'Entirely possible': Mulcair on Tories overtaking Liberals 1

‘Entirely possible’: Mulcair on Tories overtaking Liberals


CTV News political commentator Tom Mulcair discusses the close race between the Liberals and Tories and how other parties can catch up.

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    1. And the Conservatives supported the Liberals on bills the CPC were for. Things like Pharma care that would have save Canada 4 billion a year for instance

  1. At this point anyone but the liberals (But the conservatives seem to be the best option)
    Enough is enough (c) Justin Trudeau

  2. Libs are far behind other parties. Voting fraud make them a competitor. Vote Trudo out. It’s mandatory for public safety

    1. I feel for those supposed democratic nations where everyone you know voted for the other guy but somehow the dictator wins again.

    1. @Vik Vinyl Yes, extending the benefits through the pandemic that Singh voted for is a real disappointment. (Sarcasm.)

  3. While I certainly have my reservations about O’Toole (as I do with all politicians in one form or another), I gotta respect his drive. He began his campaign with a boom and he’s managed to electrify and power through his campaign with no sign of slowing down. And the NDP is not far behind in trying to become the party of progressives (hoping to steal that mantle away from the Greens and Liberals).

    Meanwhile, Trudeau took a day off and while that in itself isn’t necessarily bad, everybody has to rest, considering the election that he himself called is less than a month away, it certainly looks like he’s run out of steam before he’s even begun.

  4. Honestly please, if you usually vote liberal, switch to NDP or Conservative for the next election. We just need one election loss to get rid of Trudeau. I don’t care about the parties policies, but under his leadership, this country is going to burn.

  5. Hope Trudeau repeats the same mistake made by David Peterson, expect with the Conservatives benefitting instead of the NDP.

  6. I’ve always liked Tom Mulcair. I just wish he had chosen to lead a party that was electable.

  7. If Trudeau loses this, we’ll at least be able to thank him for one thing as Prime Minister… handing back the reigns.

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