End of week 2 in Derek Chauvin’s trial over death of George Floyd | USA TODAY

WARNING: Viewers may find portions of this trial disturbing
Day 10 in the trial of former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin over the death of George Floyd.

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  1. Super stuff from Jerry Blackwell, more great witnesses. Another day of Nelson clutching at straws, and Chauvin continuing to pretend he’s a court official just in case his mom’s watching.

  2. The good news: Saint George is almost 11 months drug free & he hasn’t robbed any pregnant women👍🏽

    1. @24james The only really bad thing George Floyd was ever involved in was a long time ago, when he was one of a group of six men who burgled a house, and George Floyd had the job of ensuring that the householder (who was NOT pregnant) did not interfere in the burglary. George Floyd did this without any injury to the householder and without any physical restraint. The householder was physically unharmed and there was no sexual assault. On a severity scale of 1 to 10 for burglaries where a householder is present, an incident in which the householder is not bound and is physically unharmed has to rate quite low on that scale. And it was enough years ago – 2007 – that it can be considered historic. 2007 was in fact the last time that George Floyd was convicted of any offence. More recently he was a mentor to teenagers and young men.

    2. Well, the offense was 2007, conviction and sentencing was 2009. Since then George Floyd has stayed on the straight and narrow, except for a few of the very minor things which many of us do now and again.

  3. What a fantastic day this is in the courtroom. 5:50 She says ” Did they complain about something?”
    I do believe George Floyd complain that he couldn’t breathe..

    1. @We’re Closed ok. He complained about not being able to breath while on ground with knee on neck

    2. @24james haha. I do believe Brainiac is a super villain from DC. So instead of complaining about other people’s english, why don’t you spell it correctly..😘

  4. The prosecution did their job. The expert witnesses and every other witnesses did their tremendous jobs! They did everything to convict Chauvin beyond a reasonable doubt. If he still walks…. we got idiots in the jury….

    1. You have lost your mind or don’t know law…. There is TREMENDOUS doubt in MANY areas and are too many possibilities to provide an undisputed CONVICTION….. Remember INNOCENT until PROVEN guilty… Stop living a life of racial motivation and wake up and realize the drug addict criminal that has continued to be his demises..had he not been breaking the law (AGAIN) that day and not taken illegal FATAL drugs, we wouldn’t even be discussing this period

    2. Do you think that it’s over ? Guess again the defense Attorney Eric Nelson hasn’t had his time yet but is coming .

    1. It’s hard to believe someone can think that when there is a video of the murder.

      He had his knee on the neck of a person who was voluntarly handcuffed, face down on the pavement and surrendering.

      He knew that person was having trouble breathing and he was trained to put people like that in the recovery position, he instead had him in a prone position and used restaints that blocked the caritid artery that carries oxygen to Floyd’s brain. Even after Floyd went unconscious he wouldn’t get off his neck.

      If the ambulance was called the first time Floyde made it clear he had dangerous amounts in his system, and if he was kept in the recovery position, there is a good chance he would have recieved the antidote in time.

      Whether or not the drugs would have eventually killed him anyways, Chauvin beat them to it.

      If you saw one person push another off a cliff, would you consider the cause of death to be the victim getting too close to the edge? Maybe they would have fallen anyways. So what. If there is a video showing that isn’t what happened, the revelation that the person walked voluntarly to the edge, rather than being carried doesn’t mean the pusher is innocent.

    2. @No Name Needed . Well said by you. We could add that multiple witnesses have indicated that he would not have died due to the drugs, because with Fentanyl death you go into a coma, and George Floyd did not go into a coma, and Fentanyl depresses your respiratory system, the depression peaking after 5 minutes, but there was no depression in George Floyd’s respiratory system before he lost consciousness (his breathing was restricted by Chauvin, but his ABILITY to breath was not depressed). So the amount of Fentanyl he had was insignificant. As for the methamphetamine, the strength of the pill was 1.9% – 2.9%, and the expert told us most meth pills sold on the street are 90% – 100%. So no, it wasn’t going to kill anybody, wasn’t even going to get anybody high.

  5. Can’t argue with the doctors about overdosing and cause of death. Your defense is weak and ridiculous.🤷🏾‍♂️

    1. @SO SOUTH TV Yes, you can’t overdose on a 2.9% methamphetamine tablet when the normal street strength for meth pills is 90 – 100%, and if you die from fentanyl you go into a coma but George Floyd did not go into a coma. Chauvin and his defense are fighting against science. Let us hope that justice will prevail over the white man.

  6. I’ve been watching this courtroom drama for the past eight days, I believe. I’m going to have to conclude, the defense is pretty good. But video evidence tells a complete story. If video evidence wasn’t there, he could have said anything, Including death by natural causes.

    1. @Brian Mittoo . Yes, we are very blessed to have video in cases such as this. Without all that video, Chauvin would have totally got away with it. But now he is where he deserves to be, in court.

    2. @Jacquline Gordon Williams.
      I think because he managed to keep it together.
      Who would you say is yours?

    3. Plus the defense lawyer is using a lot of hypothetical questions which you would answer yes to.

      Defense lawyer.: ” would you agree, when you are sleeping… you dream?”

      Witness: “Errr, yeah. Duh.”

      Defense lawyer: “No further questions for this witness, Your Honor.”

  7. You can not prove to me that he intended to kill mr g.f. wat he police did was first degree manslaughter thats all Not murder

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