Enhanced Unemployment Benefits Ending June 12th For 25 States 1

Enhanced Unemployment Benefits Ending June 12th For 25 States


Over the next weeks, a total of 25 states will stop delivering the extra $300 per week offered by the federal government. Ali Velshi delves into enhanced benefit cutoffs and the impact of the May jobs report.

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    1. @ken kesler well, you should put all your time/money(+risk)into a small business so you can pay your employees a livable wage.

    2. @E B why…you can’t tell me you can’t find work. You may not like it but it’s work. Go to job service’s, it sucks , but after 6 months your hired by the company.

    3. @Muddy Water I am referring to raising the minimum wage will calls job losses. That’s why am joking about the minimum wage being zero.

  1. … Looks like some of these states are looking for money to fund their “voter fraud” frAUDITS…

  2. All of those states that are cutting off the enhaced unemployment benefits are all of those Red Republican states. Go figure.

  3. This all goes back to former not telling us the truth about covid, when he knew the truth. If he once said to wear a mask, all of the stupids would have done it. Some jobs would have been lost. But not millions. Not to mention the dead humans.

    1. The Democrats have always done the opposite of what they told you to do. Rules for thee but not for me.

  4. … Then I guess they don’t want the economy to recover. These are our business leaders? They’re back to the same stupid moves.

    Ignorance is bliss

    1. You can just keep relying on the government to prop up the economy, at some stage the economy has to stand on it’s own.

  5. so…all those “down” numbers — did you take into the equation how much of that are jobs turned over versus sustained?

  6. What most don’t realize is that if you are collecting unemployment and are called back to work… your unemployment ends. Instantly. Whether you go back to work or not.

  7. When employers stop asking for people to get a vaccination shot they will see more people going back to work.

    1. there aren”t a million jobs! what are you talking about?! you think the jobs are just out there waiting for anyone to walk in???? it’s been hard!!!

  8. See what happens when you vote R for governor. They don’t even know if higher unemployment is keeping jobs unfilled, that only agrees with their ideology. Childcare is actually a bigger cause, but they don’t care what this would do to single mothers or anyone else.
    But then again if they had compassion they would be Democrats

    1. But it all comes down to personal responsibility. If a woman chooses to be a single mother she is likely to be poor, but that is her choice…no one made that choice for her.

    2. @Jax Stax so who do you blame for the worldwide plague that made her lose her job? You can’t ‘personal responsibility’ your way out of a natural disaster.
      And no, being a single mother doesn’t mean you’re poor, it only means you don’t have much help to watch your kid.

    3. @Shawn M, a “worldwide plague’ or world war, or famine or drought or any other calamity should always be considered when making a life decision. Modern man has become soft and thinks life will always be good. Thousands of years of civilized human history proves that these people today are living in a fantasy. Anyone who lives with the awareness that they are responsible for themselves will be happy, healthy and wealthy. For starters, never spend money that you don’t have. Save and spend, don’t borrow and spend.

  9. We have a Rosie picture ahead with a brighter future that we have a president that took needed actions against Trump’s responses to this virus but it’s not over yet

  10. I own bars and restaurants. I pay my employees a living wage, I haven’t had a problem getting and keeping employees. I don’t blame people that get paid starvation for staying on unemployment. Get it while you can!!

  11. Women cannot go back to work unless they have child care. This is not a man problem and the pay is too low. Many have found work on line

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