Empty Podium Had Better Georgia Debate Performance Than Loeffler | All In | MSNBC

Empty Podium Had Better Georgia Debate Performance Than Loeffler | All In | MSNBC 1


  1. This was just classic!! LOL. The Crook donnie/putin cream sauce guzzler doesn’t show up but his reputation was on hand for some smackdown. LOVED IT!!!

    1. @Redwood Madrone I’m not even a trump fan and I agree that it was a fraudulent election it’s the American way and also Biden sniffs little kids wtf is wrong with tou

    2. @Engage360 Can you add links to legitimate information regarding all of these discrepancies you’ve listed, because I’ve heard nothing of this nature?

    3. @Redwood Madrone No, not at all; however when you look at current Republican strategy for 2020, they push all type of ads that Biden created the crime bill, Biden’s family is corrupt, COVID is fake news, etc. This did suppress the vote for people that were likely to vote for Biden and other Dems. Dems said nothing about how corrupt Trump’s children are nor did they talk about how bad criminal justice system is with Trump appointing Judges that would undermined criminal justice reform. Democrats need to fight just as dirty as Republicans.

    1. This really is nothing new. Per GA residents, he never shows up to any public hearings in over 6 years.
      How he even stands a chance is beyond me.

    2. Never vote for someone who refuses to debate.

      Like seriously, do you really think they’re gonna do what’s best for you when they’re too scared to even talk about their politics?

  2. Perdue was too busy making secret stock trades to attend, I’m guessing.

    C’mon, y’all can do better Georgia.

  3. With her 800+ million that she illegally traded and stole, Leffler should go retire somewhere and leave politics to someone who actually cares about his Georgia state.

    1. I don’t know that anyone is saying that she stole 800 million. She started with money. There maybe some questions about stock trades and other improprieties. She could even see some civil, criminal and financial consequences. We won’t claw back 800 million. She may spend some time incarcerated.

      We’ll see.

  4. Come on Georgia we need to take the Senate so we can tell the Grim Reaper Mitch McConnell that he can no longer play with people’s lives.

  5. Him not attending the debate shows that he doesn’t give a care about Georgians and that he only cares about himself

    1. “Georgia is not the only state that pushed through these last minute rules changes before the presidential election.” @marthamaccallum
      They forgot about our Constitution!

    2. Sadly, they will still vote this arrogant dude because he has the (R) next to his name. See Lady Lindsay re-election after also arrogantly skipping debates.

  6. We Georgia Democrats are celebrating our first Presidential win in 28 years… I’m hoping it will energize our side and drive up turnout.

    1. @D Knight “Georgians didn’t help defeat Trumpism. BLM did the footwork and china paid the way.”… This is exactly the problem with Trump supporters. Instead of using common sense and understanding that regular Americans got tired of Trump’s crap you instead believe in unrealistic scenarios that are not grounded in reality. I have never been to a protest in my entire life… I don’t know any Chinese people. I’m just a reguar person who voted for the better candidate.

      “You don’t want free and fair elections?”… Except that isn’t what Trump supporters really want. You just want Trump to be President. Again, asking for a full forensic audit isn’t because you want to know the truth because you are not going to acknowledge it’s findings anyways if it shows Biden won… as he clearly did. Trump supporters refused to acknowledge Trump’s losses in the courts and they refused to acknowledge the recounts. You are not going to acknowledge a full forensic investigation either.

      What you and other Trump supporters are actually doing is throwing everything at the wall and praying something sticks… and you are subverting our democracy in the process. I have a problem with that. And in case you haven’t realize it yet… the rest of America despises Trump supporters due to their efforts to overthrow a legitimately elected President. We have no respect for you because you keep insisting there was mass voter fraud with ZERO proof, and you are doing so ONLY because that is what Trump says.

    2. @D Knight you claim fraud… but trump united people the against him… sounding like Anakin Skywalker turning evil in Star Wars… Trump has done that himself

  7. Remarkable how blatantly corrupt Republicans can be and still win and hold office, tells a lot about their supporters


  8. Empty podium representing an Empty Senator. “We’re Georgians. We’re not dumb.” Well, Purdue is counting on Georgians to be DUMB.

  9. “Do you think the Congress should be able to trade stocks?”
    “Antifa, radical left, communist Marxist, hate america, socialism.”
    Literally almost what she said lol

    1. All they have is scare tactics. Trump once genuinely claimed Biden was going to “abolish windows from peoples houses” in his efforts to protect the environment……

    2. @John Ames Did you really just post that out here where the whole internet can see? Sarcasm I hope.

    3. @Randi Bagley-Goodwin you already can’t get plastic straws in some places because of democrats, so stop with the nonsense and acting surprised about window regulations.

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