any Gentile. That was Paul, who was denounced by the Jesus Community of Jerusalem, and the Doctrine of Paul would certainly have been declared heretical but for misfortunate fact that Jerusalem and the Authoritative Sect of Jesus was wiped out by the Roman Legions in 71 A.D. during the Battle of Armageddon which SHE thinks is in the Future but it already happened. The Prophecy of the End of the World in the Book of Revelation, that would happen within a generation, did happen. It was the destruction of the Temple and all the legitimate Jewish Followers of Jesus. After that catastrophe you only had all the Greek Pretenders with their Father Son and Holy Ghost nonsense. But point to one “Christian” that can walk on water.

  8. I applaud anyone who is willing to change their mind when they get new information. Whether they share my personal views or not. Winston Churchill is supposed to have said: “With integrity, nothing else counts. Without integrity, nothing else counts.”

  9. None of the reason this woman voted for Trump in 2016, never ever happened during Democratic administrations. These Trumpsters never know what they are talking about. And never bother to educate themselves. Rather have someone else do the thinking for them.

  10. Satan is Using his Child trump through his liestheories in this final months of his Presidency to deceive the mass.

  11. Hasn’t this woman ever heard of separation of church and state? Who is responsible for her inadequate level of education?

    1. @CataTonic “I will respect the fact that you approach this farcical political environment gazing through the lens of religion.” Well, I’m a Zen Buddhist, so maybe my lens is a bit skewed. But separation of church (any church, including Zen) and state is a great idea, no matter who came up with it. I’m happy to vote for Joe Biden (his Catholic faith is irrelevant to me). But I’ll never vote for a “Christian” like Trump (who only worships his own Hindenburg-sized ego).

    2. These politicians keep injecting religious beliefs into policies and into our laws. Example, the Supreme Court!
      Putting in God we trust on our currency in my opinion was the wrong move.

    3. @Buff Straw Hey Buff, friendly tip: to better help distinguish quoted text from your own just add an underscore ( _ ) before and after any body of text. Like this: _ “I’m happy to vote for Joe Biden” _ Except with the underscore touching the first and last letter of text and then it’ll post like this: _”I’m happy to vote for Joe Biden”_ I find it useful personally. 🙂

  12. Glad she’s starting to come around a bit. I’m still trying to figure out how she thought her religious freedoms were at stake in a country where you have to at least pretend to be religious to win any significant elected office and where religions pay no taxes. Meanwhile, science and truth are definitely under attack.

    1. Except Christianity isn’t anti-science. In Genesis 2:20, Adam gave names to animals, practicing a simple form of classification biology. In Genesis 6, Noah made the ark using mathematics and structural engineering. And in Job 36:27-29, Elihu described the water cycle on earth, way before the study of meteorology. Christianity is about telling the truth. Jesus Christ is the Way, the Truth, and the Life.

      The problem is with Republicans, who have used Christianity as a political currency for the longest time. They are fake Christians. They cater to pastors and priests that are just as hypocritical as the pharisees and sadducees. They bribe fake churches using money or political power, in order to get sheep “evangelical” voters. The Republican base is mostly white and uneducated, therefore easy to persuade. This is how the Republicans taint the reputation of Christianity by being the exact opposite of what Christianity should be.

    2. @Jedy S In Genesis 27, one finds a man who was so “hairy” that his mother and brother used animal pelts to trick his blind father into believing he was bestowing a blessing on his firstborn. Yet evangelicals will deny evolution.

    3. @Constituent A I’m a Christian and I don’t deny science or evolution. I believe in adaptation, speciation, and natural selection. I went to a Christian university, and that was what they taught as well. The counterargument is that Creationism doesn’t contradict evolution by any means. It is implied that the limited pairs of animals that Noah brought into the Ark then evolved into the variety we have today. So, no, Christianity don’t deny evolution.

  13. Trump represents the darkness of humanity, its most immoral and vulgar tenancies. The crowned king of proud insolent ignorance.

    1. @Jim Stafford lol i hope tp god the polls are fake again and tainted predictions bc if not we are down a good amount

    2. @Cohen Smith No worries! The polls are irrelevant. 2016 polls said the same thing. And look at Bidens history. he only know how to do one thing,, Lose! Stay positive!

  14. Trump hires all the best people, they either end up in prison or end up voting and endorsing Joe Biden and the Democrats. Something tells me that this adminstration is doing something wrong?

    1. I think there is a problem in their hiring process, another thing is that Comrade Benedict donald always says that he couldn’t get rid of the person fast enough, so much for hiring the best

    2. @sue JesusistheLord Comrade Benedict donald is THE SWAMP. Here is the list of convicts that hang with the criminal mob boss known as Comrade Benedict donald; Stone, Flynn, Manafort, Cohen, Gates, Papodopoulous, etc etc etc

      Drain the swamp, LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL

    3. @Steven Baer Stone, Flynn, Pap got railroaded. I think you don’t keep up with things.. maybe visit Judicial Watch on youtube. The other two?

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