Elizabeth Warren: Trump ‘Doesn’t Seem To Care’ About Those Impacted By The Pandemic | The ReidOut 1

Elizabeth Warren: Trump ‘Doesn’t Seem To Care’ About Those Impacted By The Pandemic | The ReidOut


On President Trump’s mishandling of the coronavirus pandemic, Senator Elizabeth Warren says he ‘doesn’t seem to care’ about those affected by virus infections or the economic fallout from it. Aired on 10/26/2020.
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Elizabeth Warren: Trump ‘Doesn’t Seem To Care’ About Those Impacted By The Pandemic | The ReidOut


  1. trump doesn’t care about anything other than trump. He’s always been a selfish child, and putting him in a position of real power has just brought out even more evil.

    1. @jasper426 Actually hold corperations accountable for shoving all the wealth into the pockets of a handful of people who are never going to come close to spending a fraction of their money?

    2. @jasper426 Let me know when you actually understand what socialism is.

      Rather than what Republicans tell you it is.

    3. @jasper426 Yeah. Sorry, but there hasn’t been a socialist country in history that transitioned to a communist one.

      Russia? Feudalist Monarchy to Communism.

      China? An anarchy to Communism.

      North Korea? Colony to Communism.

      North Vietnam? Colony to Communism.

      South Vietnam? Dicatorship to Communism.

      I could keep going on.

    1. You have to understand the psychology of the man. He is above it all. It does not bother him because he has total confidence in himself. He is ALL.

  2. I don’t know what it’s going to take for people to realize that he doesn’t care about anyone but himself.

    1. The Reich-wing will have to become extinct. They don’t realize, because they cannot seem to have a critical thought beyond power and greed, is they’re unknowingly committing suicide.

    2. Not true, he secured peace in the middle East between Sudan and Israel. They had been hostile towards each other for a century and he put a stop to that without a single bomb dropped.

  3. If you think only democrats would suffer once the affordable care act is dismantled, think again. And if you think America is already struggling right now because of the pandemic, wait until Americans lose their healthcare without a replacement.

  4. Herd Immunity = Genocide by another name – from Genocide: Trump’s Final Solution To Immigrants And Minorities, “According to the United Nation’s Genocide Convention, the perpetration of genocide requires an “intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnical, racial or religious group.” Since the White House itself has acknowledged the disproportionate deadly effects of the virus on minority communities, the intent can no longer be denied.” Dr. Bandy X. Lee (Yale School of Medicine) in CD Reports, May, 2020. I would add older & disabled Americans.

  5. Why would he? The real reason he claims he’s a “germaphobe” is because he doesn’t want to shake hands with the filthy commoners.

  6. Trump’s next gaslighting tactic will be trying to convince us that getting infected and dying from the coronavirus is actually a good thing.

    1. @jax jaxie and didn’t he say something about how the older people should sacrifice themselves for their children and grandchildren?

    2. Don’t forget this guy;
      ”Dan Patrick, Texas’ Republican lieutenant governor, on Monday night suggested that he and other grandparents would be willing to risk their health and even lives in order for the United States to “get back to work” amid the coronavirus pandemic.
      “Those of us who are 70 plus, we’ll take care of ourselves. But don’t sacrifice the country,” Patrick said on Fox News’ “Tucker Carlson Tonight.”
      PS: This was back in March when Trump was still calling it a Democratic hoax!!!

    1. @Drake Fire
      I guess I worded it wrong. Most democrats are voting by mail and early voting. Republicans are voting in person in the day of the election.

    2. @Logan McLean Yes that’s true but not all republicans are voting for Trump. I didn’t and so have a lot of other republicans I know.

  7. To Joe Biden (and most of the rest of us) don’t see the US as a choice of RED and BLUE, ( Like the Crips and the Bloods ). My Daddy told me that he lost whatever Racisms he had in a foxhole in Vietnam! My dad died from complications of Agent Orange. He was not a Loser!!! To me, my Dad died for you to lie and betray the American people.

    1. Like the Trump cult cares, they’re attacking Joe Biden’s dead family. The Trump cult has no soul…

    2. @The Flame Fist God You are right.. today I saw where they showed up where Biden was having a small rally and were yelling, screening, and putting their hands to their eyes mimicking crying.. the entire crowd was trying to intimidate.. They are complete garbage

  8. I am tired of media saying Trump doesn’t care. Dammit we know this. Stay focus people and vote big blue and early. Get it done America.

    1. “Can I change my vote” has been trending on Google since the last debate.
      Hint: it’s not Republicans having buyers remorse. Game Over.
      Trump 2020.

  9. Trump doesn’t care about anyone but himself! And the people who follow him don’t realize that. But if they would take a close look at what he’s done for them they would realize he’s only taking things from them.

  10. That’s why he is taking away healthcare in the middle of the pandemic. He wants more people to die, duh. Effing kick him out right now. Stop pretending this isn’t a terrorist.

  11. The age of magical thinking must come to an end. Running a country is not akin to a reality show. Ratings are down trump and the reviews are in, you are being canceled.

  12. So why are people concerned about him when he got sick? I didn’t care cause he won’t care about your life either!

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