Elizabeth Warren Targets ‘Corruption Right At The Heart Of Our Government’ | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

Elizabeth Warren Targets 'Corruption Right At The Heart Of Our Government' | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC 1


Senator Elizabeth Warren, 2020 Democratic candidate for president, talks with Rachel Maddow about selfie lines and her goal of building a grass roots movement to restructure the broken parts of government and address corruption. Aired on 09/17/19.
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Elizabeth Warren Targets 'Corruption Right At The Heart Of Our Government' | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

77 Comments on "Elizabeth Warren Targets ‘Corruption Right At The Heart Of Our Government’ | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC"

  1. Selfies for 4 hours!!! No it’s time for groupies..

  2. Trump always brags about his crowd sizes.

  3. And she doesn’t have to pay people to be in her crowds
    Unlike Trump

  4. Talk about energy. Warren makes Trump look like a Clockwork Orange.

    • @Evan Lindgren Time for you to return to your native Scandinavian country, Denmark is calling, come home Evan.

    • Pocahontas is a liar just like traitor trump

      so you want to replace a liar in the white house with another liar?

      the only honest person standing up there that has a chance to win is Sanders

      this lame excuse they all lie does not fly

    • Comparing a candidate to Trump is a loser’s game. Don’t do that again.
      Compare her to a BETTER candidate (like Bernie).

    • @Lou Israel GFY

  5. Anthony Beaudry | September 18, 2019 at 2:34 AM | Reply

    pay people to say this is wrong, it will still be right!

  6. Elizabeth Warren is a fighter and would make a great President
    Warren has a plan and the spirit to defeat that orange demented roach in the white House

    • Joe Romo —agree, Warren is a no nonsense kinda woman who knows a lot about finance, and has been standing up and fighting for ordinary Americans since becoming a Senator. Compare to Bernie and Biden, Warren is the middle ground.

      An energetic fighter who will go head to head with corruptions and has the back bone to do what it’s right for the American people in terms of healthcare, climate change, education, gun control, minimum wage…

    • @Sicklady we have to defeat trump its imperative he is destroying America with his hate and divisiveness

    • Joe Romo —Agreed 1000000%
      For me, the 2020 is the most crucial election that the democrats has to WIN in order to SAVE our country.

      Bottom line, I don’t VOTE for a candidate in 2020 but I VOTE TO PROTECT, DEFEND AND PRESERVE OUR CONSTITUTION and DEMOCRACY! This is more important to me than the progressive agenda at this point. But if a Warren/Bernie win the presidency that’ll be FANTASTIC 👍🏽


    • @Sicklady since she is the middle ground, I submit that that alone (never mind all the other sh*t we have on her) disqualifies her.

    • @Folk Aart so your a Trump duplicate. Fake news, Pocahontas, then cheer the death of Natives. So your defending Natives? Nope just a fake troll, just like him. No fake news about Warren though, just Trump. Facinating.

  7. Team Warren!

  8. Dennis Kellerman | September 18, 2019 at 3:17 AM | Reply

    Elizabeth Warren is a very impressive person. I believe she’s a responsible, thoughtful and capable individual, who would carry out the public trust in a brave and dignified manner. I’ve just decided, and this is my choice

  9. A bit worried about her security though – too many gun-loving trumpian fascists in the US

    • Some of us on the proper side also have things. Don’t count us out.

    • @Lynn Lamont Sure, the few hundred thousand Germans of Jewish faith who were living in Germany (a country with a population in the millions) around this time would certainly have been saved by guns….

      Gun laws were actually loosened under Hitler, so that his followers had an easier time intimidating the “regular” people. But don’t let actual history get in the way of a really stupid argument.

    • @Folk Aart only seems that way if you’re FASCIST

    • They’re OK with her. Worry about Bernie.

  10. If she doubles up and does triple more rallies and keeps up this approach she’s going to nail it people. Support this lady !

  11. Send any amount of money you can afford to the Kentucky Senate campaign of Amy McGrath, retired Marine Corps fighter pilot and servant of the people, who can UNSEAT MOSCOW MITCH and turn the country around toward the law, toward the constitution, toward democracy. Then send the same amount of money to the Democratic campaigns for president. Let the people rally to restore our country to integrity, law, international respect, and away from corruption, lying, graft, and poison.

    • You all are fools if you think either party is going to help you or this nation. Globalism is taking over. New World Order otw. The companies pay your representatives and they do their bidding not yours. Its the same on both sides of the isle. Two wings of the same bird.

    • Why do I love roblox? | September 18, 2019 at 3:42 PM | Reply

      @Akbar Alhabeeb Seriously, is that your real name ?

    • priesteres marietje | September 18, 2019 at 3:51 PM | Reply

      Already done. From a Kentuckian. And a #perSister.

    • @Zak D They love “Obamacare” because it works for them the way it was intended.

    • @Why do I love roblox? I was wondering the same thing, I doubt it, because a real Arab wouldn’t talk like that, they despise 45 as much as MOST of us do. He made that name up to give the false impression that Arabs are for trump, which is laughable. I live in MI (the Arab capital of America) and the ones I know would never support that fool in a million yrs.

  12. Ashmel Martinez | September 18, 2019 at 4:38 AM | Reply

    Go ahead Elisabet, we are happy that you are fighting for us.. we need you..

    • warren is a moderate republicon loser, she is not fighting for the common man, she is fighting for the ultra rich

      she wont take money from the ultra rich in the primary but she will in the general election. So the crazy wealth hoarding ultra rich are going to give her money to run her campaign, and then she wins, she is going to take their power away…….THAT IS NOT GOING TO HAPPEN FOLKS

    • Need her for what to further more corrupt Washington 👎🏾

    • She is not fighting for you. She is fighting for herself.

  13. All is not lost when you have people like Elizabeth Warren. Go girl!

    • ABSOLUTELY! Time for change! Liz Warren in 2020!

    • you mean a dishonest person that lied about their race in order to further their academic career?

      no thanks we want medicare for all, we will take sanders

    • Bob Bluefield too old.

    • @Bob Bluefield you’re beautiful man!
      AND failed the natives at Standing Rock.
      AND voted for the war budget.
      AND gave Trump a standing ovation.
      AND has had meetings with the Pantsuit.
      AND reassured the DNC they have nothing to fear from her.

      Kevin? Chas? Did you forget?

  14. I never hear people talking about this, but let’s be honest: Bernie and Biden will be in their 80s in 2024. That’s a tough re-election. Do we want a one term president or a two term president? Elizabeth Warren is the best candidate.

  15. Educated, excellent memory, Hi IQ plus vision, refreshing.

  16. jerzy chroscicki | September 18, 2019 at 7:06 AM | Reply

    Elizabeth Warren is intelligent, well educated and has wonderful personality. She comes across as a genuine, honest and compassionate person. I’d love her to be our President and restore good image and respect for USA in the world. God bless you Elizabeth Warren.

    • @Chas Jones President Trump has lots of money, a gorgeous wife, & he won the presidency on his first try. You should be so dumb. FREELOADING SOCIALIST!

    • @john carioscia Sure, all that and NO brains, NO moral compass, NO compassion, NO sense of right and wrong and beholding to the Oil Cos., NRA, SA, and other special interests.

    • POCAHONTAS Genuine & honest? She lied about being Native American on her law license, did it again to get that lucrative position at Harvard, lied again for political gain, & is lying to you Socialist Freeloaders when she says “only the rich will have their taxes go up”, if you believe that, you probably still believe POCAHONTAS is a Native American. FREELOADERS, there is no free lunch!

  17. This lioness will shred Trump to spoiled Chicken McNuggets pieces.

  18. She is brave, energetic, empathetic and educated. There is not a republican that compares

    • snowflake melter | September 19, 2019 at 10:06 AM | Reply


    • @Jeffrey Meade All you one-trick ponies need to learn some new tricks, because the one you keep using is never going to work for you. The American ppl don’t mind healthy debate and civil discourse, what they don’t like is smearing some one’s character, or image relentlessly on baseless grounds. That’s the bottom for most of us. For you, not so much. It appears the bottom for you would be unlimited.

    • Comparing a Dem candidate to A Republican is a loser’s game. Don’t do that again.
      Compare her to a BETTER candidate (like Bernie).

  19. You don't get to be offended by science! | September 18, 2019 at 8:32 AM | Reply

    I’m loving all the support I see for Warren in the comments! She will be an amazing president!

  20. If you Americans vote again for Trump, after this, your country has a serious health issue.

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