Engineer Weighs In On Building Collapse, How To Prevent Tragedies 1

Engineer Weighs In On Building Collapse, How To Prevent Tragedies


Dr. Atorod Azizinamini discusses the high-rise collapse near Miami Beach in Florida.

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Engineer Weighs In On Building Collapse, How To Prevent Tragedies


  1. Infrastructure now, this is not the only thing that can collapse, remember the collapse of a 35W bridge right before the 11th street exit in Mpls MN, more to come.

    1. @gary the great I spent a couple of years in Texas, Jacksonville, Corsicana and Gainesville

    2. @The Zombie Whisperer i was raise south of lubbock. live on lake Whitney a year now on lake tawakoni.

    3. @gary the great I’m on the Rogue River, the Colorado’s Mountain Sister, white water rafting and lots of Marijuana

  2. I’m frightened by the danger the rescue workers are facing. They are truly Heroes.

    1. I agree. I think at this point the soggy ground and rising sea levels makes this unviable now. They can inspect a building, but what about what’s happening under ground?

  3. This just hurts my heart. Remember, there are consequences for voting for the wrong people. This is a good example.

    1. You are right about consequences of voting for the wrong people. Republicans don’t care; it is all about the profits for them not quality standards.

  4. Let’s hope the cause is not found to be the currently trending culprit behind most woes these days : Greed

  5. I once asked an engineer working on kinetic energy storage about how he diverts an explosion event: he said periodic phonon fracture tests. So there exists the technology for periodic inspections already.

  6. If I was a next door neighbor I would move out immediately if that one building has been sinking since the 1990s others also are sinking and could face a similar fate.

  7. Another “expert” interviewed said Florida requires this class of building to be extensively inspected and evaluated every 40 years. Maybe that timetable needs to change.

    1. @Linda Lauer no I’m sorry I don’t. I can’t even tell you which network I saw the info on, but it was this morning, and I believe it was a local channel here on YouTube.

  8. Deepest condolences to those who have lost loved ones and quick recovery to the injured. To those helping, I am sending you heartfelt gratitude.

  9. The consequence of Republican deregulation. DeSantis will get to the bottom of this once he’s done thought policing colleges, suppressing voting and other GQP higher priorities like protecting the genders of Mr Potato Head.

  10. in the late 70’s early 80’s they just slapped these buildings together with only the bottom line in mind

  11. Designing buildings to fail progressively over time without collapsing is a smart idea from Dr. Azizinamini. That way you know it’s time to get out and either fix it or demolish it. Something like this should never happen catastrophically. What an absolute tragedy.

  12. Looks like the weak spot of the structure might have been the stilts who are relatively thin and seem to support a lot of the structure as seen on the other side of the building – a small sinkhole underneath the stilt or rusting steel in the stilts would probably be enough for this catastrophic event to occur – my prayers go out to all the families all individuals and not least to those who are still missing – a terrible tragedy

  13. Wow, this happened in the superior country of the USA. I can’t count the number of nasty comments out of US citizens I’ve read about the construction standards in other countries …… where is the commentary now? My heart goes out to the family and friends of the individuals lost in this tragedy.

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