Ellison: You Can’t Have This Many People Killed By Law Enforcement And Not Look At Systemic Drivers 1

Ellison: You Can’t Have This Many People Killed By Law Enforcement And Not Look At Systemic Drivers


Accountability may have been served in the Chauvin verdict, but more needs to be done on police reform as Democrats in Congress hope to pass the George Floyd Justice in Policing Act. Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison says, "You just can't have this many people being killed and injured severely at the hands of law enforcement and not look to the systemic drivers that are here."
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  1. Minnesota Attorney-General Keith Ellison has the hard work on his hands to remove the corruption within every single police department in his state.

  2. We are still up in other countries businesses and we ought to be changing this country! Some people that comment on these stories should just get a clue, they have no idea what is going on in the Black community! In 2021 just to still have segregated communities is a shame!!!

  3. If Elizabeth city think they got a true city manager they better think again I worked with him in Enfield North Carolina town of enfield that dude is the biggest liar they hired they need to investigate him he told me and some workers he were pro black that’s a lie he is terrible I can tell the story about him when he were the town administrator in Enfield North Carolina trust me

  4. Maybe next they will run a story on the crime rate attributable to lost and neglected minorities in society.

  5. said Jesus unto him, Put up again thy sword into his place: for all they that take the sword shall perish with the sword

  6. The police are not the bad guys, there are just bad guy’s that are police. An yes there’s a difference, like the one being Prosecuted , and the one’s that are sitting As witnesses against The defendant .police need to start taking care of the people that employ them not cop’s covering for other cop,

    1. Nope. It was not admissible evidence during the trial, but can and will be brought up in sentencing.

  7. How many of the suspects should have been in jail instead of released at the time by the judicial system ??..Just Askin’ !!


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