Emergency Physician In Indiana On Rising COVID-19 Cases In His State | The 11th Hour | MSNBC


  1. They will go away, like a miracle. Trump means Americans as over 1000 lives magically disappear for the past three days

    1. @Michigan Wolverine You know, a real wolverine would make more sense and probably make less of a mess in the house.

    1. @Judy Cee not getting through to the massive trumpist movement it seems if only half are wearing masks.

    2. @Jay Ess I agree. Hopefully our numbers post mandate will head down in a couple of weeks, but this will only be possible if people comply.

    3. @s b Of course! He’s big time GOP. The worst thing about this scenario, is the fact he’s still better than Pence!
      God help Indiana!🙏✌

  2. “Kids are actually stoppers of the disease” is probably the most stupid thing I’ve heard this week. wow, just wow. This administration defies even basic science

    1. @alanmelb well know there won’t be herd immunity. This seems to be the Trump strategy too.

      This is a different kind of virus because it affects people in different ways.

    2. DeVos is dumber than a stump, Secretary of Education, so another bought position from Trump klan, wonder how much she had to pay for that.
      Husband owns one of the, if not the largest of private, publicly funded schools in the US.

    3. 🌞 We are being Bamboozled by the Leftist led Media >>> splash water on your faces & realize that Minorities have been Swindled for our Votes and then decimated by Liberal politics in Democrat run cities  👀  Detroit,  Minneapolis,  Chicago,  NY , Atlanta, Baltimore,  etc >> police brutality,  poor schools,  high violence and crime …..ALL Municipalities with Democrat MAYORS 💡  think about it and #WALKAWAY from the Democrats Socialist Plantation , #WALKAWAY >>> reelect President Trump 👍🇺🇸

  3. Any update on Trump’s inquiry into consuming disinfectants? I’m was really hoping he’d poison himself by now.

  4. If Kids do not catch, carry and transmit viruses, then we need to change the Science Books, Globally!
    This is Biology 101!
    Babies, Kids, Teens and Young adults ARE getting sick and some DIE from Covid19!
    Trump’s Covid!!

    1. ‘If Kids do not catch, carry and transmit viruses,’…maybe the virus does not want to be accused of child abuse….

    2. Yea the CDC sure are idiots. Thank God we have 12 year olds on you tube to give us the facts.

  5. Any business who does not require masks I wouldn’t risk going into it……save your money, it isn’t worth it..

    1. And, maybe call them or their home office when you get home and TELL THEM WHY they did not get your business. It’ll work.

  6. Maybe 1000 deaths is NOT the Magical Number for The TRUMPSTER.. to make
    Covid-19 to just disappear yet!?!?!

      ILLINOIS Dept. of Health Director – “IF YOU HAD A FEW WEEKS TO LIVE AND ALSO WHERE DIAGNOSE WITH COVID..ITS COUNTED AS A COVID DEATH”: https://www.bitchute.com/video/zGOvmnGxtp8g/
      ACTUAL CDC DIRECTIVE (PDF) TO HOSPITALS: https://www.cdc.gov/nchs/data/nvss/coronavirus/Alert-2-New-ICD-code-introduced-for-COVID-19-deaths.pdf

    1. @T. R. Campbell : The strains of covid-19 that showed up in the US came from Europe and not China.
      Won’t say more because you’re a Trumpser…. Discussing anything with a brainwashed person is pointless.
      And btw, if you actually did some RESEARCH, you’d learn that this virus from China could just as easily have appeared in over a dozen other countries. There is actually a world map that shows these “spots” where another pandemic could start. And, one of them is in the US…..
      And, scientists, worldwide, have been collaborating for years, doing testings in these ”hot spots” and sharing the results with each other. AND, pandemics will be part of our future, especially because of global warming. But, you Trumpsters NEVER do any research. You just believe everything your cult leader, Trump, tells you. Duh….. What a boring—and dangerous—way to live.

    2. arx754 I forgot to mention the country of France in your context of, ‘we are in trouble.’ I mentioned to you the other countries who are having serious problems with COVID-19. The government of France just reported that they are gearing up for a second wave of COVID-19 infections. So indeed, we meaning the world, are in serious trouble with this COVID-19 infection. ‘We’ must remain strong and healthy, we must practice good hygiene and cope with this terrible gift from Communist China. I believe that after this has been dealt with we will all be much stronger.
      There is also some other good news on the pharmaceutical front that happened within the last day or two. Trump signed three executive orders that will drastically lower the cost of medications in the United States. Americans have always paid a great deal more for their medications than other countries. We have some friends who regularly travel to Mexico to obtain medications for COPD. The Trump proclamation will drastically lower prices for medication for Americans.
      I don’t know why we didn’t include lower prescription drug prices when we drafted the ACA. I know a lot of our members were in the pocket of big Pharma but we should have forsaken them for the good of the American people. We did not include lower drug prices when we drafted the ACA. Now we have allowed Trump to take credit for this. But, lower prescription drug prices will be greatly beneficial.

    3. arx754 Oh come on now. This is all well-documented scientifically. You’ve been watching the MSM again haven’t you. I really don’t have time to go into the work that was done by Shi Zheng Li, from her 2018 study of the Rhinolophus Sinicus Bat that is generally responsible for SARS and the Rhinolophus Affinis Bat, now generally associated with COVID-19. Both species live in the Yunnan Provence of China. Work was being done on both these species of bats at the Wuhan Lab. All of this has been scientifically documented.
      Stop being a Chinese communist apologist. Clearly you were trying to turn a medical crisis into a political one. That is disgusting. We might note that Joe Biden was asked how he would have responded to the COVID-19 and his response was basically he would’ve done everything that Trump had done with the exception of forbidding travel to and from China.
      This virus began, it emanated, it started in China and spread to the rest of the world. Your comment is absolutely ridiculous. Stay away from the main stream media and remember the warnings of WikiLeaks.

    4. @T. R. Campbell : You advise the DNC? lol. Is that why they have a restraining order against you because you keep BOTHERING them with your nonsense? lol.

    5. arx754 i’m done with you, I thought you were a serious person. The first campaign I worked on was for Hubert H. Humphrey. Look him up, he was a liberal before the even invented the word. Very likely I am spent more time in DC and you ever will.. Clearly, you are clouded by hate, bitterness and rage. You’ll become emotional over politics and when confronted with truth that is different from your own, you become reactionary and lash out at the individual. Politics is a game for adults and clearly you were overwhelmed.

  7. Trump’s casinos failed, his airline failed, his merchandise failed, his marriages failed, he failed America!

  8. Breaking News: according to education secretary Devos “kids are stoppers”, which explains the push for opening the schools! trump and his republicans are using the kids to stop the spread of the virus – imagine that!🤬🤬🤬

  9. It will go away eventually. Not to worry. Maybe after 20 million to 40 million death. No sweat.

  10. HELLO, he doesn’t care, he’s got what he needs for his crime family after four years of ZERO ACCOUNTABILITY, another four years will just be for his own ego trip.

  11. “stoppers of the disease”. Good Lord – she’s the education secretary. ” Stoppers” lol

    1. Hazel McCloy. That’s right. Secretary of Education…… not a Doctor, not a Nurse, not even a First Aider. NO medical background at all….. But her husband owns what is possibly the biggest Private School in the US……….

  12. Face it, children are EXPENDABLE. They can’t vote, they don’t pay taxes, and they consume valuable resources. The only thing Wall Street cares about is getting “Mom and Dad” back into the stores and factories cranking out those PROFITS for billion-dollar corporations!!!

  13. United we stand divided we will fall.
    We need leadership from our president and our government. The worst is yet to come

  14. Their Orange God is to blame for the “Infected States of America”
    Stay angry and Vote Blue!

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