Elon’s about-face on Twitter and the future of internet free speech

Pivot’s Kara Swisher tells “Nightcap’s” Jon Sarlin what Twitter would look like under Elon Musk’s control. Plus, “OC” actor Ben McKenzie on why Kim Kardashian’s crypto fine blew up his phone. And Slate’s Mark Joseph Stern on what two US Supreme Court cases could mean for Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act. To get the day’s business headlines sent directly to your inbox, sign up for the Nightcap newsletter.

00:00 Welcome to "Nightcap"
00:28 How Elon Musk could change Twitter
05:33 Kim Kardashian fined $1.26M for crypto promotion
10:40 Supreme Court to hear cases on internet speech


    1. @B. T. Have u actually listened to them? Mtg on tim pool gives an insight into th soundbites & slander, matt gaetz was just cleared & hershel walker is a human who has had ups & downs, look into warnocks past & tell me he is not flawed.

    1. @B. T. Sorry, if one certain company has a certain monopoly on the public square like YouTube. Then they have to be forced to have an open platform for everyone. Sorry. 🤷🏻‍♂️You don’t get the freedom of saying your a private company and then corner the market. Nope.

    1. @joe blo omg your life must totally sucks to be so rude for any random comment hope you get better soon

    2. @joe blo dont be so rude bro if you don’t like what he thinks you can just skip and continue with your life, god bless u love from Costa Rica 🇨🇷

    3. @TEN- ticoCR trust me, here in the States, we’re past niceties.

      They want to perpetuate the ugly side of humanity, we’ll give it to them.

  1. Welcome to a level playing field leftists 💁‍♂️ I heard some right leaning YouTubers say they suddenly got a large amount of new followers all without doing anything different….It’s almost as if someone turned off a button that kept people who you disagree politically with from having an a large amount of followers to create a perception that far leftists are in the majority.

    The leftists freak out has been absolutely glorious to watch 😆🍿

    1. @Lebeau Muni Its house keeping. Clean up the code before he gets his eyes on it. They can undo all the shady crap with a simple update

    1. ☝️☝️
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  2. Free speech is extremely important, we need to make a law that makes these social media sites not have the right to censor the news or people.

    1. According to how bad of a day I am having I would agree with you. Censoring the news is one thing that I agree on if done right – but there are a lot questions on that. Would you have to be a news organization for that to apply to. do not believe in censoring people though. I look at censoring people like if a person came up to you and started talking to you it would be your responsibility to believe or not what they were saying.

    1. ☝️☝️
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  3. There are only 2 options with the Internet and Section 230 that exempts them from being sued.
    Option 1) If they want the exemptions then they have to ban all algorithms from being used to manipulate the content and what people see.
    Option 2) If social media companies what to use their algorithms then they can’t hide behind section 230. The public must be allowed to sue these platforms for any harm that they create. No online agreement can exempt them from the harm their algorithms create.

    1. Actually they should let the FCC do their damn job and get rid of that section all together and yes they should be allowed to be sued just like anybody else or any company.

    2. @Che Little The problem with social media type platforms is that they can’t be regulated. I doubt the FCC can do much in that regard. As I said there are only 2 options but social media wants its cake and eat it too. We’ve seen just how badly that is.

    3. @Michael Blumenreich the problem is the reason why the FCC does not have that authority is cuz Congress has blocked them from having it which this does fall under FCC and is a federal communications platform and it needs to be treated and regulated as such. There’s really no need to go over your two options if they actually do their damn job and apply what we already have. Not that I’m saying your idea isn’t good because both of those options are fair and balanced but we already have something and it’s not being utilized that’s the point I’m saying

  4. Twitter usage as an actual social platform has been plummeting over four years. If Elon manages to scrape enough funds away from his other failing businesses to make the purchase it will instantly lose a good 75% of all remaining non corporate and non propaganda related traffic. It will follow the trend of myspace being a hollow void being used as ad space until inevitably it crumbles away.

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