Elliott defends Ontario's COVID-19 response: "Have you taken a look at Alberta?" 1

Elliott defends Ontario’s COVID-19 response: “Have you taken a look at Alberta?”


Ontario's Health Minister Christine Elliott defended the province's COVID-19 response today by saying this: "You want to speak about who is in crisis? Have you taken a look at Alberta?"

More here: ctv.news/qntqHre

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  1. is there an original source of that clip where she said that? it could be more helpful if there’s more context

  2. If Manitoba has less than 1 covid case for 69 hospitals, I’m thinking the curves flatten out and the nurses can go back to posting dance videos, ” normal “

  3. Of course she does. She still has a salary and pension, has no idea what is going on – cases don’t mean anything and are overstated. Defund the government!!

    1. We need to get their needle and sign up to their tracking app and utilize the isolation centres they are setting up. Once we all agree to that, covid will be under control. They win, we lose.

    1. He didn’t have a licence , and refused to adhere to regulations .
      Lots of places across the country are open and do pick up as well .
      Maybe provincially you took the wrong approach .

    2. @Mike Sharkey I believe they call it a Costco card. It gives you the authority to buy anything that isn’t a hot dog.

  4. Could … and just bear with me on this… Could some of these “positive” COVID tests be just the seasonal flu? After all the symptoms are quite similar. I find it a little… uhmmm… suspicious that the “flu” has magically disappeared…..

    1. @plauditecives cdc states c19 has never been isolated. They are testing for corona fragments at too high of an amplitude. Over 35 amplitide creates 50-80% false positives and its finding any type of corona virus and almost everyone has them. Last years flu shot had sars in it

  5. Her job qualifications are she was married to a former finance minister how does that make her qualified for anything

    1. What do you suggest be done? Appraisal of Ontario’s performance is based on metrics, most notably but not limited to, positivity rate, hospitalizations and deaths.

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