Elizabeth Warren Says Running For President Was 'Honor Of A Lifetime' | MSNBC 1

Elizabeth Warren Says Running For President Was ‘Honor Of A Lifetime’ | MSNBC


Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., announced that she is suspending her presidential campaign. She said she had a "deep sense of gratitude" to those who had contributed to her campaign. Aired on 03/05/20.
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Elizabeth Warren Says Running For President Was 'Honor Of A Lifetime' | MSNBC


    1. There won’t be a next time for Elizabeth. She went too far left. In 2024 after Trump has served his two terms, the Dem candidate will be a moderate. That is a promise.

  1. What’s even more amazing is Gabbard still hasn’t done this. The lack of self awareness is amazing.

    1. G T arent you over the Russia thing yet? Perhaps it’s time to wake up. I hope you at least apply it to Obama letting Vladimir know he will have more flexibility after the election.

    1. hello human husband who just came home, i shall drink a beer now, do you also wish a beer?
      *deepthroats glass bottle*

  2. That hurt her deeply. That gal’s got a lot of fight in her and she would have made a great president.

    1. JesusLovesYou9999 Still can’t backup your disparaging remarks can you. Empty words, as I presumed, just vitriol for its own sake. Trolls gotta troll I guess.

  3. Thank you for your effort, mother/special ed educator/professor/consumer advocate/Senator/presidential candidate for people, Elizabeth Warren

    1. Gabbard is a stooge, a plant, a cultist, a freak. Hillary wasn’t bullshitting (or wrong) years ago when she spoke of a vast right-wing conspiracy and she certainly was also correct about Tulsi’s ties to Russia.

  4. I think that the saddest part is that women vote more than men so obviously women are voting for the 2 white men. Too

  5. Americans don’t know what they lost.. being in a time where people like you exist is the real honour Sen. Elizabeth

    1. She dropped out because Bernie promised her a spot in his administration if he wins. She’s so unlikeable she came in 3rd in her own state.

    2. @Bacons Strip I have a feeling she’ll endorse Biden (there’s a lot of pressure from the establishment), but I’ll be happy if she endorses Bernie


    1. Didn’t she lie about being Native American, lie about her children never going to private school so that she seems more relatable, lie about her being fired for being pregnant, and about Bernie Sanders’ sexist remarks? Lol she’s a joke

  6. I feel very bad for her ! I think she had great ideas & very well thought out plans .
    I hope Bernie becomes president, consults her and uses the 2c wealth tax idea of hers. ..

    1. @Printagic Online If you change your mind and support Bernie earlier, you’ll always have a home with us <3

    2. @Printagic Online oh , absoloutly! Trump is NOT an option, regardless of who the democratic candidate is. I just feel Biden is backed and has had dealings with big companies. I fear we’ll see nothing in terms of change regarding oil, pharma , big corps, Wall Street etc- where as they’d have to adjust under Bernie- for the common good and the environmental good!- I don’t like Biden*like Trump ) insulting people ( the two-faced pony soldier incidence!) He fills time with meaningless gibberish & avoids answering, often, way too often he has been incoherent, didn’t know the subject matter or even lied! His Animal welfare stance is practically non existant and he brings up Obama whenever convenience, then it’s Barack and I… slams him readily though on controversial decisions and had nothing to do with them.
      – just to name a few points (reminding me too much of that orange Bully in the WH)

    1. I’m Gee Gee Y! – if that were to pass, get ready for a socialist banana republic. Simply turn your assets and pay check over to the government. BUT….everything will be freeeeeeee

  7. An amazing woman and champion for the working class. Thank you for the fight Liz, we’ll keep going!

    1. tre artis – Champion for the working class??? She blatantly lied about her heritage to secure a very high paying job at Harvard. She proclaimed she was the first “woman of color” at Harvard. She is an unmitigated disaster who couldn’t even win her state. Her constituents saw through her lies and showed it through their votes.

  8. It’s logical to drop out because it’s hopeless but such a phenomenally talented thinker and orator.
    White men left – Ugh.

    1. @Barry Sutton there’s no hate, just an observation. Yet again, those who are running to lead my country are aging white men. I guess you’re one of them – an aging white man.

    2. @kev theplumber ever heard the adage, behind every man is another man who’s erased women’s history. Grow up and understand there have been millions of women who have contributed to invention, medicine and science. Don’t hurt your small head thinking about this.

    3. It’s 2020. I’m totally open to whatever gender my president is, but based on policy, not gender.

    4. @Nataraj Monk do you vote. did you vote in 2016. where were you when Hillary was running? Same old white men, same old – same ol’

  9. I believe that this was one of the most important elections with a few great options/candidates running for office. I have to admit, I had a hard time choosing between Warren and Sanders. Both are very passionate about the betterment of people’s live and families. Sad to see her get out of the race. She has so much to offer and so much to give. Very wise! Our super Tuesday in coming up next Tuesday here in Missouri

    1. Passion doesn’t run this country. Experience and brains do. You have passion and you’re not presidential material. If you believe in democracy then you know the voters have spoken.

    2. @Roy G Biv Well, Trump doesn’t have experience, brains or passion and he’s running the country and hes the full blown definition of ignorance. Anyhoo…if he can do it a pile of poop can do the do too

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