Embattled Trump CFO Now Tied To Inauguration Scandal | All In | MSNBC 1

Embattled Trump CFO Now Tied To Inauguration Scandal | All In | MSNBC


According to Mother Jones, emails tie Trump CFO Allen Weisselberg to the Trump inauguration committee, which is currently being investigated for allegedly grifting funds. 
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    1. I’m thinking perhaps he will be weaned off of his amphetamine addiction and not need his poo poo diapers!

  1. If you’ve had a hard day, and need a pick me up, just think of the Stable Genius and remember that there are no tanning salons or hairdressers in prison.

    1. @Aljoscha Long i suppose when the mass shootings become hourly rather than daily then you might re-consider.

      And the fact that you cant buy ammo now if you tried. How’s that going to work out for you? gun needs bullets to work.

      while you traitors were celebrating Trump being deposed, we bought up all the ammo!! and try to buy ammonium nitrate now at Home Depot “sorry, sold out!:”

      10,000 new Tim McVeighs. 100,000 new Anders Breiviks. worried yet? LOL

    2. Its no different here in the UK we have a buffoon running the country very badly but a strong percentage of the marching morons mistake very stupid with qurkie

    3. @Aljoscha Long lmfao,wow you pseudo intellectuals are never satisfied are you! First it’s “define it”, than its “oh you looked it up in the dictionary.” You are joke my guy! Just because you don’t know something doesn’t mean others don’t. I even told you I read his biography. You want the marxist policy! They have to get the guns first. Have you looked at any Bill’s coming out of DC lately? How about cases in the Supreme Court? Yeah, I bet you haven’t!

  2. Trump: *I want To See Biden In Prison*
    Biden: *why does trump think I would visit him in prison* ?

    1. @Priest Fulton J Wingba JR , the good news about the courts is… they don’t care if Jesus “forgived you” for fraud (or not).

    2. @circusounds He telling us TRUMP found Jesus and so it’s over he’s forgiven he has Absolute immunity now???

    3. It was reported back in 2017 that 40 million dollars went missing under Ivanka leadership!
      Ivanka and Jared made close to a billion dollars the 4 years they were in the Whitehouse! Freeze All of their bank accounts and indict them for theft and fraud!
      F Republican Greed!
      Arrest the Traitor Trumps, ASAP!

    4. I watched a news article on it before, he spent stupidly, to all his friends too, seems very shady.

    1. @Charlie Foxtrot But the mafia gave him the money he needed to build his business and make him indebted to them.

    2. @Nora Fox That is what you think! You only commented back because of the spark of truth that hit you.

  3. Keep in mind that Trump has taught his friends in the GOP how to do these things. Hence the hundreds of nonprofit PAC’s that appeared in 2016.

    1. The only President to be ever impeached for Incitement of Insurrection against the United States of America.

      Think about that for a second.

  4. Hundreds of thousands?

    – Look a little closer… millions of dollars have gone missing from that fund.

    1. His greed knows no bounds. Baffling as to why a self proposed “billionaire” would need another measly $2-5 million. That’s like a person who makes 6 figures a year, getting caught stealing penny candy from a small mom and pop gas station..

    2. They said back in 2017 there was $40 million missing/unaccounted for from the inauguration fund alone, when it first came out. I say see who all had their plastic and botox refreshed at the surgeon’s, if you know what I mean.

      Btw, did anybody check ilskanka’s purse for the WH silverware on the way out?

    3. Est. >107million dollars redistributed through holding companies to Trump businesses and family…

    1. “he is a crook I should have fired him years ago… for bad advice… It is his fault…I am another victim”… repeat as necessary

    2. @Helen Byrd oaths are stupid. Honest people get it but stupid immoral cowards never can and they consistently expose the depth of their immorality freely while under oath.

  5. It’s like the move, “The Untouchables” with Kevin Costner, “Get the accountant”

    1. I caught that too. Haha.. Also its 3 of 5 children. Eliminating Tiffany and Baron from these legal troubles.

    2. @Dawnn Morgan Melania sheilds Barron, as Marla Maples appeared to do with Tiffany. For good reason.
      Their Moms and youthfulness kept them from being absorbed into Trump Org.
      Quite the criminal quartet! I never understood why that NYC charitable scandal didn’t get the publicity it deserved, especially Ivanka’s ‘complicity’ .

      Remember her infamous…..’then I am complicit’…. moment?

    3. @Dawnn Morgan they intentionally make these errors because MSM is as corrupt as trump. MSM do all kinds of things to aggravate people. So if you think trump is a terrorist and a murderer as one person, MSM are organizations!

  6. I cannot believe Trump will still have his Secret Service agents watching over him in prison.

    1. Imagine Donny hoarding tang to mix with vaseline to create that orange luster of his face spray tan

    2. No. All presidential perks will be null and void. Pension, protective services, and library or structures with his name that were funded by the U.S Government will be canceled. He gets ZERO!

  7. They held a rally on WH grounds on TV! It just shouldn’t be so hard to get these people, they commit these things by the light of day! It’s a crime family, it’s obvious!

    1. Stones costume was hilarious… who would ever think he was in on a fraud conspiracy? (insert fraud emogie)

    2. That’s why he said at one of his rallies. Trump: I would not be happy if I don’t win the election. I would be very angry or upset.

    1. There is no Weisselberg. a moving van just pulled up next door a nice older couple are opening a bed and Breakfast for supreme court judges to die in.

    1. ye like overhead and perhaps inflated costs/fees on paper to sort of account for all that $107 million that got donated to his inauguration fund. Like all the people he scammed for taking their $ for fake Trump University, and all the donations extorted in his FAKE charity operations.

    2. @Arthur Shugars That paper was made on an endangered species of tree so the inflated cost is also representative of the systematic decimation of the rainforest, the lungs of our planet… so we can eat cheaper hamburgers… worried yet?

    1. And that’s Math. Just like the trump’s are going to jail and that Jesus hates Donny: That’s science

    2. Follow the Chinese cash money trail to Hunter Biden’s laptop and see how far that goes, even to the White House. Chinese payouts to the Bidens. Don’t worry the real truth will eventually come out, and when it does its gonna be epic.

  8. What about sending thousand of “Proud Boys” and “QAnon” thugs to riot at all those inconvenient Courts?

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