Entertainment Confusion in Jamaica | PNP Apologize | TVJ Midday News - July 28 2021 1

Entertainment Confusion in Jamaica | PNP Apologize | TVJ Midday News – July 28 2021


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    1. Suh covid neva deh wen dem call election anju need fi go away leave de entertainment industry. Alone ppla a starve guh look afta some package fi feed de hungry ppl

  1. And that side you think when they say anything about ladies I’m surprised that is who they are my grandmother always tell me make sure at all time get on the bus

  2. The lady should not accept the apology if she was my family member I would tell her the man them and that side do not like women

  3. Sign of the times ppl these and much more was predicted in the Bible we need to just fight the good fight of faith.

  4. So how unuh taxi men not pressuring the new taxi service from overseas that operates with a white plate. Black people only have strength for their own blacks.

    1. Uber is not a taxi service. It doesn’t function like taxi. Plus it’s a safer and better service.

  5. It’s not business as usual. Be careful how you spend. Support your locals.keep your prices reasonable.

  6. The prime minister should have known that Jamaica was not ready for this , it’s so sad the country going back ward with this pandemic grand Cayman is doing well because they do not rush things

  7. Dream weekend a keep doe….and I hear that special times are going to be allotted to them….sad..double standards too much …

  8. There were no beds at Mandeville hospital last night for an emergency case with heart failure. They send him home.

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