Emotional reunions as UK care homes reopen 1

Emotional reunions as UK care homes reopen


As the United Kingdom government guidelines around coronavirus change, some of Britain's elderly population are now able to see their loved ones face-to-face and hold hands for the first time in months. CNN's Phil Black reports.

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    1. @Miss B
      I missed my 80 year old mom this past Thanksgiving.
      She had bad flu-like symptoms.
      She was given a drug to help with a UTI and it lowered her immune system to zero.
      She’s also taking another drug for Type 2 Diabetes. She honestly doesn’t need it.
      She’s thinner than a flat piece of paper!
      “Drugs are bad Mm..Kay”
      – Mr. Mackey
      Quote from the cartoon:

      *”South Park”*

  1. Awwwww, my heart is filled with so many emotions. This makes me appreciate what I have and the opportunity to see my family when I want to. Thank you Heavenly Father

  2. Awww…the love and dedication of that first couple. This was so touching and emotional and made me cry. God bless to all!

  3. I hope this makes it so obvious it cannot be ignored: retirement/nursing homes need to be revamped from the ground up. To start, they need to be patterned after luxury apartments with wide open spaces designated for the residents so they can still get fresh air and experience nature even in a pandemic.

  4. Can you please shout out Dickerson middle school next!!! My whole class is commenting! We are all subscribed! Even our teacher!!!

  5. This is going to be a few tough weeks or months getting to see your elderly relatives and loved ones they just touch hands or go for a short walk or sit in the garden.

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