1. Of course he did but he was thinking that Twitter was telling the truth…. instead they were lying so we pulled out….. extremely reasonable and very stupid for the company to do…. he is there majority shareholder and when he dumps his whole position on the market, it’s checkmate !!

    2. @Rebecca Perry-Piper very unlikely, there’s plenty of places for that adult to post that info, Twitter isn’t the biggest social media by a long shot. Plus he has his own website anyway.

    1. P.T. Barnum’s Theory of Socioeconomic Disparity.

      And the Musk Addendum: “Having money does not make you great at anything other than having money.”

    1. @SoCalSal I know but we were talking about the seller, not the buyer. I was querying the OP’s logic.

    2. Nobody disagreed with that. That’s why everyone found Elon’s offer suspicious, and why now they want him to still pay up

  1. Elon and his nerds are throwing about ALL the excuses rather follow through. Prob thought this would be easy PR -until his stocks dropped 40% and he realised how many 0’s are in 44 billion. Buyers remorse lmfao

  2. I hope the SEC gets him for this. It was obvious from the start Musk just wanted to manipulate Twitter stock.

    1. @Communication Failure7600 But didn’t he agree to pay a set amount/share?? Unless there’s some clause that puts a time limit on the offer and allows renegotiation, it would seem like he’s locked in at that price if the court forces him to buy the company.

    2. @Hemperor Kush Unless he sold it, I believe he owns close to 10%. So yeah, that kind of a purchase can easily influence the stock price.

    3. Twitter: “so we can just inflate our user numbers and stock price with bots? Let’s do it. We never have to tell our shareholders.”
      Elon: “show me everything. I want to buy you.”
      Twitter: “we dun fkd up.”

    4. @Ken Bob the court can’t force him to buy the company. He can argue that they didn’t disclose everything and drag the company down, then reach an out of court settlement for less than the original offer.

  3. Anybody watching for a stock manipulation angle here? I haven’t been watching, but has Twitter stock been bouncing around in value? Can anyone trace back to who might be exploiting that turbulence to enrich themselves? Elon Musk is not as dump as Trump. If he made this play, he would have had the financing lined up ahead of time to make the deal. I think the FCC needs to be asking some really embarrassing questions of Mr. Musk.

    1. I love reading all the comments from people living at poverty or below the poverty line talking about how the richest man in the world screwed up 🤦‍♂️🤣

    2. @M Roselli Well, aren’t you just a pointless hater? Statistically, you’re likely middle or upper-middle class at best (a presumption, yes, but probably a safe one). So maybe you’re financially comfortable but still worth only the smallest fraction of what those in Musk’s circle can claim. So, by your own ‘Musk scale’ implied in your comment, I guess that means you’re ranked in with all the “screw ups.” Good job; well thought out. 😅

  4. He was never serious about doing this.
    Twitter shouldn’t fight to hold him to the purchase.
    They have their way out, take it and be rid of him.

    1. He made it harder to get out of the deal by waiving his due diligence. Now he’s on the hook for the entire $44b

    2. @bruh Not if they violated part of the agreement. Just depends. If the agreement was violated. So is the part of the 1 billion fee to back out.

    1. @M Roselli Elons lawyers could be terrified if many crypto investors do it, also Elon Musk own investments could go down cause he will lose credibility

  5. This is a good thing. Even though I think the world of Elon Musk and the advancements that he is doing, when I heard that he would let the evil treasonous Donald Trump back on Twitter, I knew, Elon should stay in science, not in politics.

    1. @Communication Failure7600 Of course it is. It’s a major form of media, and the media is a major element of national politics. It’s an entire school of political scientific study, and fairly obvious even by ordinary intuitive means.

  6. Well, if he picks a lawyer for himself like the one he did for Amber Herd. He’s screwed.

    1. Yes, now that he exposed twitter for what they are, why in hell buy it now unless they drop price by bout 15 billion

  7. I heard that he was trying to pull out of the deal on a news cast the other day. I laughed and laughed. Anyone that didn’t see this coming is an idiot.

  8. That’s ok, as Elon gets much more than that from government (tax payer funded) subsidies. He will be just fine after paying the 1 billion dollar penalty.

  9. This is what happens when some ultra-rich person has lost perspective on their impact to others in regard to their words and actions. When they are so powerful in politics and or wealth, they fall into the trapping of that absoluteness because they think they are some god. When you become insanely rich, the first quality you lose is humility.

    1. I get the feeling that 20 years from now Elon Musk will run for president and it’ll be Donald Trump all over again.

  10. Is there anyone else besides me who would like to go a week or even a day without hearing about Elon Musk?

    1. He left the Democratic party so they have to go after him……that’s how the party of tolerance operations lol

  11. So he is going to have to pay 1 billion dollars, did not purchase Twitter, disappointed his fans after he hyped them up, and has nothing to show for it? Sounds like he is holding an L on this one.

    1. It may not be that easy. He already made a commitment to pay $44b. Twitter is suing to force him to keep his end of the deal.

    2. @Jrsydvl They can sue all they want. It will take years to litigate, and I’m sure he will find a legal way out. Leaving Twitter and their stockholders taking the L.

  12. “Now, with Musk you never quite know what’s going on for sure; you’ve always got to be skeptical…”
    Musk is a billionaire stoner who gives his newborns part numbers instead of names. That’s about all we need to know about the guy.

    1. California helped Elon so much to be a billionaire, now, looking for cheaper workers he moved to one of the states (Texas) that did everything against him (Cali minimum wage 15, Texas 7.25), after that probably he will move to Wyoming (5.15) and then to another country

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