‘Embarrassing Train Wreck’: GOP Silent Amid Matt Gaetz’s Sex Probe | The Beat With Ari Melber


    1. @Bob LymanYou mean how they silenced him?
      It is a known fact Hunter Biden got paid 600k a year to work for a Ukranian company. Anyone offer you a job paying that much money, ever?

    1. So looking forward to hearing that DOJ is investigating Barr, Mnuchin, Elaine Chao, DeVos and all the other swamp creatures of 45th’s administration.

    2. @EciliaE Nelson OMG, please get started on the Crime Boss’s RepubliKKKan Thugs!! So many to investigate, so many crimes. Barr LIED to America about the Muller Report. Trump LIED to America about the severity of the Coronavirus. To be a member of The GQP, you must be a HABITUAL LIAR.

    1. @Troy Clayton Uh no, Al Franken got robbed of an investigation first and that should have happened before him stepping down. He had that legal right and what he did was mild and not even a crime compared to matt gaetz, no comparison.

    2. @fallen alpha crappy republican governance caused poor infrastructure failure in texas. Not what we are talking about here though.

    3. @Chris McDaniel Nope, nice try, but Republicans had nothing to do with it. Nice try though. Of course your brainwashed to think Democrats are better than the other side of the same coin.

    4. @Chris McDaniel Fact is and my point, people move on to forget. That’s why we are not the greatest country. Our arrogance has us believe we are superior, so we don’t need to improve. Our media, which refuses to cover anything for more than a few weeks is a reason we forget.

  1. John Oliver about Matt Gaetz:

    “Wow. Imagine being the one white man on Earth that Tucker Carlson won’t defend.”

    1. @Mike Flanagan Didn’t they stop the investigation to McConnell’s wife because of Trump? I certainly gave been wondering what secrets Trump & Barr are keeping that have all these Republicans scrambling to stay on Trump’s good side.

    1. @frog mann liberal are all about love and inclusion while the right always has to have an enemy to fight.

    2. @Zoya M Did your god know, greater than a billion years prior to the existence of the second being, that you would believe what you believe?

  2. This guy is so tainted that not even Hannity wants to talk to him Fox won’t cover it OAN has lowered the curtains and Newsmax has done a Trump saying Mark Gaetz who. Couldn’t happen to a better guy.

  3. How could Ari keep a straight face when this guy said, “You can’t get the Trump protection unless you actually marry into the family.” I spit out my coffee!

    1. @Howie Scott Yes, but I don’t think either of them is interested. May be you can go find someone and marry.

    2. @jujulovebean65 And how old was Tiffany when he did that? Makes you wonder and it’s time to question everything this man has done.

    1. The only one who can’t be tossed aside is Ivanka….’cos daddy wants what daddy wants.😳

  4. DoJ Investigations into Matt Gaetz’s friend Joel Greenberg started last year under Bill Barr!!!

    1. @Nancy Ross A str8-Up Pisher in comparison. All ‘steins’ play hard-ball chicky baby. Weinstein, Einstein, Morenstein. NO PRISONERS!!!!

    2. @George Morenstein wait what? No , I don’t care I’m merely saying something that gets thrown around liberally

    1. Well… gaetz spread the pictures of naked women on the floor of gop, trying to
      sale these women on his circle friends… lol

    1. Matt Gaetz would not want to serve on a committee which would have someone like him as a member. [Thanks, Groucho]

    2. Stupid is as stupid does. He is only good at conspiracies and obstructionist tactics. Oh, and bragging about sexual conquests and sharing nude photos with other Senators while supposedly “working.”

    3. Remember when they arrested Rep. Park Cannon for knocking on Gov Brian Kemp’s door? And they say there is no such thing as white privilege

  5. Matt did send signals to Tiffany Trump only a few months ago about how wonderful she was. I didn’t know he was seeking a blanket pardon from t rump. These people are evil.

    1. @Zoya M ok correction. making positive comments on tiffany. gee that’s even harder. better now?

    2. @Rere Simone What’s eating you about Tiffany? Is it because she has money? Then blame your parents for leaving you poor

    3. @Zoya M Can you stop? Insult someone else for a while. Your confused, because you are a twit. Feel better now?

  6. Gaetz has been giving off creepasaurus vibes forever. Makes it hard not to strongly suspect him of this stuff..😬

  7. His adopted son will come forward with stories of …. 👀 🙈🙉🙊 repubs don’t want to 👂 it little to late

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