1. It’s like the got the biggest drunk jerk at the bar and made him a Representative. This is where we are .

  2. Daily Reminder: “A president is not a king and the plaintiff is not the president.” – 11/09/2021 D.C. District Court Judge Tanya Chutkan

    1. I posted this quote the other day because I hadn’t seen you post it in a few days. Glad you’re back to your post 😀✌️💙💙💙💙

  3. He’s remarkably reticent at naming which of these Republicans are so casually holding regular sex and drugs parties that even a political newbie to Washington DC like him gets invited along. For all we know, it might not even be Matt Gaetz.


    2. It’s definitely Matt Gates and some others. Siri spell his name that wrong so I’m not going to correct it I don’t have the time

  4. If only someone would say “Putin, if you’re listening, we would really like your dirt on Trump! You could do us a favor”!

  5. When one of their own tells the truth about them, they should be embarrassed, but they have no shame.

    1. @Owen Mersk  you mean you participate in sex parties at your place of employment? What you describe as worse are perks of being a politician. You’re comparing apples and bananas.

  6. I’ve never believed a word Cawthorn has ever said. But I choose to believe this because I’m petty and it is hilarious. 😳 Their reactions make them seem guilty. He’s talking about Matt Gaetz (spell check) and everybody knows it.

    1. 😂…You KNOW Matt Gaetz was involved ( knee DEEP) !! I wouldn’t be surprised if he HOSTED it !! He’s just that kind of ROT and SLIME !!!

    2. Isn’t Madison cawthorne one of those insurrectionist? I thought he was at the Capitol inciting that riot.
      So much has happened that I forget now. In
      In that case he should be sent straight to jail.

  7. Cawthorn says it’s true…he wrote a letter to his constituents yesterday that they shouldn’t vote for him if they don’t want the truth.

    1. Texas Viewpoint, and hopefully they will take his advice to heart!! What a time to be having a crisis of conscience!!

  8. Didn’t know karma would catch up with this insurrectionist congressman so fast. Hey you get what you give..

  9. The only reason that the GOP members are mad about this is because it paints the rest of THEM in a negative way, but if Trump were to say something like this on air, who’s to say that they would still be angry?

  10. If only Rs were as passionate to help improve the lives of their constituents as they are about covering up their drug filled key parties.

    1. @Mari Oka It has nothing to do with Truth or Reality. It’s just a matter of identity to them.

    2. I heard they throw all their keys in a bowl then select whose Car they’ll drive. The Debauchery!

    1. This story is absolutely true. That’s why they’re so pissed off. 20 years ago, I heard the same things. That whenever the RNC convention are in town, the request for escorts goes up three times the norm. Lol.
      Cawthorn’s seat is in serious Jeopardy, and he knows he’s on his way out. So he’s gonna burn the house down, before he leaves. I’m here and ready for the show to begin.

  11. All the things he says and this really makes them mad he talked bout a civil war but they wasn’t concerned bout that.

  12. This dude is an excellent example of people voting with their emotions and not their logic. His qualifications were pretending to be in the military and being in a wheelchair.

    1. The wheelchair part is true, but Cawthorn never served. His claims about attending the Naval academy are false.

    2. @Anthony Holton yeah, he didn’t even get in before the car crash, so there is no way he would get in after the car crash. Also threw his friend who crashed the car under the bus and has several sexual abuse allegations against him. Dude is a creep.

  13. The Republicans are guilty. That’s the only reason they are getting so upset over this and not so many more offensive remarks from Cawthorn and others in their party.

  14. They think Cawthorn is an embarrassing ignoramus? Maybe now the GOP can understand how the rest of the world views THEM.

    1. While I never considered myself a Republican (or Democrat), this recent crop is simply embarrassing. To put it VERY mildly.
      With jordan, greene, cruz, gosar, boebert, goemert, this goofy kid, there is no shortage or near daily incredible statements, opinions.

  15. “Embarrasing ignoramus” is, at the very least, description of almost every single GQP politician and voter.

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