Enforcement of Weekend Lockdown | TVJ News 1

Enforcement of Weekend Lockdown | TVJ News


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  1. This makes no sense taxi drivers should be labeled as essential because she shouldn’t be waiting so long to go home

    1. Well, the hospital claimed that they made provisions for those who are working during the curfew hours. Don’t know who is lying.
      But 1 thing I have to wonder. Why is it only her that is out there from the hospital staff?

  2. This is foolishness, essential businesses should not be closed, such as pharmacy, supermarket or any store with essential items. And transportation should be in operation. But that goes to show that they don’t care.

    1. @Ray Anderson some people in JA are essential worker, nurses or they work in the hospital and they don’t drive, so how are they going to and from work.

    2. @Roshell Miller
      UWI hospital said that they have made provisions for the staff to get home.
      Think about it.
      If it was from last Saturday, the curfew starts at 12 PM. And she is supposed to have left work at 10 PM Saturday night. How is it possible that she haven’t done her due diligence to ensure that she doesn’t get home? Taxi isn’t supposed to be running at that time
      Something isn’t right with her story

    3. @Ray Anderson UWI has to have a reply to thee question but don’t believe it! Dem have no plan for the workers

    4. @Arlene Wilson
      I’m saying that she knew that she would be working during curfew hours. She should have ensured that she thought about herself. And ensure that she has a ride to go home, abd not be at taxi stand during curfew hours.
      If UWI showed that they didn’t care, though that is completely wrong, I for one, will not be going to work during curfew hours and don’t have any plans for someone to pick me up.
      But that’s me. I try to look way ahead before I make the next move. And even if it was a mistake why they didn’t dropped her at her home, I wouldn’t leave to stand on a taxi stand.

    1. @hope mckenzie I am also one so talk for your self. Not ever one because no ride I provided in my organization which as the second largest # of essential workers in Jamaica.

    1. @milli b yes …but you didn’t say that initially, so hence my statement. Have a great day

    2. @Keisha McKenzie wen the video came thru it said 2houra ago wen I watched it that is why persons are saying huh…but today is friday and it only has jus come thru…and this was hours ago..as u have jus seen it

  3. That is sad I’m glad I don’t have to live like that I probably wouldn’t be able to survive nothing like that

  4. Anju uno get wah uno wah … N now uno see say the people them a comply make me see if uno a go say the spike in covid is still on

    1. The spike in covid will forever be on, as long as people keeping taking the poison vaccine which carry the disease.

  5. We celebrate good friday in Jamaica when I was growing up good friday everywhere lock no shop open everyone gone to church people don’t cook till when church over so people don’t light any fire till evening. Good friday looks like sunday that is what jamaican beloved in.but is because we forget God we don’t remember the old Land mark where some of us our mother or Grand mother use to take us to church.

  6. Since essential workers cant get vehicles to go home then they should just tan a dem yaad and watch what happens.

  7. From I heard about the lockdown I have been asking who is going to transport these essential workers to and from work? Not all of them drive their own vehicles.

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