'Emergency': GOP Leaders Standing Up To Trump Now Helped Fuel Trumpism | The Beat With Ari Melber 1

‘Emergency’: GOP Leaders Standing Up To Trump Now Helped Fuel Trumpism | The Beat With Ari Melber


Throughout Trump’s presidency many GOP leaders and administration staffers downplayed Trump’s often violent and anti-democratic rhetoric, claiming he was just joking. But after pro-Trump supporters sieged Capitol Hill, MSNBC’s Ari Melber highlights how these same people are not reversing course. The New York Times columnist Michelle Goldberg joins Melber to discuss the damage inflicted on the nation by officials who downplayed Trump’s rhetoric, explaining “people didn’t want to treat his presidency as daily ongoing emergency.” (This interview is from MSNBC’s “The Beat with Ari Melber, a news show covering politics, law and culture airing nightly at 6pm ET on MSNBC. ). Aired on 1/8/2021.
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'Emergency': GOP Leaders Standing Up To Trump Now Helped Fuel Trumpism | The Beat With Ari Melber


    1. @Michael Parcell so you lose an argument that doesn’t make any sense and you want to threaten people because you have no argument. If you think that people who support trump are patriots there are 80000000 people who voted him out. So what are they traitors. Trump lost most of his supporters in congress and can’t even run again for any public office. And he won’t get a pardon from pence …..and he can’t pardon himself. And he also lost a lot of supporters. Don’t think for one minute that everybody who voted for him still support him.

    2. The best of them think first and do what they think they can.
      The military, national guard, various investigative agencies and the police are more action oriented.

    3. @nickrich56 He is as deluded and proud as trump. His actions will have consequences, but (s)he’s to narcissistic to be that self-aware.
      Could be a member of q.anon or some other clan that the FBI is now tracking.

  1. not overreacting? always a threat to the USA. only fools think its locker room talk!! clinton told us and voters were stupid

    1. @Teresa Switzer As an Aussie, I only knew the basics of American politics until trump, but I could never work out why people ‘hated’ Hillary. I can only imagine where you’d all be today if she was President and it would be a much better space.

    2. @Sheila Boston The Republicans disliked Hilary and labeled her as complicit with Bill Clinton’s womanizing scandal. How hypocrite these Republicans are when Melania really condoned cultrump’s wrongdoings and said nothing. Melania is the best definition for COMPLICIT and REPUBLICANS best example for hypocrisy

    3. @Sheila Boston it’s because majority of the electoral college chose Trump even though she won the popular vote plus at that time most chose not to vote. 2016 was rough and 2020 was a rollercoaster! A lot of the states were republican based also…
      Let’s see how 2021 will be

    4. @Sheila Boston I think, what they ‘hated’ was, that a woman stood up, said “I can do it! – And I can do it better than you!”
      The ‘hate’ is directed to men themselves initially.
      As men, we have a disadvantage of being attracted to women IN ADDITION to the work, that has to been done.

      Women have a similar disadvantage sometimes, but deminished by a factor of 10 at least.
      It is the same fear that citizens of a country have, when immigrants show up and are about to have a slice of the cake too. The thoughts of these citizens are somewhat like this: “Don’t I have deserved the priviliges, because the roots of my family are in this soil?”
      That is why the rioters at the capitol took for granted, they would get a light treatment for a severe offense than peaceful protesters at the BLM demonstrations.

  2. and yet now…people thinK that cute little concession speech indicates he has decided to behave….REALLY??? Have you people NOT BEEN PAYING ATTENTION?!??!?…..HE ENDED THAT SPEECH BY TELLING HIS MINIONS THAT THEIR JOURNEY HAD JUST BEGUN!!! THEY ARE NOT DONE!! HE IS MORE DANGEROUS NOW THAN EVER!!!

    1. Lindsey Graham said he won’t vote to impeach unless he does something else. Then it might be on the table. . I bet he’s scared of MAGAts now.

    2. It is not Pres. Trump we would die for, but rather our freedom and our rights. Also you are right, every patriot that watched it caught what he said and he is right, we stand at the ready.

    3. He only gave that speech, (which clearly was written for him because it was literate) because he is afraid of being sued by family’s of the people who died especially the capital police officer and other other over 50 officers who were injured in the riots that were completely egged on by Trumpalump..
      I am so very sick of this man and I use use term loosely..
      He is like an orange toddler who has a tantrum every time things don’t go his way..
      Gosh, I hope and pray that somehow he will pay for his crimes!! And the icing on the cake would be to take that smug look off of his three eldest children’s faces as well.
      A bunch of spoiled, self indulgent, gold spoon brats..
      None of them have an ounce of integrity or honesty.

  3. America treat Trump like a child especially Republicans like Mitch who use him like rubber stamp to fill courts with judges and give Tax breaks to their Rich donors.

    1. I sure hope the Democrats stay firm and make those Republican traitors pay for their abandonment of not protecting the constitution while working alongside Trump.

    2. 100 years ago, the German ruling class told each other, “We are actually hiring Hitler. We can control him.”

  4. They’re distancing themselves from him because they hear the echo of the cell doors slamming shut behind them.

    1. Tiffany- That sounds 100% correct!
      They actually DESERVE to hear those cell doors slamming… just like THE_ORANGE_CLOWN.

    2. At least Mitt Romney distanced himself from Trump years ago, and so did Senator McCain before his passing. Joe Scarborough quit the party and has consistently criticized Trump. I just wish more GOP Senators followed suit. It’s a little too late to do so right now, and all those jumping off the ship right now are rats.

    1. @Boomer Sooner
      When was the last time you spoke actual English? No Offense, but if you’ve got something to say, don’t just spout off 3 words. Speak your mind and let the American people know just how you feel! If that’s not possible, get someone to help you translate your feelings @Boomer. I’m sorry, but after the siege on our “Citadel” of Democracy and Freedom all you have to express is “It side job?” I understand what you are saying. I Think. You mean to say that perhaps there were many people ( Perhaps members of the Capitol Police who were allowing this attack to occur freely ) Gotchaq. But SPEAK UP MAN!!!

    2. White supremacy is in EVERY facet of life. Education, government, law, healthcare, banking, business you name it and you will find it is deeply rooted in this country’s history. The same thing the UnitedStates was founded on will be the same thing that’s gonna bring its fall.

    1. @Jim Klette Think they only were emboldened by him. The ugly underbelly has just been exposed. Some in Trump gear and many in expensive garb in the backround

    2. @Wade S yes they are, one was a West Virginia Delegate who was sworn in on Dec 14, live streaming himself rushing the building, he was arrested today.

  5. Republicans are still downplaying the severity of Wednesday’s insurrection. They need to work with the democrats to hold trump accountable and forget about winning his base.

    1. Trump will be held accountable. These extremists however do concern me. America must defend itself from domestic terrorists.

    2. They need to seriously start deprogramming the Trump Cult, admitting to them that they have been deceived and deluded and start educating them about how our democracy REALLY works. The Cult 45 members need to be brought back from the delusional fantasy that Trump built for them, and made to understand how dangerous Trump’s narcissistic personality disorder was to the continued freedom and existence of our nation. If the GOP refuses to own up to it’s spineless, sycophantic appeasement of this man, their terror of losing the support of the base they should have been protecting from Trump’s lies, we will continue to see more of this domestic terrorism as it festers in our country. Far from making America Great, Trump has tried his best to destroy our democracy all in the delusional idea that he could not possibly have lost a free and fair election.

      And to you pribbling, beef-witted, clay-brained MAGA morons who take issue or want to argue with my assessment, don’t waste your time. I will not respond to you. You are lost to reason and morality and are incapable of honest thought or deep reflection.

    3. they are trying to blame antifa but the thing is, these idiots talked about it on social media and took selfies. That viking jake I have seen SO many times. It is all BS.

    4. Then blood is on all of their hands if they decide once again to not inact consequences to this this narcissistic sociopath. No matter how you look at it two people are dead, both veterans and atleast three more seriously injured that just didn’t have to be.
      Is THAT not enough for Republicans to jump of the Trump Train with virtually days left? Are they that fearful of losing votes by enforcing they laws they themselves write?

      Jesus!!! What makes our democracy what it is is because we have laws.
      Every single one of them are in dereliction of their duties and oath if they don’t impeach.

      This is insane!!

  6. This seems to be the GOP modus operandi – Only when it affects ME personally, will I finally take a stand. Pathetic.

    1. Only uneducated fools can follow party over principle. It is this failure of education and critical thinking that is the greatest tragedy. Those who committed treason against the USA government deserve pity, but also swift and absolute justice. US law and the constitution outline these attacks on the capitol, the very core of our democracy, as treason and their incitation by Donald J Trump as sedition. Those who adhered to, encouraged, supported, or aided these traitors in their rebellion are also culpable for treason, murder, trespass, and federal terrorism according to US law. Life in prison may be too lenient for these criminals.

    2. @Sandra Wilson Well, that is very true. I guess I should say that it is usually the GOP modus operandi when it might directly affect their political career.

    3. So true. Pence is a prime example. He had no trouble watching Trump send mobs fueled by lies after other people…then he was *just shocked* it happened to him. He must have missed the Bible verse on reaping what you have sown.

    1. @Priest Fulton J Wingba JR Omg do they talk about Among us in there? What about when imposter is sus?

    1. No @D Jones the point was that nobody is keeping track and even more importantly nobody actually looks.
      Trump and his gang wore incompetent to say the least. Imagine what will happen when a competent Dictator gets elected to the White House for the lulz.

    2. @Thorny Turtle Ranch you are right, read the book “Everything Trump Touches dies”. This mean every dummies (followers) may ended up in jail or in a tragic ending. Who knows, Mar-a-largo may turn out to be a grave yard. That’s why the residents there are NOT WELCOMING Donald Dumb.

    1. Took a whole body of republicans, in the house & senate. Can’t forget the AG. Trump had a LOT of people enabling him. That’s what’s terrifying to me. Makes me wonder why? Were they afraid to bite the hand that feeds or also just inherently bigoted? Or was there an inside motive?

    2. And still is he is already trying to obstruct again when the American people need this Republican party to do what is right , they obstruct and grandstand , couple of days ago there was attempted coup and now they try to play it down again in Wake up America Trump isn’t the only threat to America so are the Republican senate .

    3. @Yanessa97 Yes even AFTER the coup and the Capital was cleared,126 Republican Congressmen objected to the electoral college votes. And 7 or 8 Republican Senators. This is totally unbelievable!!!! This idiots still following the Fuehrer!!! Perhaps they should have set fire to the Capital just to please Dictator Dump.

  7. All those supporters now trying to distance themselves from Trump, sorry, too late – you showed who you truly are for the past 4 years. You are forever tied to Trump… and it’s all on video…

    1. @Julie Dolenec I don’t think you really know and understand what you’re talking or maybe you’re reading cultrump’s playbook

    2. Before the riot, the biggest story was Trump committing sedition on a recorded phone call. Trump’s own words can’t be used against him because his supporters are that stupid.

    3. @Cooper Kooper yes…he has a cult following…but a ‘cult’ is not necessarily a bad thing…it is the devotion or fascination, admodation of a particular person, object or idea.
      That could also be the democrat party, also could be blm…so if you voted you are part of a cult…lucky you…congrats…

  8. To get a job in the White House as a lowly cleaner or secretary, you must pass a background check. You can’t have massive debt for instance. How about the same for Presidents?

    1. @Chris Thompson Yes, like a Presidential proficiency exam! To get my RN license, I had to go to 5 years of college to get my Bachelors degree & have to complete 30 hours of training every 2 yrs to maintain my license. It’s the least that should be required of Presidents as well, given that people’s lives may very well be at stake.

    2. I had to walk over hot coals to get a security clearance and Jared gets one just because he’s married to some terrorist’s daughter.

    3. They don’t even have to pass the excruciating clearance checks required to work around nuclear weapon systems, but they hand the fool the football.

    4. @Nobody Knows so true back in the 70s I had to get a top secret level 3 security clearance to work on aircraft Weapons Systems it took 10 months and twice a year I had to go for a psychiatric briefing and a safety briefing it was called the human reliability program

    1. @Steve Jakubowski all he has to do is throw them a bone and they’ll fetch and heel and roll over lol

    1. Just a thought: what’s the purpose of a politician’s “right” to reverse convictions, carefully gained by lawyers, jurors and judges, anyway?

    1. Wasn’t this just a winter of love??? Owe it’s only love when your side is burning down, taking over and looting American cities. You people seem soooo legit.

    2. We all hate each other . sister against brother , cousin against cousin ,now what do we do? You hate biden ,I hate Trump
      Everyone calm it down, STOP putting petrol on the . This is not Hollywood studios. This is not some far off country CIVIL War is very real outcome..Bury your selfish pride and shake your enemies hand before it’s too late.. forget revenge and impeachment.. sooner or later you have to come together, don’t go looking for revenge

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