End Of America’s Longest War Highlights Actions From Four Presidents 1

End Of America’s Longest War Highlights Actions From Four Presidents


The Taliban takeover of Afghanistan highlights the actions of four American presidents who oversaw the war. MSNBC host Nicolle Wallace joined American Voices with Alicia Menendez with guest host Anand Giridharadas to discuss America’s role in the region over the last two decades. 

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End Of America’s Longest War Highlights Actions From Four Presidents


    1. @Guy Yates Trump did not create Afghan situation obiden did …obongo Hussein created libia, syria , iraq , created isis with crooked Hillary…messed up eqypt, red line in the sand in Syria, killed gadaffi…withdrawal of troops from Iraq…democrats are bad with foreign policy like they are bad on everything ..they are busy to find whether they are more than two genders

  1. I am a Vietnamese immigrant from Vietnam. This is bring back a trauma my self and my family been through in Saigon 4/30/1975. I am so sorry for millions Afghanistan people has to deal with situations between live and dead right now.

    1. I’m an African American-and I’m happy that folks like my Dad fought for the South Vietnamese and gave y’all safe haven.
      We should do the same for Afghans.
      If it’s the best we can do now, then so be it.

  2. My upmost respect to the men and women from our military who served and died in Afghanistan. Having lived near Ft. Bragg, I am friends with those who have. They all completed their mission(s) under the circumstances placed before them. However, the only ones moaning about this are the media. Almost no body in the American public wants us to be there any longer. Many don’t know why we are there. This withdrawal could’ve been done better, that I am sure of, but what has happened has only fooled the media. It makes for better ratings to act so clueless and let their “analysts” comment on what we already knew. Afghanistan, for better or worse, Taliban or not, has to determine its own course.

    1. Soldiers from my country served in Afghanistan for 20 years too. 20 years is a long time to occupy another nation. It’s long enough for the locals to get a taste for freedom. Hopefully Afghani people can eventually build a better country. America and her allies can’t stay there forever.

  3. Nicole, who I really like, was careful to not take any responsibility for the hubris and moronic thinking of Bush/Cheney when they obligated us to this conflict. When I lived in DC 2007-15 and had the chance to regularly talk to mid level military officers fresh back from in-country, to a person they described the wars in Afghan and Iraq as misguided and unwinnable.

    1. America led by Bush Junior invaded Iraq on a premise of weapons of mass destruction ( To also finish off what his father had started although his father was wiser not to fully invade Iraq) and then whilst pursuing Al Qaeda and Osama Bin Laden in the mountains of Afghanistan ended up battling the Taliban . Obama in order to hold territory in an unwinnable war sent more and more troops in . Firstly Iraq and Saddam was going nowhere if he had weapons of mass destruction he wasn’t going to use them outside of Iraq because the west and it allies could of struck him down using airpower . As for Afghanistan if the operation had just been limited to rooting out Osama and his followers the world might have understood that . Iraq and Afghanistan turned into a quagmire costing too many good lives with not much to show for it .Trump started the withdrawal from Afghanistan leaving not enough to hold any ground ,Biden just brought the rest home when he realised there was nothing to be gained !!

    2. @Parris Price “bush/ cheney war criminals when they started all this over a lie. ”
      they didn’t invade afghanistan over a lie.
      that was Iraq.

    3. @V for Wombat i kno iraq was the lie. But the pretense for going to Afghanistan was al qaeda n obl. They lied about the link between al qaeda n Saddam, n wmds ,because the iraqi oil was the main target all along. What better place to stage a war in iraq then its nieghbor. Cheney knew he was going in iraq, shen he invaded Afghanistan, thats what im saying. Middle east oil, if not for the oil, we would care less about the entire region

    4. @Parris Price anybody would have gone into Afghanistan after 911. even Carter.
      they were harboring bin laden.
      other than that, sure.

    1. @Leon ha ha. So far from reality. It was trumps agreement to leave Afghanistan. He was so proud of his deal. Wanted Taliban to visit Whitehouse. This is how following trumps lead looks like. Teump was the worst pres ever and robbed his dumb donors

    2. @Richard D thanks for saving me the time. One of the few decent thoughts Trump has had. They should have been gone & so should the people of Afghanistan

    3. @Adrianna Smiths She actually was a Republican and worked in the White House for Bush. I don’t know if she still is a Republican.

    4. Without the wars around the world, where would the American Arms Industry sell its goods? Guns and ammunition alone – $19+ billion in 2020 –The U.S. sold $175 billion in weapons to foreign governments in 2020 and US arms exports grew during 2020 notwithstanding the pandemic. USA is leader with 37% of all world arms exports. The weapons manufacturers in US are huge lobbyists, who donate millions to politicians. Of course, politicians are not going to stop a war until there is another one on the horizon. For those who sell these weapons ‘people’ are just collateral damage. The further these ‘people’ are geographically from USA, the better.

    1. @Ryan M the question is why did they fly planes into the buildings? And does going and killing more people solve the problem? Or is it a vicious cycle? War and more killing creates more enemies and terrorists. Maybe there’s a better way to end terrorism.

    2. @James L
      I respectfully disagree. “Why” is not the question at all. I understand and appreciate your idealistic argument but unfortunately this is not the reality.
      The reality is that there is a group of radical terrorists that do not want to see America (or Americans) exist. When 3000 civilians are targeted by these radicals, it is among the few duties that the federal government should have to its citizens to protect them, and to make sure that these groups no longer have the capability to make war on us at home.

  4. With all the money, military equipment, and training the Afghanistan didn’t work. Afghanistan isn’t a USA colony or an American territory.

    1. Coke, Pepsi, and other soda companies, Tire Companies, GE, Vinnell, Black Water, Cigarettes companies, food corp, Car corp. made 100 of Billions and dont forget the water bottles and medical supplies in 1 year these companies are going to be crying for another WAR Twain

    2. meanwhile Puerto Rico abandonned. and so many US Armed Forces vital soldiers ARE PUERTORRICANS !!

    3. @Adrianna Smiths yup, and Joe Scarborough (morning Joe) btw. Big difference between the old meaning of Republican and the new cult. Nicole pretty much Noped out of the R party when the Tea party became even more radicalized as did Joe. Lot of changes with the Newt Gingrich era forward. I’m a conservative Dem and that blows people’s minds nowadays and doesn’t seem to fit the modern definitions either.

    1. Ironic that since America took God out of everything, we suddenly lost that perspective! Armageddon is coming!

  5. America can’t accept that everyone doesn’t see their country in the reflection of America. Imperialism is folly. Occupying foreign lands for 20 years expecting to change it is ignorant. This outcome is predictable. The arrogance in thinking you can dictate the way people live in the world outside of your borders is stunning.

    1. America started the MeToo movement that reverberated around the globe. America started the Black Lives Matter movement that reverberated around the globe. America started the Occupy Wallstreet movement that reverberated around the globe.

      The vast majority of Americans fight for good. The evidence is pretty clear. If the world doesn’t want to fight for progressive and adopt American ideologies then thats on them. I’m one American thats over trying to help other people around the world. You’re on your own now.

    2. @Phil Mathieu If Afghanistan wants to live in the past, let them.

      The international community does not have to do business with them.

  6. Weird to see Nicole dodging hard questions. She newer answered the 1st question, and was not pressed about it. this is just frienderview

    1. she’s crazy… maybe mention that Obama let out 5 Taliban terrorists who are now taking over Afghanistan maybe mention to Joe Biden was in a hurry for his political gains to get the troops out of there by 9:11

      BIDEN is totally responsible.

  7. America has to confront its own imperialist thinking in its global strategies. The apple has not fallen far from the tree! America was formed and sired by the former British Empire!

  8. The Republicans always have a bad memory when it comes to Afghanistan and Iraq. Bush/Cheney got America into the mess and left it up to the Democrats to get them out of it. It was Trump/Pence who made a deal with the Taliban to withdraw forces from Afghanistan. I guess that slipped their minds..

  9. Nicole Wallace = zero credibility! Biden fuk’d this up big time………he can’t blame anyone else. He says he takes full responsibility, well do it. But he probably forgot saying that.

    1. @Paul Whitcomb I think the belief is as long as most people don’t notice then the few who do notice don’t really matter

  10. I think we need some of these so called fact checkers 95% of Americans would agree with Biden, are you delusional?

  11. Lesson from Afghan war: America has lots of bluster, but no staying power. You cannot rely on them for anything.

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