Enraged motorist in Calgary calls another driver a 'terrorist,' police investigating as hate crime 1

Enraged motorist in Calgary calls another driver a ‘terrorist,’ police investigating as hate crime


After an enraged motorist called another man a 'terrorist,' police are investigating a road rage incident as a possible hate crime.

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  1. the doctors drug up these guys with oxycontin and then wonder why they act out on them

  2. It is road rage and he should be punished as the thug he is. But calling it “hate crime” would be an exaggeration. The authorities should have to prove “hatred”, which you couldn’t do based on a spur-of-the-moment emotional reaction.

    1. I agree this started as a road rage event but it transitioned into a racist attack. It should be treated as a hate crime.

  3. Ya he pulled the wiper off fine he damaged the car. Why was this guy driving 50 in a 70? Does he know how we drive in Canada?
    Looks like a straight up assault charge would have been better. Next time follow him and wait till he gets out

    1. Get some mental health checked before going on road. If you think its ok to someone who is going under limit

  4. These derogatory pieces mostly show western Canadians. I would wager
    there are far more videos of Eastern road rage incidents but it’s fashionable and smug to pile on Alberta {or spots here in BC} right now.

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