1. Warren, a piece of sht, throwing stuff around. Warren, just keep pushing your policies about taxing the sht out of Everyone no matter what you say or how you say it…..and be careful labeling someone else something that they are Obviously Not to try and sway people. Democrats know many people are dumb, ignorant or poorly educated but not as much as she thinks I’m guessing

  1. This exchange summarized,

    CNN: “Senator Sanders did you say a woman couldn’t be president.”

    Bernie: “No.”

    CNN: “Senator Warren what did you think about Bernie saying you couldn’t win because you’re a woman.”

    CNN is an awful thing.

    1. @OTT2OWN Silly thing to say considering how he was in the cross fires of being called a sexist. Nothing would have gotten CNN a bigger hard-on than Bernie Sanders interrupting and vigorously denying. He did a good job. Everyone saw that CNN moderator go straight to Elizabeth Warren after Bernie Sanders eloquently denied the “allegations”.

    2. @Alan Gonzalez He didn’t even have to snap at the moderater, but just repeat that he never said that. You have to fight or people in politics will eat you up and spit you out! He should of fought harder instead of letting this slide.

    3. ​@OTT2OWN This is a very general comment about politics. Bernie unlike Trump does need to maintain an image unlike Trump who can say batshit crazy stuff and then have Fox News defend him 24/7. Sanders doesn’t have that. He needs to play nice. It’s a political calculation. He did perfectly fine in his response, no one expected the CNN moderator to just COMPLETELY ignore his rebuttal and ask Warren. “What do you think about Bernie being a sexist?”

    4. @Dean Hewitt This isn’t victim-blaming. It calls into question her character. She doesn’t want a sexist president right? Yet she let her “friend” who she implies is sexist go this far in the campaign and defended him on multiple occasions without saying anything. It isn’t until now that she is dropping in the polls and the caucuses are weeks away that she decides that his supposed sexism is a relevant issue. Not to mention that the entire time she said: “I don’t want to get into this” even though she’s the one who leaked the story to CNN.

    5. @OTT2OWN I disagree with you. If Bernie would have fought back more than this, CNN would have loved to label him a secret sexist, evil communist, woman beater.

      Remember he DOES NOT have the support of the media. They HATE him because he’s against helping corporate elitists. They also hate Yang and Tulsi. With Trump, Fox News will defend him for anything. For Wall Street Pete, Biden, or Amy, CNN and MSNBC will likely do the same.


    2. lying piece of crap….and “bad” lying that is…not stupid Trump lying. Accusing Bernie of this, Indian background on an Application form, claiming she was fired because she was pregnant. etc.?

    1. @C.A.T. there are worse things than trump
      Hillary was one of them
      Warrens pretty close
      People will choose an idiot over Satan everytime
      Just put someone halfway reasonable up against him and he wouldn’t stand a chance but the dems are treating this like a trick shot

    2. @C.A.T. you want another 4 years of Trump? No? Then get in line.

      Bernie or Bust 2020 – call me on my bluff and I’ll be voting Green.

    3. @Heavyg 254 no – that’s why it’s a PROTEST vote for the Green party – I’m tired of PINOs (Progressive In Name Only) – either the Democratic party is the progressive party is claims to be or it just isn’t and it’s lost me for good.

      I’m tired of the neoliberal, centrist, corporate crap being offered by the mainstream Democrats. If people really feel “Blue No Matter Who” then they need to get in line or they’re going to have another 4 years of Trump, because I’m GOING to vote Green to spite them.

      Mainstream Democrats are basically just less religious Republicans and I’m going to vote Green before I vote Red literally every time. Clinton, Trump, Buttigieg, Biden, Warren, the other ones, they’re literally the same thing with a different package, and I’m not into it.

      If YOU want change?

      Bernie or Bust 2020; I’m not alone.

  2. This was the worst moderated debate ever. CNN is the most dishonest “news” corp. CNN needs to be shut down ASAP

    1. @K Dog corporate interests and the donor class. The people that buy and sell our politicians through millions of dollars in “contributions” are the same people that buy millions of dollars in “advertising” time on CNN, MSNBC and Fox.

  3. “I also met with  Bernie Sanders before announcing my candidacy. We had a nice one-on-one conversation and I informed him that I would be running for president. In that meeting, he showed me the greatest respect and encouragement, just as he always has.” —Tulsi Gabbard

    1. And Tulsi Gabbard also resigned her position with the DNC so she could endorse Sanders in 2016. She also attended the Standing Rock protests with Sanders. Where was Lizzy at that time? Probably sniffing Hillary Clinton’s farts.

  4. Warren: Let me lie about Bernie saying women can’t win to make him look sexist. But let me also go on stage and talk about how men can’t win because I’m definitely not a sexist – I’m a woman!

  5. This is why CNNs ratings for their key demographic are the lowest they’ve been. They’re not objective. What a hilarious transparent thing to ask Warren.

    1. Good now if only we could get rid of the trumo supporters and we may finally have peace, CNN is the moderate news station if it suits you then fine if it doesnt does not mean the entire station need to change just for you

    1. @vasily202 not sure if youre being sarcastic but youre right. At least when you compare these 2 networks. This one is the trashiest of the trash

  6. Fire that moderator for blatant bias against Bernie. That wasn’t a “debate”, CNN. You should be ashamed.

    1. CNN has no shame. They have a mission, sabotage Bernie, since the DNC cant get caught doing it this time around.

  7. Interviewer: “Did you tell Elizabeth Warren that a woman couldn’t be president?”

    Bernie: *denies it and proceeds to list evidence of his record supporting women and at one point even an example of where he’s said the exact opposite*

    Interviewer: “So Elizabeth what did you say when Bernie said a woman can’t be president?”

    1. @William H Comedy Putting a word in all caps doesn’t make it a bad word. We’re over the whole “ahhh socialist” stigma so give him some real criticism if you have any.

    2. @William H Comedy It actually isn’t enough. If this was immediately after World War II and the American people were still drunk on propaganda then perhaps. Now though, no. If you have no defense then just say so.

    1. @Khadijah Muhammad Bernie admits to being a SOCIALIST and he just said a woman could never be president.🤪

    2. @William H Comedy What is the proof that he said that a woman could never be president? I’d love to hear the clip if you have it. He’s a democratic socialist, by which he means social Democrat. So what? You can label him all you want, that’s not an argument.

  8. “Elizabeth Warren fires back at Bernie Sanders’ denial about women candidates”

    You people are hacks. The whole thing looks like an SNL parody of terrible debate hosting.

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