Engel Details Corridor Outside Kabul Airport, Site Of Possible Infiltration 1

Engel Details Corridor Outside Kabul Airport, Site Of Possible Infiltration


NBC News' Richard Engel reveals video his crew filmed before the blast at Kabul airport that shows a corridor outside the airport where a possible infiltration may have happened, allowing access for an attack inside.
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  1. The airport is closed and barriers have been placed along routes to the gates. As foreign military missions withdraw. FYI the IS group has taken responsibility. This video shows all the defenses even if you do not speak English. Thanks buddy. Taliban had announced mid week the arrest of 4 IS K members filming the base. I guess that helped them plan it like?

  2. Media beating the War drums we don’t war this is what we’re trying to avoid stop trying to push hate and anger

  3. *Riiight….I completely trust and believe the Taliban will root out the evil ISIS and punish them for this heinous act.*

  4. Excellent reporting by Richard Engle. I am really impressed compared to so many others who really don’t know anything about this area of the world. Thanks Richard…….

  5. Watching American troops behind a Flimsy Barb Wire ”Wall” is a joke – They knew there was an imminent threat of ISIS Suicide Bombing – Why did they not retreat behind those concrete walls ? Bad leadership from the military ! Besides Bombs – these soldiers were exposing themselves to possible Sniper fire or rocket attacks as well.

  6. What the general said was that there were UP TO 1500 Americans in Afghanistan. They are in contact with 500 of them. The total number could well be less than 1000. Many of them may not want to leave. We are not going to force American citizens to leave if they do not want to go.

  7. This is the chance for the Taliban to walk the talk and rip apart any ISIS in their country. Sadly, we all know that won’t happen. Birds of a feather.

  8. The simple response from our supposed leadership should be, “If the Taliban is not responsible for this attack. This attack which broke their honor. They should mercilessly hunt down those responsible. Otherwise this blood is on their hands and they are culpable.. For every life lost we will take a thousand of theirs. We will hold you to account and you will pay in blood.”

  9. President Biden my parents taught me a saying that rings true to this very day no matter what the endeavor is IF YOU CAN’T TAKE THE HEAT IN THE KITCHEN THEN YOU SHOULD NOT BE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA and that is the bottom line

  10. No gathering and no standing around. They were warned an attack was eminent. The reporter was aware vulnerable entru point!

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