Elizabeth Warren: Trump Thinks Govt Is About Helping His ‘Cronies, Family’ | All In | MSNBC 1

Elizabeth Warren: Trump Thinks Govt Is About Helping His ‘Cronies, Family’ | All In | MSNBC


Senator Elizabeth Warren says the impeachment inquiry was about corruption in the White House: “That’s been the Trump Administration: Help me, help my rich cronies, help my family get richer. That’s what Donald Trump thinks government is.” Aired on 2/7/2020.
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Elizabeth Warren: Trump Thinks Govt Is About Helping His ‘Cronies, Family’ | All In | MSNBC


    1. @Daniel She doesn’t pretend to be progressive, SHE IS PROGRESSIVE… Its over your head… Have someone explain it to you…

    1. show me any evidence that trump supports the european union let alone want to be the ambassador. furthermore, how can you believe anything elizabeth warren says holds credibility?

    1. The US Constitution DEMANDS a FAIR TRIAL… A trial without evidence and witnesses is indeed a SHAM, A JOKE! We can thank GOP senators for bringing us same… for using their majority to protect Trump… even KNOWING THE AMERICAN PEOPLE said, through opinion polls, they wanted witnesses and evidence, they WANTED THE TRUTH EXPOSED… In other words, really these GOP Senators BETRAYED the WILL OF THE PEOPLE, knowing this would PROTECT TRUMP, produce an acquittal, also the US Constitution which DEMANDS the SENATE ACT when the criteria for impeaching a President is met. When the makers of our Constitution construction the document, I DENY THEY WERE DIRECTING GOP SENATORS TO PROTECT A PRESIDENT in an impeachment trial. Senators take an OATH TO UPHOLD THE CONSTITUTION… which it seems clear they failed here… which speaks for itself… While the American people wanted JUSTICE, THE TRUTH REVEALED, the GOP overruled same with a majority vote that THEY KNEW WOULD PROTECT TRUMP, AGAIN, PRODUCE AN ACQUITTAL, PREVENT THE EVIDENCE AND WITNESSES FROM BEING RELEASED…

    2. @Interested party dont bother reasoning with dems…very low IQ in that group. They dont understand the concept of evidence.

    3. @Interested party how is it fair when the house makes rules that denies trump the right to call his own witnesses, or cross examine the dems witnesses? your right that the impeachment was a sham but trump is hardly the one to point fingers at

  1. I don’t know why the dems didn’t also focus on 45*’s unprecedented self dealing (almost 3,000 conflicts of interest to date: http://www.citizensforethics. org/trump-conflicts-of-interest-tracking/).
    He’s just using the office to enrich himself/his family. Same con crook scam he’s done his whole life since he’s so intellectually and emotionally incompetent he can’t handle money, even when he has literally been handed hundreds of millions for decades from his dad, business connections, governments and banks all over the world (and the US), cities, etc.

    1. I have been following the show on a daily basis since Trump came down the elevator , best reality show ever .

    1. @Sandra Caster
      Sanda stop it….get some help.
      Im not worried about spell check on a touchscreen.
      During research papers and scholarly writing i get the job done perfectly. Im not so sure about you though, liberals stuggle with common sense…unfortunately

    2. @Sandra Caster Im thinking about if i should get my PhD; your thinking of when your McDonalds shift is over so you can go protest for a $15 min wage.

    3. @malificentpurple @s 1 sad beforr, libs have no common sense, crazy Kruger Effect at wrk in thhe demecratik braiins.
      Google it.

  2. I’d like to make her at the very back of the human centipede, Bernie in the middle, and Nancy Pelossi at the front. Lol.

  3. I LIKE LIZ ! I’m voting for you in hopes you can break up the monopolies and reverse all the damage Frump has done.

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