England vs Italy Finals | TVJ Sports Commentary 14 2021 1

England vs Italy Finals | TVJ Sports Commentary 14 2021


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    1. Because he’s not a Messi fan he’s trying to sweep it under the rug bet my last $ if Brazil had won he would have been on it long time ago

    1. I’m absolutely positive that had Argentina lost that final Tracey would’ve had commentary about it at the drop of a hat. This just goes to show how much more of a clown he is than a football analyst. What’s even funnier is that a clown tends to have a circus & props which represents the ppl that support his shenanigans. Just look at the foolish comments that backs his nonsense.

    2. @Orlando Bailey u are just a European groupie that’s why u medz so low. Copa actually had more excitement & skills on show than d Euros

    3. @Jerome Brown the only difference with regional tournaments and World Cup qualifiers are the structure and the name because it’s the same teams will be competing against each other for their spot in Qatar 2022.

  1. As someone living in London. The white media, and general public, is extremely quiet on this matter. They want to ignore and pretend it’s not so and that we’ll all just forget about it.

  2. U not better ,because u come an public tv & said Jamaicans dnt like sha carri .. jus because we talk the truth that rules is jus rules .

  3. Mi know this man from how long a just a pick up pon him name Oral Tracey enuh, what a name and it mek sense fi him

    1. got to start learning at some point… age doesnt make you great, it just makes you old… the last i checked, a couple of italian players missed their penalty and they were not 19 and there were no racial abuse… england celebrated when italy missed their penalty so i dont understand the problem when they missed theirs

  4. 20% of that England squad has direct Caribbean roots. Sterling, Phillips, Walker (Jamaican). Sancho (T&T), Rashford (St Kitts and Nevis)

  5. Black people need to love themself and prove themself worthy of the respect they so yearn for. This can only happen with us uplifting our race, become more self reliant and suppose each to bring us to that powerful force the world will look up to. At present we are still being modern day slave begging for this and begging for that. We still don’t know our selves

    1. This is deep..as you said we need to stop seeking approval for these other races…if they fail to love us o well

  6. We are still waiting on your commentary regarding Messi’s triumph in La Copa America.
    You said clearly in previous commentary that who wins will be the greatest.. Whether Messi or Ronaldo… You gone silent on the matter.

  7. Serves all the black players right…. tell them to play for their country of roots they don’t want to but they want to play for the Queen and England.. Remember who you are ALWAYS !!!

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