1. Unlike the US, China prefers to use its vaccines as weapons rather than helping the COVAX program.

  2. Maybe this decision was to get the antimaskers to wear the mask. You know, like children, tell them to do something and they won’t. So, tell them not too wear masks and now they will.

    1. No it’s based on science. Do you wear a mask after you get the flu shot or any other vaccine. No because you won’t get it. You have been brainwashed into wearing a mask and many are afraid to not wear them. Well if you want to wear on eff go ahead but don’t tell me what to do.

    1. @Peter Bills I hope so.. but I think that’s a bit optimisitic, especially since there is such great population centers in India, less healthcare, and not enough vaccines for the population. But I personally, will cross my fingers for the lovely people of India.

    2. @ursaltydog India is almost done with COVID. The only hot spot left is New Delhi. Many states there are using the oral steroid + Ivermectin + inhalational Budesonide combination to combat the cases, because vaccination takes too long to roll out and take effect. India really serves as an example that vaccines are not the ONLY way to herd immunity, as some scientists like to claim.

    3. @Lp78Ch But until they can get vaccination, there WILL be reinfections. https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/country/india/ over 267,000 cases just yesterday… and the deaths are rising. We won’t know the true death count for 2 weeks out. But the base of 267K is too large. Out of 1.4 billion people there are only 40.3 million fully vaccinated, which is 3% with 143 million having received first dose, 10.5%. That’s only 13.5% of the population. Families live on top of one another, even in rural areas. This is not going away any time soon. Even if it drops temporarily, there will be other waves and more mutations.

    4. @ursaltydog Ahh, that’s where we disagree. Vaccines are pretty much useless when the virus mutates many times, but Ivermectin has been proven to stop _ALL_ variants, including the P1 in Brazil. Furthermore, Ivermectin can be used as prophylaxis, to prevent infection.

      Dr. Pierre Kory of FLCCC has made several videos touting the efficacy of Ivermectin.

    5. @Lp78Ch Ivermectin??? That’s used for the disorders caused by parasites internally, and externally for mites and lice. Even if it truly reduces growth of covid-19 in the Lab setting, there haven’t been enough studies on its treatment efficacy, and would only merely treat symptoms. And there have been no controlled clinical trials. While the CDC and FDA have not approved it, even for emergency use.

      If it was safe and effective, then why so many people dying in such numbers? Even Frontiers removed the scientific paper before its pre-publication.

  3. When you’re afraid of a virus but not afraid to have an untested concoction injected into your bloodstream

    1. @Bill Crowley no it’s a conspiracy theory. Your orange leader created the vaccine, right? He wants it called the trump vaccine. He got it.

    2. @Kate Turner I’m not scared of it. Its irrelevant to me. I’m not willing taking it. The zombidom of people now ,does scare me though.

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  5. The announcement was abupt/rushed. Should have been slow rollouts based on simple numbers, determining which states/areas were safest to be given the green light first.
    Instead it was carelessly announced with major implications to business from mom and pop shops to big companies. Would have given the rest of the states/areas to start preparing for the same. So dumb, so unnecessarily clumsy, little thought given to the consequences.

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